Speaker's Block?


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Scene Title Speaker's Block
Synopsis Future actions are discussed.
Date February 15, 2009

The recording studio in the Village Renaissance Building

Studio A is spacious and bright, with dramatic views to the north and east along Lafayette and 4th streets. The abundance of natural light provides our clients with a relaxing environment in which to work. This tracking and mixing room features a 72 input SSL 9000J series console and a ProTools HD 3 Accell system.

Studio B is a perfect vocal tracking, overdub and production facility. This wing features a comfortable control room with a Yamaha DM 2000 console and Protools HD 3 Accell system as well as an intimate live room, ideal for both vocals and instrumentals. In keeping with the atmosphere throughout our facility, both our B control and live rooms have plenty of natural light with views of east Manhattan. A separate lounge adjacent to the studio rooms provides a place to relax while maintaining our clients' complete privacy from the rest of the studio.

Studio C is a production and writing room.

The Studio is dim nearly to the point of darkness. There are dim worklights on in Studio A, but it's barely more than monitor glow. In Studio B, however, there are shadows being thrown by candlelight. Inside is a man very different from the Kinson anyone has seen up until this moment. His backpack is in the corner, and he's prowling the width of Studio B like a caged lion. His long hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. His eyes gleam with intensity. He's clutching a rolled up notebook in one hand the way a preacher would hold a crucifix during an exorcism, and a bottle of water in the other hand like a cattled prod.

He's pacing up and down, hissing and speaking and spewing venom into the mic, "..and I look over at you and reply in that DJ EZ Dick, FM Jazz Station voice and say "Why don't you pinch me and find out? And that pinch turns to a touch..That turns to a caress..That turns to a kiss..That through loosened thoughts you think "But I promised myself I wouldn't do this again 'til I married!" but through loosened lips comes out "I've only done this a couple of times, but I wanna do it with you.." and minutes later, after we're naked and you're looking up at me from between my legs and your face is a Jackson Pollock study in white and you're asking me if that was okay and I lie through my fucking teeth because you used yours too much and say "Baby, that was the best I ever had.."

But there's something not right. He sighs, and walks over, and hits a button, then walks over into Studio A and hits a button that stops recording. "Goddamit." he mutters to himself. He erases the whole recording. When you're a perfectionist, this is what you do when even the slightest thing is off if only to your ears. He slumps back in the chair and takes a long pull of water. "No wonder you haven't written anything in forever..you suck." he mutters to himself in a low, gravelly tone.
The elevator doors close behind her, Cat enters the studio areas without much in the way of sound. The red Fender Strat without its case is carried in hand. Eyes travel around the interior, spot the candlelights and shadows which draw her further in. She leans against a wall to watch Kinson and listen to his words, choosing not to interrupt his process.

Even as he slumps into the chair, she doesn't immediately call attention to herself. That takes several more seconds to occur, her voice quietly inquisitive.

"Speaker's block, Kinson?"

Kinson is caught off guard. "Oh!" he says, his tone surprised as he scrambles to blow out candles and turn on lights. "Umm..didn't know you were here." he says, seeming embarassed that was caught doing anything.

"I'm lots of different places, Kinson," she replies with a mild chuckle. "Often when you expect it least." Cat smiles briefly, asking "Were you thinking about an old lover?" But she doesn't linger on that very long, instead moving to plug her guitar directly into the recording equipment.

"It's good to find you here in the studios. We can bounce ideas off each other, see what's come up with to record and show to Teo."

"A question forms and is given voice to just moments later. "How would you use the media to help us get people out of prison?"

Kinson shakes his head, "A piece I'm writing through the perspective of my polar oppsite.." at her question he hmms, "Probably target grass roots folks, same people who dig on Amnesty Internation and Greenpeace." he says after a moment of thought.

She nods slowly, considering his reply, and countering with another question. "How would you do that? Not just those organizations, but something intended for the American people in general." Cat's fingers run lightly over strings and frets, as she tests the instrument's tuning for a short time. "We need to get busy on projects of that nature."

Kinson nods, "That's where you start getting the raw, unfiltered truth out. You tell people what went down. You site news articles about it, or the lack of them, or the articles that explains things off as other things, and you show them where the truth got puckered.."

"I think we'd do best to focus on Helena foremost. She's pretty, blonde, has those doelike eyes, and she's just nineteen. The most sympathetic figure we can offer the public… But maybe we don't give any detail. Just that Homeland Satan has her locked up indefinitely without trial, access to an attorney, anything. This dear, sweet barely a woman whose mother was brutally murdered by her neighbors for no more than being an agrokinetic. A young woman who now enjoys gardening herself because her mother loved it so much."

Kinson nods, rubbing his chin. "Exactly things like that. Things that we can get people to bug the feds about through the FIA. Not that they'll /get/ anything, but the government will SEE people asking, and they'll be forced to move."

"That's the only way we can really win out, in the end," Cat comments. "By shaping public opinion. We don't have to say she was imprisoned, just present her in the best possible light. If they try to counter us, they have to admit the truth of things, and I don't think they want it out that she was fighting to take down a genocidal Nazi nutjob. If they respond at all, it's likely to be with lies we can disprove. So…"

"Start designing something like that for us, so we can show it to Teo and get his word to use it."

Kinson nods, "I can do that. I actually had an idea." he says looking over and smiling. "I was thinking of styling the podcasts in the style of the old world war two underground resistance broadcasts."

"Do tell," Cat replies, leaning against a wall as she listens with clear interest."

Kinson fold his hands in his lap, "Well, I was thinking of just somethign clean and simple..The Voice of the Phoenix, would be the name of the podcast..and I'd use a stage name, after a fashion, to be the one brining the raw, unfiltered truth to the listeners out there." he looks over, and smiles. "What do you think?"

"Would it be good to also have a permanent internet presence?" Cat inquires, as her thoughts work over images and ideas, her expression one of calm ponderance. "A place where the archived podcasts could be accessed and played on demand, along with other information? We can filter it through Wireless, to prevent traceability. I've thought also about the occasional broadcast interrupting commercial media. Have you seen Dark Angel, where the guy did his Eyes Only hack-ins?"

Kinson shakes his head, "Not familiar, no..but I think I know where you're going. Yeah, all of that would be good, but I was a little hesitant to suggest it, because I wasn't sure how much of things werre supposed to stay hush hush."

She nods slowly, replying "Design what you feel, make it up and have it ready to be looked over before it goes out," Cat suggests. "It can always be edited if things need to be kept to ourselves, after all."

Kinson nods, "Well of course. I'm not just gonna make up some stuff and put it out without approval. I know how things works." He smiles and nods, sipping his water.

A broad smile settles onto Cat's features as he answers. "Excellent. Thank you so much." She heads elsewhere then, to let him think and work in peace.

Kinson hmms. "You don't have to go, you know.." he calls out after her. "I..kinda like bein' around you."

She stops in the doorway to watch and listen as he works, playing guitar unless that proves a distraction.

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