Southern Comfort


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Scene Title Southern Comfort
Synopsis Reunion finally between Brian and Abigail, some warnings and some mutual comfort. Isabelle appears as well, to since she's harboring all these 'fugitives'
Date February 3, 2009

Isabelle's place above Old Lucy's

How do you book plane tickets online. That's Abigails question. One of the 'refugee's' at the bar, who's currently residing upstairs, the blonde is poking at the button with a complete look of "fail" on her face. Technology and her, don't mix. her wallet laid out, and a credit card, her only credit card on top. "Oh heavens, please, could you work" comes a whispered please in the early afternoon, not yet time for the blonde to head downstairs and work.

"I thought you were dead for a while." Brian's words spill out behind the young woman as he stands in the doorway quietly. His eyes are on her back, his head tilted to the side. There's no smile on his features, though it's probably obvious he's relieved to see her. Though he's not making an obvious effort to show that, he is, very relieved. And very comforted that she is okay.

Brian. Which one? They're all the same one. Somewhere she'd heard that he was alive. No, Isabelle had told her he was staying here. "Oh heavens, I'm so very happy to see you Brian" Travelocity and her credit card are ignored right now in lieu of Brian as Abigail pulls herself up from the couch so she can situate herself with her arms around him, squeeze him to near death.

He gives a big exhale as she wraps her arms around him. His arms going to do the same but in a far more gentle gesture. His head coming down to rest on her shoulder softly. "I'm glad to see you too." He whispers. Holding her there for a moment. Not minding the tightness of her grip for now.

"You made it off the bridge? Please tell me you made it off the bridge. I saw Helena go down, you were close to her but…" She's not about to let go right now. Everyone who survived in her mind, is allowed the one moment to be allowed into the personal space.

"Yeah. I got Anne out." Brian says, and he doesn't really mind not having any personal space. He's been getting lots of hugs lately. And it's good timing for it. He made it off the bridge, though is it necessary to tell her he died two other times and got captured? Nah. "Are you okay?"

"Oh god, Anne's alive too" Another one off her dead/missing list and safe list. "No Brian, I'm not. Physically, yes, but otherwise.. no" It's a quiet confession and she deign to remain where she is. Like a starfish clinging to a rock

A little frown, bringing up his head he plants a brief kiss on her cheek. "Elisabeth, Owen, Monica, Teo, Cat, Elvis, Ygraine. They're all fine." Brian says softly. He doesn't mention Alex, Helena, or Conrad. Or himself, really.

Some she already knows about. "I'm gonna go home Brian. Just for a week or two" She finally pulls back, release him. Not running from the kiss, that's accepted. "Need to.. get out of town and figure things out"

He glances over her shoulder to the computer. "You're not using your credit card, are you?" Brian asks, frowning a bit. She must know better than that, right? "And.. I donno if now is the best time to do that, Abby. You haven't been calling them have you? What with HomeSec.. We need to be really careful." He lets his arms dangle at his side as she pulls away.

'HomeSec knows about me, and the bridge Brian. Matt Parkman came to the bar for a drink and asked. I went in, gave them what happened on the bridge. Agent Parkman knows that I'm going home and has okay'd it. So it's safe to use my credit card. not like I have cash to pay for it and no I haven't been calling people. I haven't even gone to my Chinatown place. In case they have someone following me" She turns to the laptop, making to sit back down. "Not that I an figure out how to buy a plane ticket on here"

Brian's brows immediately furrow. "You.. what?" He asks, a little shocked. "Does Teo know you did this?" One day she's going to get him killed. But at least it's not today. Following her back, he goes to sit next to her, his arm going to wrap around her shoulders and bring her close to him. "Did you give Parkman names?"

"Teo knows." Abigail's fine with him beside her. "Parkman tried to ask as little as possible about names. I think the only reason I'm not locked up with others is that I'm not part of phoenix, and that I willingly went in when he sent a car for me. That and.. he saw everything on the bridge in my mind" Abigail taps at a button, a scowl devoted solely for the laptop. "They know Dr. Edward Ray's name and they know Anne's first name. Helena of course. That's it. Those are the only names. I don't know whether they're going to look for them though, Anne. Best of my knowledge everyone fell in the river and … I know how to swim and I had someone to save me. I don't know about the others. I just assumed everyone was dead"

" I brought Anne here." Brian murmurs, letting his head slide down the couch to rest on top of her head. His eyes going to the computer screen. Pointing his finger he starts to give her simple instructions on how to pass the already simple process of purchasing a plane ticket. "You have to click next. At the bottom." He says with a little grin.

