Speaking Asian


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Scene Title Speaking Asian
Synopsis Bai-Chan returneth.
Date February 6, 2009

The Lighthouse

Setting down the portable radio, the hand pumps the volume knob up high. Static. Fixing the antenna, Brian raises his eyes up then back to the little black sound device. Finally, it works. Pumping up the volume as loud as it will go the Brian gives a smile of triumph. The young man stands up in the tower of the lighthouse. Positioning the radio so that is audible by the rest of the occupants of the lighthouse. The rest being Kameron, Joe, two dogs, and… a lot of Brians.

Today is roof fixing day! And thus there are several Brian's on the roof, different supplies readily available up there with them. Tiles, paint, what have you. They're all dressed in crappy clothes. Faded jeans, torn up t-shirts. Ready to work, and ready to get dirty.

Down in the 'living room' however, a few chairs have been brought in so at least they don't have to sit on the ground. a wide white tarp has been spread on the ground. For painting, they aren't quite ready to paint on the inside yet, but Brian got excited. And so one Brian, Joe, and Kameron are currently taking a lunch break from sweeping, and whatever mundane tasks they could find to ready the room for paint. It's getting close to noon, and there are extra sandwiches up on the roof. All the Brian's gotta eat, after all.

She should be used to the multiple Brian's by now, but it's still a bit startling to turn away from one Brian, and see another. Naturally Kameron's been helping out, her hair pulled into a loose ponytail to get it out of her way. Prince is contentedly dozing by Kameron's feet, while Kameron, lost in thought, spends some of her attention listening to the chatter around her. There is a grin as the radio is finally working, sitting up a bit with a laugh, lifting both hands and clapping. "You're pretty handy," she remarks lightly. Who knew he'd be able to fix radios?

It's a nice day, if cold as ever. Salt water sprays of the coast in icy droplets, spattering against Bai-Chan who holds out his hand to is, as if he could will it to stop. His bare feet make tracks on the sand and dirt as he moves towards the looming lighthouse, squinting when he sees strangers— identical strangers— clinging to it like bugs on a carcass. A moment later, he disappears into the rural Staten Island flora, darting with all the energy of a boy his age.

It takes several moments of creeping, trying to get close to the building without being seen. Whether he is or not, he eventually comes to crouch just beneath a window outside and slowly, he places his hands against the wall. Then, his feet. Up and up, until he's clinging to the surface just beside the window, and, taking a deliberate breath, he peers inside, hoping to see a lack of intruders.

Finishing off his sandwich, Joe is grabbed by the shoulder and dragged over to Brian. "You go like this." Proceeding to teach JoeJoe the finer points of air guitar-ing. His fingers climbing up and down the imaginary guitar as the song overhead goes to the musical interlude. This seems to make Joe happy, at least a little bit. His little fingers trying to imitate the bigger man. "I used to do a bunch of construction stuff." He explains, "I'm no architect or contractor or whatever. But." He gives a shrug as if that explains the rest of it.

The Brian's on the roof are too busy being Brian, not exactly working or lazing off but somewhere in between to notice Bai-Chan's approach. But Bai-Chan will definitely notice a lack of not-intruders. Because there are intruders. Toby is much more active than Prince, running about here and there, though occasionally stopping back in to make sure the other dog is still alive.

"But it'll do on a temporary basis. Might be enough for a patch job," Kameron muses, entertaining herself by listening to the other Brian's and trying to figure out what they're doing. And the air guitarring, if she'd seen it, would have probably brought a chuckle from the girl. Toby's running around is amusing enough - but it's probably bad luck on Bai-chan's part that one of the dogs is less 'bouncy and play' and more guard dog. The collie at Kameron's side gets a whiff of an unfamiliar scent. After the umpteenth time Toby runs in, Prince proves that he is plenty alive! He's just not going to run around like the 'younger' dog. His ears perk forward, and the collie proceeds to trot outside, sniffing here and there. Kameron doesn't pay it much mind - when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Bai-Chan frowns, moving his head back out of the window's view, still crouched against the wall, keeping his body huddled to it so that gravity doesn't snatch him down. Two foreigners and that dog. And what are they doing up there anyway? Bai-Chan lifts one hand to reach up, to continue his climb— when the sound of trotting paws makes him freeze. Turning his head, he looks down towards the dog that's emerged to investigate, the boy bearing his teeth at the animal, though he has the sense to remain silent. The hand that had been reaching for the wall dips into the pocket of his pants, extracting a stick with a generous piece of broken glass secured there with too much twine. Self-defense. Just in case.

