Southern Roosevelt Island
Southern Roosevelt Island

The southern end of Roosevelt Island sat undeveloped for decades. Originally the home of the Renwick Smallpox Hospital, recognized as a national landmark in 1972, the land upon which the Renwick stood was purchased from the state of New York by the ReGenesis foundation in 2008. The Renwick was thereafter demolished, and upon the grounds where the historic landmark once stood rose the Suresh Center, a hospital for the furthered study and understanding of the Evolved.

Today the southern side of Roosevelt Island is underground a revitalization like other small neighborhoods in New York City. With the neighborhood of Summer Meadows having found charitable networks assisting in its reconstruction after having turned into a drug haven and ghetto following the bomb, more and more residents of Roosevelt Island have begun to return home. Common sights on the largely deforested southern end of the island include new constructions and signs of development, from chain-link fences surrounding construction sites to graffiti being cleaned off of businesses and storefronts. Even the roads that criss-cross the southern end of the island have seen steady repair since the arrival of the Suresh Center, further giving the impression of a growing community on this side of the Queensboro Bridge's tremendous shadow.

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