Soup's On


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Scene Title Soup's On
Synopsis Fedor flies Faith over to Staten Island to see the soup charity in action. Fedor arrives to ask a favor of Felix in Russian. Faith and Toru both lock horns with Candy. Cardinal watches all with amusement.
Date May 30, 2009

Staten Island

Theres a regular forest aircraft outside right now, typically it'd just be one of the Bombardiers but late last night there was a visiting Bombardier who hit the stationed one in a taxi error so now both had been pulled inside the hangar and everything that wasnt a Bombardier had been wheeled outside and tied. down. Tons of massive Russian Biplanes, old twin engined Beeches, A-109s, MD500s, KA-32s, Fedor's beloved Mig-21, and a whole row of aircraft that normally dont see the light of day. Its a nightmare, especially for Fedor.

Wheeled down at the end of all this mess, is one of the few choppers that isnt tied down. Its a BO-105, a round smooth chopper painted like all the others. What is distinctive, is the man who's giving it a walk around. While all the other pilots wear your typical dull grey or green flightsuit, Fedor is dressed in bright red and white just like the chopper he's inspecting. Casually, he lifts whats left of a little cigarello to his lips. Adjusting the sit of those buddy hollies he's sporting today. Waiting for his VIP, he doesnt get to play with the media too often.

"Mister Kobrin?" a feminine voice calls. She's been pointed out by someone inside, and now Faith walks to him a bit uncertainly, her head tilted as she seeks the man's face. She's dressed for the gig today — jeans and walking shoes, a t-shirt and a light jacket over. Staten Island is no place for heels and short skirts, that's for sure.

"I'm Faith Kelly. We spoke on the phone? My sister couldn't make it today, but will hopefully set up an appointment with you for the story part of the piece," she says, a big smile on her face as she walks toward him with her hand out.

Fedor smiles, broadly before flicking his cigarello aside. "Good afternoon Miss Kelly, I'm the Chief pilot here at Chicago Air."He finds her with a firm handshake. "I'm just getting my preflight in, things have been a little crazy around here tonight so I owe you two yet."He thumbs over to where one of the A-109s is parked, completely surrounded by other planes and choppers. Its like a traffic jam. "That was supposed to be our bird today, but we're gonna have to take one of our utility birds. We dont normally take passengers on these, kinda spartan."He steps to one side, jerking the handle to pop the side door open. The seat next to the pilot isnt for a copilot, its just a seat and theres only glass infront. Clearly the best view in the house. "Hop on in, is this your first ride in a helicopter?"

Faith's eyes get a bit wider than their normal wide-eyed look. "Wow. Yeah, actually. It's a bit scary, but I trust you. I think," she says with a little bit of a grin as she nods to the man. She climbs up into the helicopter and goes to buckle herself in. "I figured it would be my sister and me, so she and I could be nervous together. Now it's just me… promise you won't tell her if I do anything embarrassing?" she asks, moving her bag that carries her gear onto her lap, wrapping her arms around it as if to protect it.

Fedor just chuckles "Relax, you've got the best pilot in the world right here. Go ahead and get strapped in and get comfortable, this is a very safe bird."and then he bumps that door shut. Theres some more walking around, before climbing into the pilot's seat. "Here we are, thers a headset on the seatback behind you. Its gonna be pretty loud, so go ahead and put those on."He slips his own headset on, lifts his gaze to the roof and begins flipping at the sea of switches there.

The young photographer grabs the headset and puts them on, then brings her eyes up to watch him flip the switches that bring the chopper to life. She looks down at her bag and unzips it, pulling out her camera. "I might grab some shots while we're airborne just for me… I've never been above the city before," she points out. "Do you mind if I get any of you flying, possibly for the story?" Some people don't want themselves in the photographs. Others do. It's polite to ask, of course.

"I'd prefer if you didnt photograph me, but other than that shoot away. You have carte blanche, I was planning on taking the longway around to give you a better look. I figure we can take a loop around the island, and then we can sort've wheel around the park so you can see everything. THen i park you at the camp, you get free access to do whatever you want and you just call when you want to leave."Fedor just glances over, as the chopper begins to hum and whine. Lights slowly coming alive, before the big rotor overhead begins to slowly turn. "You see anything interesting, you can ask me to stop or slowdown."

"Gotcha. No photos of you." Something to look into, maybe. "Thanks! I will." She brings the camera, a digital-SLR, and begins to fiddle with it, using something outside of the window as a focal point. "I really appreciate this. A lot of people, you know, they don't want the press out on Staten Island. I think it's my job to show the world what the entire city is like… the good, the bad, the hungry and all, right?" she says. "So if anyone gives me trouble, I can say you gave me the okay, yeah?"