"She need my help before I go?" Seems she's set her ticket at least for two days from now. "Jessica saved me. I came ashore in Brooklyn once I got the vest off and broke into her safe house. She came and helped me, got me warm" The laptop is slid onto her lap, the credit card passed to Brian to hold for when she'll need it. The next button clicked as she smothes her fingertip over the embedded mouse pad. "I killed him Brian"

"We did what needed to be done, Abby. I killed a lot of people." He tilts his head back. And some of them he enjoyed it, that's what scares him the most. "And I feel terrible too. But if we wouldn't have done that.." A little shrug which will most likely disrupt their heads. "Everyone would be dead.I can't take away from your pain.. But, just know that I'm there with you."

Isabelle has arrived.

'I know. I know. Even Parkman said it. I did what was right" She's used to the shrug dislodge, and her head rests easily back in the spot. Getting Brian's help, she starts to work her way through buying the plane ticket, the both of them on the couch, his arm around her shoulders. Comfort seems to be the name of the game. "I hurt my hand, on rebar. Trying to hold on. I haven't healed it all the way, I left a scar"

Brian arches a little brow at her hand and holding onto rebar. He can't help but smirk. In his mind he replays all the wounds he encountered that day. Being torn apart by a sniper rifle, knifed to death. Falling under an explosion, tasered, or something like it, punched, shot, kicked, and cut. "Is it okay?" Is all he says, bringing up his hand to take hers to examine the scar. "Why don't you heal it?"

There is no knock or announcement as Izzy walks into her apartment, she stops when she sees Abby and Brian. "Oh, hello." She says and grins down at Abby and nods her head in Brian's direction. Her hair is in a ponytail and she is dressed pretty plain at the moment. Plain tee shirt a pair of jeans and bare feet. That's about it for the moment.

Her right hand turns palm up so he can see it, the thin winding scar across her palm, flexible. "Reminder. Not ready to get rid of it all the way. I will. Some day. Was the hand I used to kill him" Her blue eyed gaze is taken from her hand in Brians to Isabelle in decidedly mundane clothing than is usually on the fire starter. "Hey Isabelle"

"Why should you remind yourself of it?" But his question is caught off by the sudden arrival. Looking up, his features remain mostly neutral. "Hey. Sorry for invading on your room." Then pats the cushion on the other side of him. "Wanna sit with us?" Brian asks.

"Oh no it's ok." Izzy assures Brian and leans against the table in the room, she grins at Brian and her eyebrows raise at him. Abby is given a soft smile, "How is my little Nun doing?"

"Not remind, that's the wrong word more like.. It's there, till I forgive myself" it's quite tones to Brian, probably barely within Isabelle's hearing. "Little better than yesterday. Brian was helping me buy my plane ticket on your laptop, and now he's trying to see my scar. Guys dig scars" Trying to make a joke. "Should be back in two weeks Isabelle"

Isabelle grinning causes him to give a little smile in return. "What? Come here." He says, again, patting the cushion next to him. "Sit with us." He insists. Before looking back to the computer to continue guiding Abby on her quest to air travel. He doesn't laugh at the joke, but he hasn't laughed at much lately. He would normally, poor Abby.

"You know you're good Abby, take your time." Izzy tells the younger woman, she does indeed go easy on the younger woman but that's only because she treats her like a little sister. When Brian 'insists' Isabelle gives him a look and to be defiant and not listen as it is in her nature, Izzy walks up to the couch and leans on the side of it instead. Her eyes look at Brian but she says nothing.

"Need my card Brian" and her hand back, using her forefinger to tap slowly and fill out the information needed for the ticket. "Was just letting you know Isabelle. I'll spend the night in my apartment tomorrow night and head out. I leave in the morning. I left my information with Teo" And Hana will be getting it as well, and Parkman.

Handing the card over to her, Brian looks up at her shaking his head a little bit at her unnecessary defiance. "Fine." He smirks. Looking back to Abby, he finally withdraws his arm from around her shoulders, setting his hands in his lap.

"Sounds like a plan." Izzy says to Abby and Brian is given a wink as she crosses her legs. This curfew.. bad for business. I don't like it." Her eyes narrow slightly and she looks ahead out the window.

"Should have a curfew special, or a curfew slumber. A lock in. Pajamas's only, all nighter. I bet that would bring people in. Younger people at least. Not like you don't have a kitchen. A cover charge, and then drinks" Abby points out. Brian gets a soft thank you and a squeeze of his knee.

Brian smirks, giving a shake of his head. "I don't think there's going to be any business until it's gone, Izzy." Brian remarks, giving Abby's hand a little pat to say that she was welcome. Isabelle's wink isn't answered though he does look at her for a while.

