Sparring and Pizza


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Scene Title Sparring and Pizza
Synopsis Isabelle comes over to Diego's so their dogs can meet. Pizza and sparring soon occur.
WARNING: Slight suggestive themes in this log
Date October 19, 2008

Dorchester Towers: Diego's Apartment

The penthouse is as lavish in decor as one may expect. The entry is a large open space, letting into a hallway to the left, a kitchen and dining space directly to the front, and a closed door to the right. A spiral staircase winds its way to an upstairs. The furnishings are relatively simple, however. In the living area just inside the entry are black leather couches, though whether or not they're real is almost impossible to tell. A large tv dominates an entertainment system with complete surround sound. A large rug rests between the two, black and soft as well. Dark wood that matches the floor makes up the coffee table. A recliner finishes off that area. Various paintings are hung on the wall, generally either of Japanese or African appearance; in with a few peaceful looking forest landscapes of a more western origin.

Ruining the pleasant appeal the place holds somewhat are obviously well made dress clothes thrown over the back of the couch. Capone resides luxuriously on the recliner while Diego spends his time cooking in the kitchen.

There is a knock at Diego's door and Isabelle takes a deep breath. She tilts her head and smiles down at Roxy and Maxine, the two dogs are both sitting nice and quiet on the floor as Isabelle waits. She is wearing a pair of jeans and a black tank top along with a pair of white sneakers. "Ok, here goes?" she says as she knocks again, she seems to have been talking to the dogs.

When the knock at the door comes Diego reaches into the pocket of his black adidas running pants. He produces a cell phone, which he flips open to check the time. "Shit!" He tosses the device on the island and with one mournful look pulls his pan off the stove and sets it on the counter. Smells like it would've been eggs, but he's running late. Capone lifts his head up and whines, but very dutifully does not rush to the door. Diego does, though, jogging over and pulling it open. "Sorry," He says immediately, looking down at himself— running pants, some type of shiny black athletic shoe, and a wife beater complete with tattoo's crawling down either arm and clearly spilling onto his shoulders and chest, though somewhat hidden. "I look like shit; couldn't get away from work when I meant to." He moves to the side, letting her and her dogs in. "Forgive me?"

Isabelle blinks and looks Diego up and down as both her dogs race into Diego's apartment, " No problem. If you wore the same amount of clothes everytime I saw you as you are now, I don't think I could ever be mad at you" she says with a wink and enters Diego's place. "Nice" she comments and grins as she turns back around to face the man. "Diego, Capone. This is Roxy and Maxine" she says and bends with her back to Diego to ruffle Capone.

Diego laughs at what she says first before closing the door behind them. "I'll have to remember that.." He says as he watches her pet Capone. Finally, the dog gets up to initially shower love on Isabelle for petting him— and then to investigate these other new puppies. Diego walks back towards the kitchen to clean up. "Well, I didn't have time to cook.. I can order something if you're hungry." This, he says as the half-cooked eggs are thrown down the sink.

Isabelle grins and goes to lean on the wall with her head tilted as she waits for Diego to reappear. "I'd love pizza if it's no trouble" she calls out to Diego.

Diego finishes cleaning up and grabs his cell phone before coming back into the living room. He taps out a quick text message, then tosses the thing.. well, it was at the couch, but it bounces off the seat and slides across the floor. "Beautiful thing, concierge service." He laughs. "So! This is my place. If you want we can go up to the work out room. Let the dogs work themselves out."

Isabelle chuckles and nods her head. "Ok, I'm up for that" she says and grins. She then looks down to her jeans, "Uhh do you have a pair of gym shorts that I can tie with the drawstring? These jeans won't cut it for the workout room" she says and looks up at Diego for his answer. She didn't really think they were going to the workout room.

Diego hmms, giving her a perhaps too considering look. "Well.. maybe. Go ahead and head on up, its the door on the left. I'll be right up." He walks down the hall and through a doorway. The workout room, should she go up, is a fairly large room with a large pad across the floor. A weight bench, rowing machine, and treadmill are lined against one wall. The other has an adequote flat panel t.v. mounted on one wall, and speakers sit in the corners.

The only reply, Izzy gives Diego is a nod and smile as she comes to the workout room, "This man leaves in style" she says to herself quietly and throws out a jab to an invisible foe as she waits for Diego.

Diego makes his way up. Once he crests the stairs he yells out, "Capone!" Then, he's into the workout room. In his hands are a pair of blue mesh shorts. "I.. think these are from junior high, but.. not sure how well they'll work. Should be good enough, though.." These he offers to her; they're probably still a bit too large, but not too much. They do, in fact, bear a faded logo of some kind, though its much too far gone to be discernable. "I'll just wait out in the hall, unless you'd rather use one of the bathrooms.."

"Oh I can change in here, if you go to the hall" she says and takes the shorts and waits for Diego to exit and then after he does, she quickly changes into the shorts and says, "It's clear!" Snickering, Isabelle puts her hands on her hips, the shorts are still a little loose but she has the drawstring pulled tight so that they don't fall off her body.

Diego re-enters the room when the all-clear is given. He can't help but grin. Just a little. "Perfect! Looks hot." Diego takes a few more steps into the room. Capone also puts his nose in and looks to see what's going on, though whether or not Issy's dogs follow suit is anyone's guess really.

