Speakeasy Hotel and Casino
Owner Tuck
Employees Now Hiring
Hours of Operation Undetermined
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… A roof over their heads, gambling, booze

The Speakeasy used to actually be a speakeasy back in the days of prohibition. Over the years, it has been a hotel and lounge, a flophouse and, even for a time, a brothel. Now with legalized gambling in New York, the lounge has become a small casino. The building seems to have been built sometime around the 1920s, and some of the details, furnishings and colours indicates it used to be fairly upscale.

Recently, the lounge has been renovated and slot machines have been installed. There are two billiard tables, some dart boards and monitors to display various sporting events. Drinks are cheap, but the focus is on gaming and seating is sparse. The whole place operates just barely on the side of the law. Though with gambling legal, it's a lot easier to do that.

Twice a week, there is a poker game. The game on Tuesdays is low stake with a hundred dollar buy-in. The Sunday night game is higher stakes, with a five hundred minimum. On Saturday nights, there's two blackjack tables and a roulette table with dealers and chips.

Rooms in the hotel are clean, if worn and in need of repair. There are a few long-term tenants, though the management discourages that. It's a good place for people to lie low, or a place to stay when the _ferrymen are not an option.

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