"Until I can find someone who actually knows what he's doing, right?" Brian asks with a little grin. Bringing his hand up to Joe's head he gives it a little ruffle, before giving it a little push. Sending the boy into a jog towards the door. "Go make sure Prince is okay." He instructs with a little grin. Just the working on this place has started to revitalize him, hide the pain a little bit. He may not be healed, but at least he's distracted. With a little grin, Brian moves forward, one hand going to take Kameron's. And then the other. Giving her a little tug, he grins deeper. Dancing. Or at least a poor attempt at it.

Trotting outside, Joe walks behind the dog, his head bobbing to each side each time he takes a step. When he turns the corner, and sees Bai-Chan on the wall, threatening Prince with a glass-stick he gets a little charming smile. "Hi." He says with a little wave.

"You said it, not me." Kameron grins. The distraction was good for Brian, she decides - the real test would be come after things calm down, when work isn't needed on the lighthouse and they open the doors to those who need it. "What's up?" Kameron asks, puzzled when her hand is taken. And then the other. "Brian? What ar -" Awk! She stumbles as she's pulled to her feet, giving a faint laugh, following her friend's lead as best she's able. "Are you nuts?" she teases.

Meanwhile, outside — Sniff sniff, sniff sniff. Prince draws a bit closer, ears still perked forward as he spots the boy crouched there. There's not usually any kind of threat from children, so the collie doesn't growl or bark right away. Prince does turn at the approach of Joe, tail wagging good naturedly, and then turns his attention back to Bai-Chan with a short, cautious bark. He doesn't like being threatened with broken glass. Drop it boy. Drop iiiit.

Bai-Chan's gaze snaps up towards Joe, frozen in place with one hand and two feet gripping the wall, the other wielding his makeshift weapon. When the dog barks, it's as if the command worked, because the shiv is instantly dropped to the ground as the child is startled. Bai-Chan purses his lips, thoroughly unarmed, before he drops back to the ground in a smooth crouch, neglecting to pick up the weapon once more as he does. It lies in the dirt between his feet, green glass glittering a little in the noon sunlight. "Weiiiii," he says, squinting an eye at Joe. It doesn't sound unfriendly - in fact, it's a greeting.

"Shutup." Brian says dismissively to Kameron. "I don't like the word 'nuts'." He notes, giving her a little grin that she won't be able to see. He releases one of her hands and attempts to make her go into a twirl, giving a little laugh as he does so. JoeJoe and Prince are all but forgotten. And Toby is running around the entire lighthouse, bored as hell.

"Okay." Joe responds brightly in response to Weiiiiii, looking down at the glass-stick, he goes to give Prince a little patpat before advancing slowly. Bending down, the other, whiter, boy retrieves the dropped weapon. Holding it up to Bai-Chan, he goes to poke it into his own arm. After a few little pokes, and no sign of pain, or any breaking of the skin let alone blood, he goes to hand back the glass-stick back to its rightful owner. Smile.

"Wh- sorry, but what am I supposed to think?" Kameron stammers hastily, "I-ee!" She squeaks, startled at the sudden twirl. Ack. Well at least he was in a much better mood. She's a bit puzzled that Prince hasn't come back in, nor Joe, but the two were probably playing. Poor Toby, Kam thinks that the other dog doesn't get nearly enough playtime, as hyper as he is. As for Prince, he takes the opportunity to sneak closer and sniff at Bai-Chan's feet.

Eyes widening, Bai-Chan watches as the xiao louwai proceeds to stab himself in the arm. For a moment, he doesn't even realise what little damage he does, just casts a panicky glance around to see if any adult is about to approach and blame him for the boy's stupidity— then, he realises what's happening. Oh. Awesome. "…bei wo shi!" Bai-Chan demands, reaching out to take the shiv with a bright smile— let me try!— but there is a dog at his feet. With a yelp upon this realisation, he leaps up onto the wall, climbing just high enough to stay out of the dog's range. "Simao," he growls down at the inquisitive animal. He's not bothering to be quiet anymore, perhaps forgetting he was on a sneaky mission in the first place.