"Which is lame I think." Isabelle says and folds her arms. "What could they be doing, are they really looking for you guys?" Izz tilts her head at Brian's look and she raises an eyebrow.

"Nope. They already know where I am and already got from me what I know" There's an inhale as Abby clicks a button then a smile. Empty, but a smile. "I did it"

Brian raises an eyebrow in return to Isabelle, before looking back to Abigail. "Good job Abby. Easy, huh?" He asks, giving her a little grin. "Next time maybe you can do it on your own."

"I'm gonna go back down stairs for a bit. See yall later." Isabelle says and gives Abby another grin and Brian a look before she opens and begins to walk out the door.

"I'll be down soon Izzy" Abby offers to the woman, a glance to Brian and roll of her eyes. "Maybe. I'll probably have momma buying my ticket home. Only because she and Dad will demand it" THe laptop is put back on the coffee table and she leans back against, looking at the scar on her palm.

"Wait. Izzy." Brian calls out behind her, going to stand up off the couch. Giving Abby's leg a little pat as he goes to stand. Following her towards the door.

"Hm?" Isabelle turns her head but the rest of her body doesn't turn. Her presence isn't very all that hostile, she's just fucking with Brian.

Abigail's not about to stop Brian, he's not her's to order around. Instead she tucks her bare feet underneath her on the couch, tucking her card back into her wallet and the wallet back into her purse.

Bringing a hand up to rest on Isabelle's shoulder, "I know you've been doing a lot for me." He starts, tilting his head a little bit. "Would you mind if I brought another person here? Or two? For a place to stay?" The young man asks, trying to pull her around a little bit by the shoulder so that she's facing him again.

"Who are they?" Is all Izzy asks as she turns to face Brian, she grins at him. "More of whatever your group is?"

"They're good people." Brian says softly. "If I ask you if someone could stay here, it's because I know they can be trusted. I wouldn't bring anyone untrustworthy in here." He says, leaving his hand on her shoulder.

"I know that, you aren't that dumb. I'd just kill them and you if you did." Isabelle shakes her head. "Names." Izzy asks with a look and brushes the hair out of her face.
Abigail's keeping her nose out of the affairs of Brian and Isabelle in regards to who's here and who's going to stay here. Just her eyes closed and resting on the couch. Her left hand fingers tracing over the scar on her right hand.

"You could never kill me." Brian teases softly, tilting his head at her. "Delilah. Is one. Possibly. She might not come, but she might." He informs watching her features quietly.

"That's what you think." Isabelle grins, if only Brian really knew the truth. "Ok Delilah, the next one?" Izzy looks over to Abby and then looks back to Brian.

"I don't have another one lined up. I'm just asking if someone turns up, needs help, if I can bring them here?" Brian asks, letting his hand slide off her shoulder down her arm he goes to release her hand.

"Ok, sounds fair." Isabelle says and shrugs. She has space in the bar so it will be fine. "You do owe me Brian Fulk." She says and winks at the man before stepping back.

Brian blinks as she takes a step back. Threats on his life don't bother him but that does. Because he knows exactly what she will want in return. "I know." He answers softly, taking a few steps back to return to Abby and the couch.

Isabelle nods her head and begins to walk away again but before she exits the apartment. "Not that either." She says simply and then is out of the apartment. Oddly enough she was not thinking of what the other kids were thinking about in payment.

Abby and the couch. Both are silent and still. "Bye Isabelle" She calls out, opening her eyes to peer at Brian. An offer of her hand to him, to come sit on the couch again.

Going back to the couch, Brian drops his hand to take Abby's. Going to plop on the couch he plants a soft kiss on the the top of her hand before dropping it back down, letting out a little sigh. "When are you leaving again?"

"Thursday, why, you offering to carry my bag on the back of my scooter and then drive it home for me?" She leans against him, looking over at the wall, every now and then a twitch of her left eye. "How many did you loose B? No lies"

Isabelle has left.

Curling his arm around her once again, he tilts his head back against the couch. "Or I can drive you, Abby. That might be simpler." He offers with a little grin. "Why use a scooter when I have a car?" Brian asks, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"In that white excuse for a car?" It's teasing, she's trying to keep some humor. A reversal of roles it seems. "Your avoiding my question Brian. How many did you loose?"

"Two." He answers bluntly. "Two more.." He repeats, giving another sigh. He pulls her in closer, going to rest his head against hers again. It hurts to talk about even. But at least, having someone to hold on to for dear life takes away from the pain just a little bit.

