Song Ye
Portrayed By Chiaki Kuriyama
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Cryokinesis
Age 26
Date of Birth March 4th, 1983
Date of Death August 23, 2009
Occupation Triad Leader
Family Chang Ye (Father, Deceased), Zhang Ye (Mother, Deceased), Liu Ye (Brother)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance Light on Water, Part II
Last Appearance Nothing Before His Eyes

The younger sister of Liu Ye, Song Ye was a devious and cruel woman with no capability to empathize with others. She was selfish, heartless and cold to her core. The young woman was used to getting her way within the Flying Dragons Triad, even if it requires breaking the law, or taking a life.

Character History:

Song's father Chang struggled to keep Song out of the Triad affairs for much of her youth, and Song's mother Zhang was instrumental in these affairs. Occupying her daughter with a normal life, a quiet life. It wasn't until the bomb ripped New York in half that Song changed. Watching her mother slowly wither away and die from radiation poisoning fractured her mind, drove away the compassion and care this girl once had.

But she, like her brother Liu, would soon come to learn a greater truth about themselves. In the wake of the bomb, both Song and Liu would discover that they were among the Evolved, that they had a unique gift and talent. That they were destined for greater things. Unaware that their father was Evolved, Liu and Song conspired after their mother's passing to rise in the ranks of the Flying Dragons with their gifts, ones born complimentary to one another, to eventually form an organization that could rival even the Linderman Group.

After Chang Ye was killed by Agent Winters she and Liu proceeded to take charge of the Flying Dragons in a violent manner.

Evolved Human Ability (Cryokinesis)

Song has the ability to supercool water molecules in close proximity (with a radius of approximately twenty feet) to well below freezing. Once the water is cold enough freezing point, regardless of whether it began as a puddle or humidity, she can condense, direct and manipulate it to a limited degree that is generally restricted to objects that she is in direct contact with. If the object is in itself part or mostly water, like a human body, she could theoretically freeze all or part of it solid. If the object is something like a rock, she could freeze a shell of ice around it, even cooling it to the point of brittleness, but not actually change it physically in any other way.

Song's cryokinesis is focused through her breathing for psychological reasons (it's easy for her to envision) as she exhales a cold mist over objects to freeze them solid. Song's abilities do not work in the opposite direction. That is, she can't force ice that she has created to melt or heat water molecules in any way. Additionally, her body temperature is some degrees lower than the average person's. Enough so that she might be considered hypothermic. This only adds to the perception of her being a cold-hearted individual, if not somewhat tackily so.


11/29 Light on Water, Part II Song and Liu attempt to muscle Helena and her group into complience with the Flying Dragons by threatening Trent, however things don't go quite as smoothly as they had planned.
12/13 The Devil's Due, Part III Kain comes to Song and Liu looking for information, and instead he has to make a bargain.
01/22 Like Violent Strippers Liu and Song appreciate the fine talents of Flint Gordon and Alexander Knight in their search for fighters at the Pancratium.
02/09 Sanguine Spending time in the Happy Dagger, Song and Liu share an awkward moment with Kain Zarek and his associates.
02/17 Antipode Isabelle tracks Song and Liu to the Rookery, in search of the Brill paintings.
03/09 Dead or Alive The Triads up the bounty on Tyler Case's head, and change the rules of the game.
03/16 Just Be... The hunt for Tyler Case comes to a messy close.
05/23 Shadow On Water, Part I The criminal element of Staten Island is introduced to a shadow of different times.
06/13 Cardinal Desires In the search for revenge against John Logan, Xiulan meets with the new leadership of the Flying Dragons, and discovers that all things come with a price. Some more disturbing than others.
06/31 As Clear As Smoke Ling Chao is brought before Liu Ye to be tested.
07/28 The Blue Glow Adam comes to the Triad with a business offer regarding the drug Refrain.
07/31 Message In A Bullet Richard Cardinal pays a visit to Liu Ye at Xiulan Song's request, and the criminal and the crime lord discover they have many things in common.
08/12 Thin Ice Fragile and delicate, thin ice is also a metaphor for traversing dangerous terrain.
08/23 Nothing Before His Eyes Sprung from prison, Cole Wright finds solace at the end of a gun's barrel, and an assignment from the Linderman Group meaning an ultimate escalation in the violence of the Triads.
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