Something Is Better Than Nothing


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Scene Title Something Is Better Than Nothing
Synopsis On a recommendation from Grace, Kaylee goes to visit one David Rivkin to see if he can help them find clues to Joseph's whereabouts.
Date December 28, 2009

David's Apartment

Just after noon on a Monday and Kaylee finds herself quietly walking through the well maintained hallway of Dorchester Towers. A small scrap of paper torn from a corner, grips in the fingers of one hand, blue eyes moving from it to the numbers on the doors. Finding the right door, she quickly pulls off her dark blue knit beanie and stuffs it in her pocket and quickly combs her hair straight.

Taking a deep breath, Kaylee reaches out and knocks softly on the door, the sound loud in the quiet hallway. She was here on the recommendation of a senior member of the Ferrymen organization. She had called ahead and asked if she could talk to the man. Thankfully he had said yes.

So here she was, despite the fact she feels exhausted from barely any sleep last night, standing in the hallway, waiting for the door to be answered.

It's not even a minute before the door opens. David examines his visitor a moment before offering a smile and stepping aside. "Miss Thatcher I assume? I am David Rivkin." He pronounces it Dah-Veed. "Do come in." If the apartment building wasn't enough evidence, the apartment confirms there's money here. It's decorated tastefully and with quality. Aside from the usual, there's various small knick knacks and artifacts displayed on shelves behind glass cabinet doors.

There is a long moment as the two look each other over before Kaylee offers her own smile, though hers has a touch of amusement too it. "Hello Mr Ravkin. Thank you for seeing me, I hope I'm not inconveniencing your… day.. any." The words trail off as Kaylee steps into the apartment and she gets a good look at how the other half lives. "Whoa." The surprised word slips from her lips before she realizes it.

Felling rather under dressed in her worn blue jeans and leather jacket, her head slowly shakes. "I'm sorry.. just.. never been in someplace this fancy before." Her head turns followed shortly by her body, and she gives him an apologetic smile. "Anyhow, I appreciate your time and I hope you can help."

"I hope so as well." David answers as he closes the door behind Kaylee. "Please make yourself comfortable. Would you like some coffee or tea?" Gesturing to the couch in invitation, he heads into the kitchen area to pour a freshly brewed cup of coffee. He's having one even if Kaylee declines. "So what is it the Ferrymen need of me?"

"Ah.. actually I think I'll pass for the moment. I'll try not to take to much of your time." Edging over to the couch, Kaylee unzips her jacket before sitting slowly, eyes following him. "I don't know how much you were told by Grace, but one of the Ferrymen has completely disappeared. His name is Pastor Joseph Sumter, you might have read about his church in the paper. It was burned down by Humanis First and he along with two others was hung at the site."

Seated on the edge of the couch, hands fold her in her lap as she continues. "He's been gone for a few weeks. We've tried to figure out where he could have gone. But… nothing. So…" Her hands unfold and the fingers press together, her expression neutral. "We are hoping your… ah… talents might be able to help us find some sort of clue."

David pours a little half and half into his mug then returns to the living room, sitting down to face Kaylee. Thinking a moment, he nods. "Yes, I did hear about that." Sipping his coffee as he listens, he then sets the mug down. "I see. Well, I'm not certain I can help you out. I'm not a diviner. I'm willing to try though. I'd need access to his house and possessions. Hopefully, something there will be connected to his disappearance strongly enough to resonate."

Hands spread apart in a helpless gesture, "At this point Mr. Ravkin.. It's been weeks, we're desperate for even the smallest clue." Kaylee's smile seems to become sad, falling at the edges a little. Teeth bite lightly at the inside of her lip. "Um…" The young woman looks a touch uncertain all of a sudden. "Getting you…. to his place might be a bit rough. I'll ask, but no guarantee's you know how secretive the group can be." Sitting up a bit straighter, hands pressed on her knees, Kaylee glances around thoughtfully. "On the off chance I can't get you into his place.. is there another way?" Eye move from the cabinets to the man, brows lifting slightly. "I'm not sure exactly how your ability works, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance."

"Rivkin." David corrects idly as he considers the problem. "Yes, I understand secrecy but I'm not sure I can help otherwise." Pause. "Well, unless you can load up everything he owns into a truck and take it somewhere I can get to." Lifting his mug, he takes another sip then gestures to it. "This is a coffee mug. I use it several times a week and only for coffee. It has, at best, a vague resonance of me as contact and use is limited. It's also mass produced so has no history beyond that to speak of. If I were to be murdered tomorrow across town, it would tell another psychometrist nothing about what happened." Next he gestures to Kaylee. "Your jacket. If it's a favorite that you wear often, I'd be able to pick up some information about you. Hints of your personality perhaps or locations you go to often while wearing it. But if you left it here and then disappeared tomorrow, I'd have no idea of where you were or even if you were alive. Understand? To help find your pastor, I'd need to something connected to his disappearance and even then I wouldn't find him. At best, I'd learn something that might indicate what happened to him or lead us to other avenues to pursue."

"Sorry.. Mr Rivkin." Kaylee repeats correcting herself sheepishly. "Sorry… um… Well, I'll see what I can get my hands on, if I'm denied the ability too take you there. If we can get any idea of the days leading up to his disappearance.. maybe something will stand out." Her mouth tugs to the side in a bit of a smirk. "Like I said, we're desperate. First he was kidnapped by Humanis First and now he's gone again. We don't feel it's Humanis again, but you never know."