"You wanna come with me?" She doesn't protest the actions. It's actually something she would have done and she tucks herself in, arms burrowing around him. "I can get another ticket. You can can get out of here for a few weeks. At least one of you can. I don't know if it would help, but, it might. A break from saving the world"

"The world isn't saved yet, Abby." Brian says softly, smiling softly as she presses herself against him. "Take me to meet your parents? Girls only do that with boyfriends, Abby." He reminds softly.

"No, I guess the world isn't saved yet. Just my part in it all is done. Besides, your not going as someone to meet my parents. You'd be going as someone like me. Needs to go somewhere, to heal.. in a way. I just need to find my mind and my heart again. If I can. I'd offer to Teo but he's got the reigns of leadership now"

"He needs someone to help him out, Abby. He won't be able to do it alone. We're going to gather everyone up on Friday." Brian explains, rubbing his hand on her shoulder gently.

'you can't tell me these things Brian" Abby murmurs. "I don't suppose Teo's told you that before. He and Al had to be careful not to bring work home with them. I can't know when you all are getting together. It'll be hard but.. I can't. it's the reason I made Helena promise that I wouldn't be brought to the new place unless I was blindfolded. I can't and don't want to be some .. weak point. Not when I'm not even part of Phoenix. I can imagine how upset people are going to be even finding out that I voluntarily went into HomeSec and gave the.. details of the bridge"

"Sorry." Brian intones gently. He reaches out to take her hand again, and rest their pair of hands on his leg. Giving a little sigh. "One of me was captured Abby. By HomeSec. And Cat bailed on me, me and Alex."

"She told me" Abby turns their hand this way and that, studying it, looking. "Anne was set, to grab me and pull me out, if I failed to kill Kazimir, or we were unable to get to him. Leave the others"

A little 'hmph' is given in response. "I won't trust her ever again." Brian says icily. To him there seems to be a difference of saying you were ready and actually doing something. Abby could have run, but she did not. Cat did. His gray gaze drops to their hands intertwined as well.

"I don't have any magic words Brian, to help you in that regard. I… understand why she did it. The same as I understand why teo arranged what he did. All that information.. in her mind. If they got thier hands on that." She shakes her head a little, moving his in turn. "Teo came, two days before the bridge. Vanguard, the defecting ones had Vaccines. He gave it to me. he wasn't sure whether Jennifer could make more. So he gave it to me, and made Anne promise to pull me out. That at least i'd be safe from the virus and I could help, keep people alive till they could make more from my blood"

Brian pauses for a long moment, not answering. He watches their hands quietly, leaving his head on hers. Taking a breath he waves his free hand dismissively sighing. "You be safe, alright? When you see your ma. You can tell em I said hi."

Topic closed, just like that. Which is fine with her. Her voice takes a higher and more southern lilt "Who's this Brian Fulk? Is he your boyfriend? Why are you friends with a boy Abigail Marie!" She smiles, not so empty. "I can just see it now. Worse than if you came with me" She shakes her head. "Worse than if I brought Teo. You be safe too you hear. Just two weeks. Two weeks and maybe things will have calmed. Teo will call me if I need to come back, if there's something needing fixing"

"Everyone is going to fall apart without you." Brian says with a little grin, moving his head over to plant a kiss on her cheek once again before tilting his head back once again.

'no. They'll learn to bandage themselves, whats with the kisses you. That's like the fourth one tonight" She tilts her held back, look up at him, worried. "Seriously, Brian. Are you going to be okay? Loosing one, that first time.. but now it's three… " her hand tightens on his.

"I'm just glad you're okay." Brian says softly, giving a little shrug. "I can deal with it. I'm stronger now. I need to be stronger now." He says, "The rest of Phoenix needs me to be strong. I'll be strong. God will strengthen me." He murmurs. "Sorry." He remarks, on all the kissing.

'You call, if you need to talk okay?" She rests her head again against him, a deep breath let out. "Now it's my turn to have the faith for the two of us huh?"

"Can I call every day?" He asks with a little grin, bringing up his free hand to ruffle her hair a little bit. Brian gives her hand a little squeeze. "I should go get some sleep. Or at least watch some tv or something. You want me to drive you to the airport? Or, you want to come watch TV with me?"

"heavens, not to the airport. I got an hour, i'll come keep you company and you can call every third day, okay? but not Sundays. Momma hates the phone ringing on sunday. You don't want to upset her. That's church day. That and Wednesday. Knowing them i'll be running around and healing all the people in the church that need it. Come on you. Lets go see whats on TV" SH epulls away, then up, still a hand in his to help him up. "Comedy"

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