Isabelle chuckles and puts her hair into a tight ponytail, "Thanks" she grins and rubs a hand up and down her arm that has tattoos on it. She stretches out and then tilts her head at Diego as Maxine and Roxy peek their heads in as well. "Shall we?"

Diego steps onto the pad, stretching lightly. He tilts his own head ever-so-slightly. His next words escape with a smile. "You sure you want to do this..? I, uh.. I've got a little experience." He's standing just far enough away, and in a stance, so as to be ready if she does anything right away.

Isabelle's smile widens and she nods her head and quickly lunges at Diego. Her eyes focused slowly on the man in front of her and if she does grab the man she is going to attempt to put him in a headlock. Just for fun.

Diego remains perfectly still.. still.. still.. and then he moves. When Isabelle is just about in range to put him in that headlock he ducks and spins, so that theoretically she'd pass by, brushing against his back, and the motion of the turn would bring his arm around to push against her passing form and use her momentum to carry her further away. One might call it safe.. cautious.

Isabelle does go further out of reach and she almost falls over but catches herself at the last moment, "You're good" she says with a slow smile and then takes to slowing beginning to circle Diego, she won't make the mistake of rushing him again. Her breathing is slow and controlled. Chest rising some and then falling.

Diego completes his turn even as she's catching herself. He may have gotten around her attack, but he didn't set himself up with an advantage. He again takes on a ready stance, only moving to keep Isabelle from getting around to his backside; when he does, both feet move in short little hops, like some kind of dance. At her compliment he smiles. "Little bit." He throws her a wink before suddenly moving forward. Both feet move in concert again, this time so that he can kick low and at the back of her leg— again, a safe move. Hard to accidentally hurt someone that way.

Isabelle yelps as Diego connects and she falls flat on her back, her eyes narrow briefly and she sweeps her leg out to catch Diego and make him fall as well and once that is done she would roll over and be sitting on top of Diego's chest. That is if she gets him to the floor.

Diego manages to evade the leg sweep, but in an unorthodox fashion. He jumps, moving fluidly through the air. He catches himself, using one hand to keep his body off of the ground. He did not, however, expect her next manuever. Whether or not he is surprised enough or just not interested enough in resisting is a hard guess, but either way he is /genuinely/ surprised by the tactic. Laying on his back — with her sitting on his chest — he cocks his head to one side. With a grin, he says, "You fight dirty."

Internally Isabelle is cheering that she wasn't completely bested by Diego, "Sometimes you have to, in order to survive. I didn't really expect to be in this postion on our first 'date'" she says with a grin to match Diego and wink soon follows. Her body scoots down some so that she could put her hands on his pecs, "Did I win?" she asks with a tilt of the head.

"I'm not sure.." Diego says, pursing his lips in thought. One hand traces a line on her calf as if without thought. Perhaps overly intimate, but then again she is sitting on him and he doesn't even seem to realize he's doing it. "I guess" As soon as the second word escapes his lips he moves. Muscles ripple under the skin in the right part of his abdomen and that hand on her calf locks into the back of her knee his goal is to roll them over so that she's on her back. And to do it without hurting her. If he manages that, he'd say, "I guess it depends on your definition of success.."

Again Diego surprises her and now the pair are in a reversed position with Diego now on top. "Hmm you seem like you would be great at certain other activities" Izzy says and she leaves it to Diego to interpret that into what he wants. Roxy and Maxine tilt their heads and then as if to say 'Crazy humans' the pair run off into the hall. Isabelle tilts her head and her hand is slowly working its way up Diego's back. Now is this a intimate gesture or something else?

Indeed, imagine what the two of them must look like lying like that on the floor. D's weight is supported with his arms on either side of Isabello, causing his arms and back to be tightened. He laughs at what she says, but if he's expecting some sort of retaliation he doesn't show any signs of it. "I'm not /completely/ useless.."

This is the moment that Izzy decides to attempt to give Diego a kiss, her lips soft and smooth as she kisses the man, she soon stops and then slides from under him, "As much as I like all this touchy feely stuff. I'm not the kind of girl to sleep with a guy when I barely know him" she says and raises an eyebrow at the man, who she is having a /very/ hard time staying away from.

Diego is kissed. He doesn't stop her, but he clearly is somewhat surprised. Then when she slides out from under him he rolls over leans up against the nearest wall. "Hey, now, who says I go around sleeping with women I've just met anyway."

"Didn't say that, just that I don't want you getting the wrong impression of me" she says with a faint smile and she is directly across from Diego with her legs crossed. Some of her hair has slipped out of her ponytail and it hangs by her shoulder.

Diego shakes his head, reaching over his head to tap a button.. and quiet music comes on. Apparently some kind of rock band; maybe the radio. "Hey, here's a random thought.. how long ago did you get here? Where the hell is our pizza?"

Isabelle drums her fingers on the floor and then shrugs lightly. "I really don't know" she says in response to the question of how long she has been there. "But if the pizza doesn't get here on time, do we not have to pay?" she asks with a grin.

Diego cocks his head to one side as he thinks about that. "Ya know, I don't know about that.. I mean, seems only fair. Don't know if anybody still does that though." He pushes his way up off the ground. "I'm gonna go see if I can't find out what’s going on down there."

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