Speak Eloquently


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Scene Title Speak Eloquently
Synopsis Helena and someone who could be Teo exchange news. He also provides advice.
Date June 13, 2009

An Exchange Of Texts

Long past twilight, Helena's phone chimes, splicing the smaller and quieter hours of the night with a brief and tinny song. No conversation; only a text message, marked in the unit's internal storage with a familiar name.

Teo: Arthur attacked Gabriel and Peter days ago.

Teo: Gabriel escaped with Delphine.

Teo: They're with Gillian. Forwarding address. Ferry property. Have no proof vs. clairsentience but it seems Arthur is avoiding using it due to side-effects.'

There's a bit of a pause before Ghost's own phone will let out a familiar weeble-wobble.

Helena: Peter didn't get away? Will go to safehouse.

There is a short-lived hesitation. Short. Ghost scales a wall with eyes that retain their true color if not shape, and thumbs a response, rapid-fire.

Teo: Peter sacrificed himself to save Gabriel.

The response from Helena is immediate:

Helena: Arthur wouldn't let him be hurt or worse. He has Claire's ability. No proof until I see a body. Don't tell me otherwise.

Teo: Gabriel saw one. Ask him when you see him.

Teo: Delphine may take convincing to help. Bring your eloquence.

Once upon a time, little doubt, that was his job, but it's been weeks since the ghost was regarded as a part of Phoenix's inner-circle— and with the reduction of sundry privilege comes the alleviation of certain responsibilities.

Even though text cannot truly convey tone, there is no mistaking the wryness with which she offers her next message.

Helena: Great. We're so fucked.

Teo: No.

That's all. For the duration of a dragging sort of silence, that really is all. Just no; probably not Teodoro Laudani's most convincing argument or enthralling pick-you-up ever.

Teo: Minea says she's helping vs. the Company. What else have I missed?

And now comes Helena's hesitation. So far he's just been…working solo, and not so much trying to mess with them, except with the formula. So she tells the truth.

Helena: Arthur got to Cat. Took her power. She's lost her memory. She thinks she's 19.

Whereas Teo's answer aloud probably would have been a very succinct and pointless Fuck, over text, it's different.

Teo: Delphine should be able to help her. Already did Gabriel.

Teo: Sounded complicated. Now Arthur may be suffering from the psychological effects of Gabriel's ability. Took it and several others. Do not confront without a small army.

Teo: Everybody else OK?

Helena muses on that for a moment. Is everybody else okay? Well, more or less.

Helena: Sal is getting better. As far as I know, everyone else is okay. Do you have any suggestions on how to convince Delphine?

There's enough wryness to go around when Teo answers, in plain speech: I remain unconvinced about Sal, but good to hear. Stay safe. Prepare to run.

Teo: Carrot, no stick. Give her help and protection, do not emphasize debt. She will do the right thing because she will know what it is.

Two beats' pause, and perhaps even as she's typing, there comes a third.

Teo: I should have warned you about Arthur. I'm sorry. I didn't see this coming.

There is no hesitation in Helena's reply, even as she muses over not emphasizing debt. Helena would be prepared to offer Delphine anything in her power to fix those who've been meddled with.

Helena: If you didn't see it coming, there's nothing to be sorry for.

Helena: We'll start looking for someplace new.

Helena: I have NO idea how we're going to stop Arthur. But Pinehearst isn't the lesser of two evils anymore.

No fucking kidding. There's an almost visible accompanying flash of teeth at that. Teo is wont to agree.

Teo: Phoenix isn't alone in this. The Company knows. The other time-travelers.

Other time-travelers. Not that Helena couldn't have at least distantly suspected, by now.

Helena winces. Yeah, she knows.

Helena: Hana won't like it. The Company. You know how she feels about them.

Helena: I'll ask around about the other TT's.

No doubt, Hana is listening to this conversation as they speak. An awkwardly self-conscious state of affairs.

Teo: When it comes down to you or the Company, Hana will always choose you. This is why you avoid making her choose between her curses.

Teo: Defensive seems wise for now. Protect your own. Can't afford repeats of Cat or Peter and the wolves will come for Delphine soon. Offensive comes later and from other corners. Arthur won't see this coming, either.

Teo: And the housecleaning?

Helena blinks. Wow, she has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. He probably won't be very happy with her next message.

Helena: Huh?

Teo: You have a house to keep clean.

It's a message Teo had sent her once before, and she had been a little more dispirited then, which is ironic: her problems are twofold now.

Her initial urge is to send the message English mother fucker do you speak it? but he may not appreciate the joke. So instead, weariness hangs off the letters of text like icicles.

Helena: Straightforward, plz. I am behind on my watching of Alias. What are you talking about?'

Teo: Phoenix. Don't worry about it. I have to go. New face, old tricks.

Teo: I'll see you soon.

Helena stares at the final message, and with it, the address for the safehouse that Gabriel and Delphine are at. She winces. She knows how to plan a speech, but speaking on the fly from the heart? She was never as good at that as Teo or even Cat was.

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