"I didnt, the old man did. So yeah, company president specifically stated it was cool. I think its good, but I dont make those sorts of decisions."Fedor grins, sensing her curiosity at his reluctancy at being photographed. He lets it sit for amoment, as the chopper picks up some RPMs. Then, delicately it lifts right up, slowly swings toward the east and begins to slip foreward. Moving smooth, low and relatively slow. "I was the guy who flew the Twin Otter, Humanis First shot down. I dont want a photograph, because they may try to finish the job someday yaknow?"

"Ooh," Faith says with a nod of understanding. "I'm not Evolved, but I certainly don't agree with their tactics. It's one of my goals, really, to let people know the Evolved are people, too. That fear of the unknown is not a good reason to kill anyone. You'd think humanity would learn from its mistakes." She snaps a few shots as they rise up in the air.

The BO glides smoothly over the fence at the end of the airfield, rising just enough to clear the power lines, before diving back down atop the Hackensack river. Then the speeds begin to raise, as he buzzes along the river at some substantial speed. Dodging the odd boat here and there, on his way towards staten. "Nor am I, very human but working for Chicago Air was important to me. Most evolved friendly airline I could find, and really that means something to me. The diversity is really great, we got guys from all over the world and nobody gives anyone shit."Fedor nods, casually trimming up the chopper as he rushes under a bridge.

She takes some shots of the unusual angle of the bridge, and nods. "Hope and I were really happy to land at the News. It's a bit more diverse and openminded I think than the Times," she murmurs. Of course the two would have jumped at the internships at the Times, the larger, more famous of the two papers, but she acts like it's her choice to be at the smaller publication. "So tell me about the soup kitchen."

"Well, there are ten vans. They give out soup, bread and bottled water free of charge to whomever asks for it. The drivers go wherever they want, and decide when to move on. Each van's got two servers, a navigator and a driver. All volunteer, only people getting paid on site are Chicago air people. Security guards, engineers and the cooks."The BO cuts left, then flicks back right as it hurtles round a pleasure boat before leveling out just in time to pass under a bridge. Fedor seems unconcerned. "We're set up in Miller park right now, which was an air force base for some years before it was a park. Nice flat place, good winds. Eventually we hope to setup a barge island out there, and if we can get some retail partners we'll try and reintroduce trade to the island. "

One hand goes out to grip the door handle as the chopper seems, in her mind, to swerve suddenly, though a glance at Fedor's nonchalance helps her relax her grip. Confidence begets confidence, after all. "So Chicago Air is just paying for all of this as a charitable work? Or do other people donate?" she asks. Sure, Hope will probably have to ask all the questions for her story, but Faith likes to know what she's taking pictures of. "How many people are asking for food? How long have you all been doing this?"

"Well we started Friday, and there are alot more than we can hit with ten vans. We're running pretty much allday everyday, a hundred vans still wouldnt be enough but yes this is all charity. Chicago air can only afford ten trucks though, we're taking donations but they've been slow. We're not very well known, and that doesnt help. Once we prove the island isnt mad max, we're going to try and attract corperate retail partners. We supply them for real cheap, and they sell stuff on the island. Eventually we'd like to fix Staten."Fedor glances over, as Staten finally comes into view.

Faith nods. She still has one hand on the door handle though, preparing for the eventual landing. "That's really great. We'll be sure to do what we can to get you more well known… if we can get some decent quotes and all, it might be a front page feature. After all, not many reporters are daring to come here these days, are they?" she asks, glancing at him before letting go of the handle long enough to snap some shots of the island. "Hope will need to chat with your President, if she can, too."

Fedor shakes his head "nobody talks to the wizard, not no way not no how. He's a recluse, verymuch like Howard Hughes was. Last I heard he was flying humanitarian aid in Africa, only his secretary knows where he is."Fedor shrugs. "I know that probably sounds wierd, but its a very pilot thing. We just want to fly, and when you get that high I guess theres so many lawsuits and shit that it just gets in the way. So I've been authorized to give interviews and stuff, you'll have to settle for little old me."The BO jukes right, before racing to the left and sliding under a bridge. Rotor tips throwing up spray, before he levels it back out. Teasing gently at the collective to gather airspeed and altitude, to smoothly sweep over the camp at Miller park. "And here we are, let me grab some altitude so you can get the camp in frame."

Faith's hand grips the handle a bit tighter. "And we can't get a picture of you… but hopefully some of the others will allow it?" she asks, brows knitting together. "Is it possible at least to get him to release a statement to us, via email or something? Just so we can at least have some of his supposed words in the story, even if in reality his publicist wrote them?" she asks, with a playful smirk. She knows how corporations work, but she's willing to play the game. "I mean, it's charity, so it's not like it's hard news and we're going to not run the story because he's not available, but it just looks bad to say 'unavailable for comment.'" As the helicopter lifts again, however, she raises the camera to grab pictures of the camp from the bird's eye view.

