Southern Staten Island, "Outer District"
Southern Staten Island

While the majority of Staten Island may have sunken into desolation and depravity, the further one gets from the northern reaches and the Rookery the better the situation on the island becomes. While still derelict and abandoned, the southern fringes of Staten Island have their own horror stories to tell. When the evacuation of the island came about in 2006 following the nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan, riots and violence spread thorugh Staten Island during the panicked escape. No investigation has even been launched into how the fires that ravaged the southern portionof Staten Island began, but Tottenville, Staten Island most southernly neighborhood was ravaged by the fires. Blocks upon blocks of this neighborhood were burned up, leaving gutted brick shells of the buildings behind.

The neighborhoods of Pleasant Plains and Princess Bay fared better without the fires, but became prime targets of violent looting following the exodus off of the island. A lacking sense of centralized crime within these neighborhoods prevented them from becoming like the Rookery in the north, but still in these areas gangs are prominent in the large, sprawling residential areas left largely abandoned save for the homeless and destitute squatters residing in once derelict homes.

Only on the eastern side of Staten Island's southern half does civilization look to be rebuilding itself. Chain link fences and police checkpoints form a semblance of law and order in what has become known as the "Reclaimed Zone," a massive section of land dominating the entirely of Staten Island's south eastern shoreline. This region, centered on Miller Field, has become a hotbed of activity from the establishment of a National Guard base to the appointment of private security companies that work alongside select groups of NYPD officers willing to take that high risk job.

On August 31st of 2010, Staten Island's southern half was officially renamed the Outer District.

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