Sounds Suspiciously Like A Plan


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Scene Title Sounds Suspiciously Like A Plan
Synopsis Hortense and Marcie plan a saturday evening that won't end at 9.
Date February 5, 2011

North Cove marina - Tennenbaum Slip

For being a boat considerably smaller than most of the ones on this end of the Dock at the north Cove Marina in Battery park, Hortense's boat is still pretty nice outside and in. 47 feet is pretty big, But next to others, it's small. Inside though, it's bright, warm and there's a surprising amount of space. There's also a HD flat screen television, computer, spare bedroom - small though - A kitchen, even a shower.

The smell of pizza baking in the small oven, the television on and some movie playing in the background as idle distraction. "So she comes hobbling down the dock, wind comes up and just knocked her hat off, then, then Mar, she drops her crutch. Just drops it right into the water. I felt so bad for her"

Hortense - Penny to some because of her middle name - is flicking the coffee pot on to start up the percolating process.

Marcie can't help but laugh a little. "Did you help her?" She's sitting comfortably on the couch, angled so she faces Hortense, rather than the TV, as her friend prepares the coffee.

"Course I did Mar. I'm not my brother" Duh. She's digging out the mugs from where they hang on deep hook meant to keep them from falling down and breaking, shades of orange, green, rusts, yellows and with immense depth to get maximum caffeine potential.

"She was trying to catch up with a friend from one of the big boats but she said they weren't there. I forget her name, Patricia? Felicia? Something like that."

Hortense shakes her head and digs around in the small fridge for the bag of salad. "Must be hell to deliver shit in this weather. Were you near that dome when it went down?"

Marcie shakes her head. "Nah, other side of town. I'm just glad I wasn't *under* it. It'd really suck to be trapped like that. Can you imagine?"

"I can't. I don't want to. Lucky I don't have clients out there. I got some on Roosevelt, but I haven't been able to see them since they restricted that place. Poor saps there. Hopefully whatever or whoever is doing it will stop their stupidity and let the city go back to normal. I swear Mar, one of these days, I'm just going to cast off and go massage people in like, Bermuda or something"

"The Bermuda Triangle can't be any weirder than here," Marcie grins. "So, what's your bet? On the Dome. Evolved or tech?"

"If they had technology to do that" She gestures in the direction of the city that the dome stands silent over. "Then we'd have seen it before, heard about it in the news. Japan would have been all over it. I think it's an evolved." Hortense leans against the counter, regarding her friend. "We could both pull up stakes and just sail to Bermuda. Fuck the couriering, you could do it down there." She's teasing, odds of even her up and going to Bermuda would be very low. "But you're right. here, or the Bermuda Triangle. Oh the dilemma"

"I don't think my boss would be too happy if I just up and left." Marcie is also teasing, but there's also a bit of dark humor in her tone. She had never told Hortense that the people she delivers packages for are not exactly on the right side of the law. "Anyway, you'll never go. Your family is here. And who's gonna relieve the stress of all the crap out there, if you sail away?"

"A bottle of wine or hard liqueur" The coffee is done, there's not much of it needed since a small boat necessitates smaller appliances. "Maybe a nice Bermudan man." There's a wink wink, nudge nudge, you know what I mean from her friend as she pours the dark liquid into the mugs, halfway up, motioning for Marcie to come dose her own cup up.

Marcie walks to the counter and pours the coffee. She likes her coffee black, bitter. "Pizza almost done?" she asks. She takes a sip and grimaces, but in a good way.

"should be…. three more minutes. Want to hit up a club tonight? I can get us back to jersey, park the boat there. That way, we avoid the curfew and can stay out all night" Because in jersey, terrorists don't regularly attack, and curfew is non-existent. Hortense sweetens her coffee, but that's about it, kneeling to peer into the petite oven to make sure the timer isn't off.

Marcie says, "That," Marcie says, grinning once more, "sounds suspiciously like a plan." Of course, a club had a higher chance of containing Evolved, which would be a pain. But, on the plus side, Marcie could get drunk. Which weighed the scale down on the side of clubbing."

"I think it sounds like a really suspicious plan. Lets eat our pizza and then I'll get things ready and we'll see if we can't motor across the river" Get their dancing shoes on, find some guys. Maybe in the end go crash at her parents or rent a hotel room. A timer goes off, the smell of pizza intensified when the door is opened and the dough, tomato and pepperoni confection is removed. "That sounds like a really good plan Marcie"

"And *that* looks delicious," Marcie says, appreciating the pizza. It was shaping up to be a good evening.

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