From above, the camp is a flurry of activity. Large earthen barricades surround the majority of the camp, thats backed into the only original structure left from Miller Park's days as Miller Field. The massive hangar is ancient and massive, built to house zeppelins in the 30s. There are big shipping containers stacked near the seaward side of the camp, housing the bunks, kitchens, supplies, latrines and the mechanic shop. The field beyond has been marked with first flares and now big chalk circles and squares to denote approach patterns, landing spots and where to try and crash your chopper if ya gotta.

The BO-105 hurtles overhead, before circling a few times at altitude. Then its down, putting the chopper down outside the camp proper in the big dirt field. THere were two KA-32s inside, but those had wheels not skids so they could just be easily wheeled off the grass and into the camp. "Hey, and there we are."Fedor smiles, reaching up to kill the engine. "Wild Onion, to Miller. I need an electric wheel out in the field if you please?" He doesnt get out, and he motions for Faith to stay as well. A minute later a pair of guys dressed in dull green overalls arive, with a large wheeled box with a handle. It doesnt look entirely unlike a little red wagon, on steroids. The trolley slips underneath the BO, extends a hook into the catch, lifts the nose of the BO up and then drags it nice and neat inside the camp proper. "Here we go. Now, your entirely free to wander and go and ask and do whatever."

"That's right, pull 'er in… pull 'er in… you're good!" A shout from Cardinal, one hand cutting through the air as he waves to the driver of the wheel before it drops down against his hip to clap there, not far beneath the pistol holstered under one arm. He's in a flight suit, his hair mussed from the stirring of the air with all the helicopters moving to and fro, aviator's glasses protecting his gaze with opaque mirrors.

Shaking his head, he moves to cross the field to meet up with the plane and its pilots. Seems that their little enterprise has started drawing attention from those on and off the island.

Speaking of those from off the island, one Candy Allard is making her way into the camp after walking her way through Staten. The woman is dressed in a mini skirt and tube top that scream hooker. However, she's just using it for bait. She looks down at her heels, and sighs faintly as she sees a smidgen of blood. She looks over at a nearby puddle, and then around her to make sure that no one is looking. The puddle suddenly moves and a tendril of water meets the blood spot on her heels and wipes it away. A smile reaches her lips after she does that, and she starts making her way towards the site, looking for some food, and perhaps some Tylenol to get rid of her headaches.

Felix is thin, though without the starveling gauntness of the poor on Staten. He's dressed in plain and drab, but not ragged clothes….perhaps for an interview and request with his godfather. Or perhaps in search of someone else - he pauses to speak with those drivers of the food trucks, describing the young woman he's looking for, one of Logan's working girls.

Satoru, on the other hand, is really just here for the free food. Dressed in his usual attire - UFO jeans, mismatched Converse, brown shirt with a picture of two parrots in a nest behind the word BROOKLYN, hooded shirt under that. He keeps his hands in his pockets and keeps mainly to himself on his approach, although when he spots Candy there is a predatory sort of smirk on his face as he trots to catch up with the girl, puddle trick unnoticed. "'Eyy, chica," he drawls once he gets closer to her. "What's a pretty girl like you doin' alone out here? You could getcherself hurt."

"Thank you so much," Faith gushes a bit, reaching out to offer her hand again to the pilot. "I'll text you when I'm ready or come find you over here?" she asks, as she hops out of the helicopter, putting a hand up to push her hair out of her face, as she looks over at Cardinal. "Anyone in particular I should talk to, besides the obvious — people getting food, people handing it out?" she asks Fedor.

Candy brushes a hair out of her face before she looks at Satoru and smiles back at him. "Oh… the usual, blowing of some steam," she grins while standing there. Could that be a new euphism?! Her eyes look over the sight, before she looks Satoru up and then down, asking, "So what is someone like you doing out and around here?" A faint smirk playing along her pink lip-glossed lips.

"Be -careful-, dont go alone. This is still staten island, dont expect your cellphone to work alright? Just talk to whomever you need, and remember to ask the pilots and groundcrew. We have Humanis gunning for us, we need to be very cautious."sometimes, Fedor sounds exactly as old as he is. Like right now. He glances over, smiling at Cardinal before he begins shutting down engines and electrical systems. "Hey, crewchief."He pops open his door, glancing to Cardinal.

"'Ey, Chief." A jerk of Cardinal's chin upwards in greeting to the pilot, the woman that's just emerged getting an easy smile and a nod, "Ma'am." Back to the former, he notes, "I just got back on site an hour ago, I'm gonna go check on the gates and make sure the trucks've been doing all right… still worried someone's gonna try something."