The thumb of one hand rubs against the palm of her other one, "But I think I understand what you can do. There are some objects in his room that have spent a lot of time with him. A crutch for one… his bible. I'll see if I can get those for you at least."

David nods. "If they're items he often carries with him, they might help figure out why he disappeared. I imagine his bible is especially important to him so would be a good source for resonance. But you never know what might be important so more is better. A magazine, for instance, if he was flipping through it and suddenly decided to pack up and go on vacation to the place the ad on page seventy two showed." He shrugs a shoulder. "You never can tell."

Nodding slowly, Kaylee turns thoughtful as she's already turning over ideas in her head. "Right.. " She murmurs. Blue eyes lock on the man and a small smile tugs at her lips, "This will sound like an odd question, but… how do you receive that information? Does it come in images, like memories?" Eyes narrow a bit as she considers him, her head tilting just a touch to one side.

David hrms at the question. "It varies. Some things… you just know. Like emotions or a person's personality. That doesn't lend itself to images so it's more a question of feelings. A knife used to commit murder might feel angry if that's what the wielder was experiencing at the time. But strong events can come through like memories but one step removed. Other times, just vague impressions."

"Hmm.." Is all she says at first, head nodding slowly. "So say a telepath wouldn't get much gleaning that information from you? I was hoping it would work that way to give us a bit of an edge. Okay.." Kaylee pats her hands on her knees and then rubs them along the demim. "Okay… Well, it at least gives us something to work with and something it better then nothing.

David cocks his slightly head to one side as he looks at Kaylee. "I don't know what a telepath ccould get. The situation hasn't come up. The Ferrymen have one available I take it? Do you have an ability yourself?"

"They do have one…" There is a moment before she lets the other foot drop, "I am a telepath." Kaylee offers it without hesitation, though she seems a touch nervous to admit it. A hand comes up to stall anything he may have to say, "Though I don't make a habit of invading minds without reason.. and in the case of Ferrymen, I don't without permission." There is reassurance in her tone.

"I don't want you to think I am going to just get in there." The blonde studies the man darker then herself, "But if you get something like a flash of an area.. or what he's doing.. Maybe if I can get the information straight from your head I might see something that might be lost in the translation."

David doesn't appear terribly surprised given the way the conversation was going but he does look a bit more at ease at Kaylee's reassurance. "It could be. If you knew him well, something might be significant to you that isn't immediately obvious. We'll have to see what, if anything, I manage to pick up. So how does your ability work? Are you able to aim for a single thought or is it a more general knowing?"

"Fair is fair… I'll tell you." She scoots back a bit and leans to rest her arm on the arm of the sofa. "Mine.. actually has a couple of faucets too it, some easier then others." Kaylee starts easily enough, "But I can search your memories.. I can skim what happened. That one takes a lot of work. I can change parts of that memory. Such as I can make you recall my hair was red, not blonde." One corner of her lips tilts up a bit. "Nothing massive mind you.. and not that you really needed to know that…" She clear her throat a bit, "But the important thing is I can also listen to your thoughts as they happen as well. There.. is a chance I can view what you are seeing. Emotions are beyond me… but I get an impression from the tone of your thoughts what they might be. I have no idea if they will work in conjunction with your ability, but I thought…." She trails off, her hand motioning to him. " was worth a shot."

David nods his agreement. "It could be. And it's certainly something to consider when we get to that point." Not that he's at all eager to have someone rummage around his head and his tone might suggest it. "What can you tell me about him that might be important? Was he on any assignments? Involved with anything dangerous beyond the obvious?"

"We don't have too." Kaylee quickly assures him, with a grin. "It was a thought only. I know not too many want some one in their head and I respect that. Trust me, I'm not going to push it."

The question about Joseph makes her go silent, as she tips her thoughts back. "That's the thing really," Kaylee starts softly after that pause. "He wasn't doing anything important, beyond his normal supply runs and working out at Summer Meadows with the rest of us. When he left that day. He didn't tell anyone where he was going. Not that he really needs too." A shoulder comes up in a one sided shrug. "If he was going some where for any length of time, he'd ask for someone to watch his dog, but we found her without food and water… a no one had been asked to take care of her."

"She's okay though?" David asks, getting the important part out of the way. "So it seems likely his disappearance wasn't willing. Do you know his last known location? I'm not sure what else to suggest; I'm not a detective and this isn't the type of training I've received."

"Oh yes.. Alicia is doing fine. I make sure to check on her now and then, but those where he's been staying are keeping her fed and watered." Kaylee assures with a small short chuckle, before her expression falls into a serious one again. "We don't know his last known location. We just know he was going out." Her hands spread in a helpless motion. "I mean.. literally he has vanished without a trace."

"Well, I'll do what I can." David assures. "Get me whatever you can if I can't go there myself. Is there anything else I need to know right now?"

A short nod, Kaylee pushes to her feet, tugging her leather jacket straight, "Thank you, Mr. Rivkin." She sighs softly, "As of right now, I think that is everything. I'll see what I can do to get you what you need. I'll contact you as soon as I can." A hand is offered to him with a soft smile, "It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. Hopefully, we can get at least an idea of what has happened."

David stands as well and clasps the offered hand. "You're welcome, of course. Contact me as soon as you have something. If he was taken, he might be in danger." Moving to the door, he opens and holds it.

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