Satoru. Fel's diverted from his attempts to find out more or simply find Bebe, period, by the younger man's presence. But he ignores him for the moment, in favor of speaking to whomever's more or less guarding access in, trying to get to speak to Fedor.

"Hello," Faith says with a smile and a dip of her head for Cardinal. "I'm Faith Kelly, photographer for the Daily News. You mind being in any pictures, or should I avoid your face as well if you happen to fall in my frame?" she asks, to be polite. She may have free rein, but she also knows it's not a good idea to take a photo of someone who is adamantly opposed to it.

The security at the gate is pretty tough, especially when somone asks for Fedor. Supposedly, nobody by that name can be found inside the camp.

Satoru raises an eyebrow at Candy, but smiles a bit nonetheless. "Someone like me, huh?" He shrugs, folding his arms behind his back. "Depends on what kinda guy you think I am, don't it?" He looks off over the site, humming quietly to himself, and managing to avoid noticing Felix at all. "Probs the same thing you're here for; I heard there's free food, figured I'd come check it out, yeah? Not that I'm hurtin' but future reference and all that shit."

Candy nods her head a little, while hiding a small smirk. "Uh huh, and what if I didn't come here for the free food. What if I just decided to arrive?" She shakes her head a little and then says, "Also, kid, stop with the street talk if you can. It grates on the nerves." Her attention then smoothly leaves the small fry in front of her.

"I'd prefer not," Cardinal says in apologetic tones, flashing an easy smile to Faith, "I'll give you any quotes you like, but no pictures, please. I'd rather not get picked out've a crowd and shot, you know how it is…" A pause, "Richard Montenegro. I'll see you over by the gates, if you head that way." A thump of his hand to the chopper's side, and then he's heading across the fortified encampment, heading for the front and the wagons.

"Listen. Tell whomever's in charge that Felix Ivanov is here, and looking for his godfather," Fel's tone is patient, not peremptory, and there is mention of neither badge nor job. Here for personal reasons, clearly.

"I guess I can understand that, but a shame the Daily News readers won't get a chance to see your pretty eyes," Faith says with a faux-dejected sigh, her shoulders slumping dramatically. She grins a moment later. "Thanks, though. I'll see what I can get." This job might be harder than she thought, if no one lets themselves be shot. The young woman shoulders her camera bag and heads to the gates as indicated, her eyes ever-dancing about to find interesting photo opportunities.

He waits for Faith to go, before he smirks"Told you you had angel eyes." Fedor runs down his checklist, and then stops as a message crackles across the radio. "Roger gate, let him in. I'm prepping a return flight, he can come with me. Tell'em his Godfather's still in the hospital though."and then he grabs his mic boom to whisper. "Ivanov is here, make yourself scarce. Just get another guy ready to wheel us back out, I have no fucking clue what the fuck he wants."

Meanwhile, up at the front gates one of the security guys pauses before unlocking the gate to allow Ivanov inside."Your godfather is still in the hospital sir, but theres a Helicopter waiting to take you to the hospital."

Candy's sudden shift in behavior causes Satoru to draw back with a mixture both of surprise and disgust. "Man, bitch, fuck you. You need to show some respect for your people, yo! I talk how I want to whoever I want." He spits off to the side, shoving his hands back in his pockets, and turns to resume stalking towards the free food, pointedly avoiding the girl now.

Candy smirks faintly at Satoru, "No, I'm afraid you won't get that pleasure," she says, pausing a moment before saying flatly, "Ever." Her eyes look around the encampment once more, perhaps for a familar figure, perhaps not, regardless she walks towards the free food herself. When she reaches it, she starts getting her plate, and asks one of the attendents, "I don't suppose anyone has any aspirin?"

"I'm wearing mirrored glasses," Cardinal calls back with a laugh, raising a gloved hand in a vague wave back to the reporter girl, "Good try, though, cute stuff!" A low chuckle of breath stirs past his lips to the tease from Fedor, his head shaking from side to side as he continues across the field.

…which is when he comes just about face to face with Felix as the gates open to allow him in past security and past the trucks handing out free soup to those who come here in search of succor. He stops, startled - not only to see the man, but at his appearance. Of course, he's not exactly in his usual street clothes either. "…Ivanov? Th'hell are you doing here?"

"Looking for a girl named Bebe, and my godfather," Felix says, meeting Cardinal's gaze levelly. "Just personal, not business," he adds, as if that might make things better, somehow. Perhaps it does. There's no particular alarm in his face at the mention of the hospital, but he nods, and heads slowly in that direction.

"So it must be my eyes are that are so pretty," Faith yells back, laughing a bit, but walking toward the vans of free food. She notices Satoru and Candy's bit of banter turned sour, and tilts her head, deciding to follow Satoru. "Hey, I'm doing a story… well, my sister will be, I'm taking the photos. You here for food and all that?" she asks the young punk, tapping her camera. "You mind if I chronicle a bit of your story?"

Fedor waits for Felix to pass, before discretely unzipping his flight jacket and crawling down from the cockpit. More aware of the weight of that .44 magnum than he had been a few minutes earlier, he passes his knife from shin pocket to the palm of his hand. "Hey, Mr.Ivanov. Your Godfather is just this way."He jogs up from behind, smiling from behind thick buddy Holly glasses. Young and thin, like a math teacher perhaps? Just the same, he slips past the kitchen and bumps open the door to the Hangars. "I dont think he was expecting any visitors."

Satoru waves a hand at Candy in passing, grumbling, "What the fuck ever," and continues stalking — at which point a voice behind him causes him to stop and turn, one arm rubbing the back of his neck. "Huh?" What, pictures? He tilts his head for a moment, looking the girl over, then finally shrugs and grins a bit too widely. "Oh, huh. Sure, cutie, I can help ya out." He winks, looking over towards the food area, and waves a hand idly. "Yeah, food and whatever. Kinda weird doin' it out here, y'know?"

Candy smiles faintly as she manages to get some aspirin with her meal. She looks Faith over, and then shakes her head a little. She moves towards a table, sitting down easily before taking the aspirin. Letting out a faint sigh, she starts to eat her meal before it gets terribely cold.

A slight purse of Cardinal's lips answers the subject he's investigating. "Try Logan's," is all he says, his tone a bit curt as he moves to walk past the other man with a little bit of berth given, muttering something under his breath as he does so. Might be 'poor girl' if one's got good hearing.

"Hey," he barks out then, towards the trucks - and near to where Candy's settling down, and Faith's talking to Satoru, "Anyone given you boys any shit while you were out there?"

'I don't always keep in touch with him as well as I should," Fel says, a little shamefaced….and equally aware of that weight of metal on the young man with the glasses, letting his guide precede him.

"Great," Faith says with a wide grin. "You got a name? I'll get down the details, and then you know, you can just sort of do what you would do, if I weren't here." She lets go of her camera, the strap keeping it around her neck, before pulling a notepad and pen out of her pocket. "Name, age… how you came to be here in Staten, if you weren't always?" she asks, green eyes focusing on his face. She glances over at Cardinal's yell, curious in the answer the truckers give, as well.

"No, you really dont."comes Fedor, as they enter the Hangar. Its empty here, and quiet. "terribly inconvient of you to just drop in, and I know your not a rude man so I assume you came here because its important."Fedor nods towards an old toolbox, which is appropriately shaped to serve as a bench. "Have a seat, tell me your ills."

"Toru Arai," Satoru replies smoothly. "Twenty years old. Here, let me jot that down for ya.." he digs into his pocket, pulling out a pen and an old receipt, scribbling his name on the back. "…And here's my cell number just in case anything else comes up, aight?" He winks again, handing the paper over, and slipping the pen back into his pocket. He's got thin gloves on his hands as well, with the fingers snipped off. "I'unno really, I lived back in Chinatown before, I heard there was work here that's easier to get and more excitin' so I headed over." Idle handwag, and while he speaks he walks over and gets himself a bowl of soup and piece of bread.

"Forgive me," Felix says, formally. "I know you're very busy. I take it you're actually the person I am looking for?" And then he drops into Russian. «What was my mother's father's name, please?» Since that should be sufficient to verify.

Candy continues to sit there and munch on her food until someone decides to notice her. Her eyes fixed as she shovels the stuff into her mouth. Working on urges can definitely make you hungry.

"Truck Three thought they were gonna have some trouble with one've the gangs, so they cut out early… otherwise, no incidents," reports one of the men at the trucks from where he's sitting in the open-door'd driver's seat, waving a hand back towards the man who called for them.

"Good, good," Cardinal murmurs, his head bobbing in appreciation for the report. A hand lifts to catch the driver's own in a brief, firm clasp before he walks along past, pausing at the sight of Candy there. Wait a second, he knows her, doesn't he? Of course, she doesn't know him, at least not by face, so she might just think he's checking her out or something.

The camera makes its little clicks and whirrs, as Faith swiftly adjusts settings to snap a few photos of those handing out the food, the line, and of course Toru getting his bowl. She follows him to the table, clicking another couple of shots, one a close up just of his gloved hands spooning up some of the steaming hot soup. "Thanks for the number… my twin sister couldn't come out today, and she's going to need to talk to people. It's okay if we call you for that, in case we don't see you when she comes out for the intervews?" she asks, angling her camera to snap a photo of Candy as she eats, then a few of the truck driver chatting with Cardinal.

"Little wolf, I met Feliks Suvorin in the summer of nineteen fourty six. Now tell me, why it is you've come here?"Fedor's gaze is kind, but certainly expectant. "I do not appreciate surprises Felix, so lets not play games."

Felix blows out a slow breath. "I am looking for two people," he says, quietly. "A young woman called Bebe. I don't know her real name, she works or worked for John Logan. I have something of hers I must return. And a young man named Tyler Case. The girl isn't wanted by the law, but he is. If you hear anything of them, please, let me know. YOur business here, of course, is none of mine," he adds, as if Fedor might fear being pestered in a professional sense.

"Number's there to be used, babe," Satoru replies, clicking his tongue and pointing at Faith with his hand held like a gun. "I am a kinda hard guy to find, I'll give you that, but call me up and I can be wherever you want me." He proceeds to continue eating the soup, nodding slowly as he takes a few more bites, and adds, in review, "The soup is pretty good."

Candy looks over at Cardinal when she feels eyes on her. She doesn't say a word while looking at him, quite used to being checked out, especially in the clothes that she has on. Giving the man a wink, she turns back to her bowl of food, working on finishing it off.

"Now, I know I know you from somewhere…" Cardinal takes a step closer over to Candy, his head canting a bit to one side - a smile quirking up at one corner of his lips. He tilts his chin in an easy nod her way, "What's your name, hot stuff?" A glance over, to Satoru and Faith, making sure everything is alright over there.

Goodness, Little wolf was always full of surprises wasnt he. "What is it you must return, I mean you know what goes on with the women around there right?"Fedor frowns, oh god. "Oh god, Felix. Please tell me your not in love with this woman, because if its a ring or a locket you need to give to her I'm just going to shoot her and spare you the trouble."

Faith gives a roll of her eyes now at Cardinal's approach, taking another shot of Candy but making sure to keep Cardinal out of it. She smiles at Toru. "So what kind of work do you do out here? You said it's exciting?" she asks, curiously, glancing around. "It looks like it can't pay well, or you wouldn't be here for free food, right?" She brings the camera to her eye again to snap a few more shots of various people being given soup, then sets the camera back down.

"Case's Evolved. His ability, unfortunately, is to switch the powers of Evolved. I have hers, she has mine. Hers isn't….untenable, in terms of its side effects. But…..I would like mine back. I am not in love with her, it is not liek that," Fel says, voice very dry. How about not asking him who he actually is in love with.

With a wide grin at that, Satoru shakes his head. "Naw, it ain't that, it's just I figure free food is free food, right?" He shrugs. "I mean it might be greedy of me or whatever but I ain't gonna turn down a handout, plus I figure it ain't like there's anyone needs it that I'm takin' it away from." Not that he'd feel bad if there /were/. "Work's work, mostly like hired goon kinda stuff, breaking legs and kicking guys outta clubs if they're makin' trouble." Frowning a moment at that, he paws at the air faintly. "…You prob'ly shouldn't mention the legs thing."

Fedor looks incredibly relieved. "Ok thank god, because Felix I swear to you that few fates are worse than falling for a whore."He smiles, nodding. "Yes I'll see what I can do, what is he-I mean your ability now by the way? I have some business with Logan nearing, I mean."he holds up a finger for a moment. "How would showing up to work with logan in cuffs, work for you. If I brought him to you, could you make something of it?"

Candy winces faintly as she hears the camera snapping, and she looks at Cardinal and says, "I've no idea where you might know me from, and the name is Candy." She then looks at Faith as she says, "Miss, can I ask that you not publish any photos with me in them."

"Ah. That's where I know you from…" Cardinal takes a step over, and he drops himself to sit at the table opposite the young woman, one arm resting on the table as he looks at Candy over the edge of his shades - a wry smile curving his lips, "I hope you're not here to cause any trouble. We've had enough problems with your… organization already." A glance back to Faith, but he just shrugs. She's not one of his people, he doesn't seem to care if she uses the shot or not.

You just promised me a pony for Christmas. Felix's whole face lights up, characteristic reserve completely vanished for a few heartbeats. "That would be a gift," he says, with a smile. "I…..we've got a a case against him, for human trafficking, all sorts of things. My ability apparently affects metal. I can manipulate and destroy it. I do have it under control, don't worry."

Faith's eyes widen at Toru's words. "A goon and a bouncer? Really? You?" she says with surprise. "I mean, not that you couldn't kick my ass, but… you look more like a lover than a fighter," she says with a grin. To Candy, she glances over. "I can try, but you know, it's public land and all, so… freedom of the press. The long shots of the line and stuff might have you in them, but I can try not to use a close up." She smiles sweetly and returns her attention to Toru for his answer. "I won't put in that you break anyone's legs though."

"Goodness, it sounds like that could be an exceptionally useful ability if you knew somone in the airline busines."Fedor pauses, before pointing at his chest. "waaaait, -I- am in the airline business. If you can fix things, like airframes and wingspars, repair cracking and the such I could ensure you would be a very wealthy boy. Get away from all of this gestappo bullshit, do some real capitalist work."He smirks"Either way, If I can get Logan alive you may have him. Can you keep a secret though?"

Leaning towards Faith, Satoru lowers his voice a bit. All intimate-like. "See, that's the thing, babe, it's just.. nobody understands a guy like me in today's world, you know? You can't get on in life with the heart of a poet if you want to survive, somewhere along the line you gotta find a way to make ends meet." He shrugs, takes a bite of his bread. "And I'm plenty tougher than I look, but I don't blame you, lotta people like ta' unnerestimate me. S'cool. I get it."

"I have the potential ability, but none of the technical knowledge. I'm as likely to break one of your lovely machines as I am to fix it. And honestly, I -like- my job, sir." Felix's even apparently completely sincere. "I have the money I need, really. And secrets are my stock in trade, to some extent."

That doesnt stop fedor from producing a wad of bills, and handing over a thousand. "You need to eat. Take this flight back with me, get some food in you and lay low. I'll take care of the Island."He leans in, lowering his tone. "this island, is mine. I will make it free again, and I will scatter resistance to the wind. Then I'm going to leave, and Staten gets to be part of the world again. Not some third world shithole. So you stay off of it, and tell your friends to steer clear. I cant afford to hit law enforcement in the crossfire, between my people and lindermans. So you listen little wolf. Stay off the island."He straights up, adjusting the sit of his shoulder holster. "Now lets get you to the hospital, to see your godfather. Agent Ivanov. "

"Law enforcement doesn't have the resources to do Staten justice in any sense of the word right now, so so far as I'm concerned, Godspeed," replies Fel, without any hint of irony. The money he looks at, bemused….and tucks away. A thousand dollars isn't anything to sneer at, on a government salary.

Candy looks at Cardinal as she raises an eyebrow and says, "I've no clue what you are talking about." She looks back to Faith before she says, "Ma'am, with all respect, I'm in the Witness Protection Program, and I really don't need my picture being circulated. It is a matter of health."

Fedor smirks "You ever thought about flying lessons, young man? I recently acquired a flight school you know, I'm certain it'd amuse your grandfather. He never really had the head for it, he was better with a Horse or so I was told. Thats no small thing back then, we still used horses everywhere."Fedor adjusts his glasses, as he starts back towards the camp. "So you like the glasses?"

"Of course not." Cardinal's hand braces to the table, a low chuckle stirring under his breath as he pushes himself back up to his feet, his head shaking slowly from side to side, "Just try and behave. Although looking like that, I suppose I wouldn't mind if you didn't, but that's a completely different conversation."

"Well, we -are- Cossacks," Felix points out, mildly. "Flying lessons might be fun, when I've the time. Right now, not so much, but thank you. The glasses…do suit you," He delivers this in a complete deadpan.

Its a short walk back to the BO-105, but Fedor takes the time to flag down one of the ground crew. "Come on Agent Ivanov, lets get you out of here in one piece."He has of course, been careful not to say a -word- about Sylar the whole time.

Faith grins at Satoru. "No, I do understand exactly what you mean," she says softly. "I'm an artist, but you know, this pays the bills. Or it will, hopefully, if I make it full time. Right now I'm just an intern. And being underestimated isn't always a bad thing, now is it? You always hold the element of surprise, which can be the most essential of weapons." So she's not just a dumb blonde after all.

She glances up at Candy, and then the trucks. There's no real line now. "See, here's the thing. You're on public ground, and you see a woman with a camera, you probably shouldn't stick around to be photographed. The law is on my side, I am pretty sure… and I can't recreate the line just to take another picture without you in it. I'll certainly try to find one without your face in it. No one should be able to recognize you from your back."

About that. Ironically enough, Fel's mostly given up on one Gabriel Gray, since it's clear the only way left to handle him is to nuke him from orbit. He follows docilely along, blue eyes thoughful.

Candy looks at Faith as she says, "Fine then, hon. Tell me who you are working for so that I can sue them if I get injuried, or have my grieving family sue if I were to die."

THe BO-105 is towed back out into the field, engines left to turn over. Theres some checklist scribbling, double checking of harneses and then. Neatly the little Chopper lifts into the air, and gingerly slips away from the camp and begins its trek back to Jersey!

Rolling his eyes at Candy, Toru looks at Faith and reaches over to pat one of the photographer's hands. His soup bowl set aside for now, given that it's empty, he says, reassuringly, "Don't mind her, she's just a bitch." And then, loud enough for Candy to hear, he continues, "Just 'cause I talk street don't mean I don't know shit. I seen enough TV to know you sayin' you're in the program means you gotta get relocated anyways." He waves a hand idly. "Go report it to your rep or whatever, get out while you still can, everyone here knows you're hiding, we can all go tell our seedy friends, aight?"

Oh, hey, this is an interesting argument. Cardinal leans back against the truck, one foot kicked up to brace on it and a brow arching over the edge of his shades as he watches the proverbial tennis ball bounce back and forth.

"You can't sue for anything that's true in the newspaper, but good luck with that. Not to mention that if you're injured, your family won't know — isn't that the whole point of Witness Protection?" Faith asks. "Maybe you'd like to reconsider your threat and offer me something of value rather than throw empty threats around…?" she says, with a smile, then glances over at Cardinal. "You said she's with an organization? Which would that be? That could be an interesting story… if maybe a certain member of a certain group was getting free food from the very people they have attacked? Wow. That'd be quite the human interest story."

Candy looks at Faith as she says, "If I'm injured, I would be doing the sueing, Miss. As I've said before, I'm not a part of any organization, I am just trying to have a peaceful meal while keeping my head on my shoulders." She looks at the lady in disbelief, before she smirks faintly, "About all I can offer you, Miss, is to be your little slave for a night. You can take that or leave it, but thats all I have other than the food you see in front of me. You can even have that if you'd like."

Pushing himself up from his table, Satoru holds his thumb up to his ear and pinky to his mouth, wiggling his hand just slightly while mouthing, 'Call me'. That done, he slips hands into pockets and meanders over towards Cardinal to stand next to the older man, joining him in watching the girls catfight. "My money's on the blonde," he notes, wryly. "The other'n's cattier but looks like the blonde's got some tricks up her sleeves."

At the mention of 'little slave' Cardinal's brows both leap upwards. "Not sure where I'd put my money," he admits, slanting a look to Satoru and smirking a bit, "Who're you, anyway?"

"That'd be some trick, as last I checked, law suits are public record. You also need more than a bowl of soup and your body to pay for a lawyer, especially if you want one willing to go up against the newspaper and the whole, oh, what, freedom of the press, thing, 'Miss,'" Faith says back with a smile. "I really don't want anything you could offer me as a slave, but you might think of some information that might be interesting to a reporter. Even if I don't have a good shot without you that I need to use, it's very possible I could find a way to omit you from the picture I chose. But only…" she pauses for a moment, "if I were feeling charitable."

Candy looks at Faith as she says, "Your telling me you have no itches you'd like to have scratched." The woman snorts as she shakes her head a little before she says, "Ma'am, I'm just a nobody, trying to make her way and hide from some folk. And I can have a law suit as this identity. It just won't be under my previous one."

Satoru digs around in his pocket, pulling out a cellular phone. Opening it, he turns on the camera function, and slowly takes a few pictures of Candy, nonchalantly. Being a camera phone most of them come out terrible, but he does have to be as much of a jerk as possible. Finally, he turns to look at Cardinal sidelong and replies, "Eh?" Shrug. "Just some guy here for the food. Sup?"

Cardinal lifts one shoulder in a bit of a shrug, fingers splaying vaguely through the air. "Aside from their little fight there, nothin' much really. I'm just here to supervise." Clearing his throat, then, he calls out, "Alright, let's not have this turn into a scene, ladies…"

"How exactly are the police able to 'protect you' over here on Staten Island, lady? Are you blind? And they aren't doing a good job of it, if you're here eating at a mobile soup kitchen. Aren't they supposed to make sure you have a good job and all that? That you're not wandering the streets of a place as dangerous as this? Sorry, I don't buy it. But good try," Faith says, standing up and putting her camera into her bag. "I probably have enough for now. I should go find a flight back to civilization," she says with a wink. "Toru, I'll have my sister call you."

Candy looks at Satoru, as she growls, "You really don't want to do that." Her eyes looking at Cardinal, before they go back to Faith. "Do take care, Miss," she says with a sweet smile. She rights down a note to seriously hurt the girl at some point.

Toru gives a small wave and wink to Faith and replies, "Lookin' forward to it." And to Candy, he bites his lip to supress a laugh. "Lady, you have no idea how wrong you are." After a few more shutter-clicks, he puts the phone away, folding his hands behind his head and grinning impudently. Looks over to Cardinal, remarks, "So supervisin' in this case is less managin' and more watchin'?"

Cardinal shakes his head slowly, one hand dropping down to his belt to tug a radio free. He brings it up, pushing off the truck in the same movement, "Make room on the next helo over the river for Miss Kelly, please." The radio's lowered, and he tilts his head to the gates, his tone wry, "This way."

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