"You could think that I'm the coolest dude you ever met." Brian suggests and with his impromptu twirl he goes to release her hands. "Do you think you could teach stuff? Like kid stuff? I mean, say we don't want to send the kids who stay here to public school. We would have to get someone who knows stuff, and teaches stuff." Brian muses, going to retake his seat.

"Okay." Joe says with a little smile as Bai-Chan retakes the glass-stick. Though he frowns when Bai-Chan jumps back onto the wall. Looking down at Prince, Joe considers on how to remedy this problem with his new friend and his dog friend. Stepping over to Prince, Joe tries to give a gentle shove to the dog that should lead him away from the spidermonkey.

But at this overly loud bei wo shi, a Brian sticks his head over the roof. "He's back!" He yells cheerily. "Nihao! Konichiwa! Sawadee-kahp!" He says with a broad smile, speaking Asian. This promptly sends a Brian to go fetch the shoes and the blanket which the boy left behind, and another Brian is en route for the extra scraps of food.

Hands released, Kameron takes a short step backwards, somehow managing not to laugh at the suggestion. Deciding against commenting on that. "Um. Well, I can, sure - up to a point anyway. I never went to college, but.." She could handle basic stuff. Unless they get child geniuses in the building, she could at least teach some things. English, some math, that sort of thing.
Prince did not expect the boy to spidercling to the wall, and he proceeds to bark up at Bai-Chan like an old fashioned grandma going, 'Come down there before you break your neck!'. Until Joe gives that slight shove, which cuts a bark short and causes folded ears to go down, expectin that he'd done something bad. The signal is enough for Prince to back away from the two, whining lightly.

"Something going on out there?" Kameron asks curiously, tempted to open her eyes - but not daring. She never could tell which sight would be active.

Discovered. Bai-Chan angles his head to peer up at the Brian yelling greetings down at him, only one of which appropriate, frowning. Cautiously, he slowly crab walks down the wall, feet gently touching back down, one little fist still gripping onto the shiv. It's masterful if primitive - someone likely made it for him, maybe another, older child - and Bai-Chan crinkles his nose in thought, using the blunt end of the shiv to scratch his head. "Louwai," he informs Joe, and peers up at the roof. And waves to the Brian, with great uncertainty, serious expression belying the cheery method of greeting. He murmurs to Joe out the corner of his mouth, "Tamen ba wode xiezhi tou zoule." A pause, considering how to translate that, and he ceases to wave in order to point at his bare feet and their shoelessness, then towards Brianontheroof. Sage nod, mouth in a thin line.

"The kid I told you about. He's here." Brian informs, forgetting the conversation they were having. Standing up once again, he moves in to retake Kameron's hand. Another Brian comes rushing down from the stairs, carrying a pair of shoes, a big blanket, folded over his arm, and an extra subway. All of which are given over to the Brian holding Kameron's hand. The boy was already skiddish, meeting several Brian's at once might overwhelm him. And so, taking the supplies the replicator goes to lead Kameron outside.

"Ooh." Joe says in understanding as Bai-Chan relates that Brian in fact is actually a xiezhi tou zoule. Something that Joe until now, was unaware of. This newly gained information has him nodding his head in comprehension. He had his suspicions. Joe stands at Bai-Chan's side, mostly silent until Brian arrives with goodies.

The sandwich is offered first.

The one who left his shoes?" That's such an odd statement to make, and Kameron finds it slightly surreal. Just as surreal as hearing footsteps, chatter outside, and a lot of motion. Still, she's curious about this new individual who's been living on his own for all of this time, and as such, she offers no complaint when Brian takes her hand to lead her outside. Once out in fact, there is a quick whistle - Prince, who had been standing with clear interest in the other individual, perks his ears and bounds off a short distance to wait for the arrival of the pair. "Remind me," Kameron murmrs to Brian as she trudges along, "To bring that cane along the next time I go back to the apartment." She'll be keeping that apartment, in fact, for several reasons. Which she won't gointo at the moment.

As the man and the woman come into view, Bai-Chan mostly forgets the presence of the older boy next to him, eyeing the adults with guarded wariness, as if ready to flee at any moment. But whatever he's been through, it doesn't seem to be bad enough that he'd be suspicious of an offer of food. His eyebrows raise, and after several moments of hesitation, he ambles on forward, gaze shifting from the food to his belongings gathered in Brian's arms. He takes the sandwich with some speed, almost snatching and shedding breadcrumbs as he does, and then, he offers the shiv. Trade!

"You got it." Brian murmurs to Kameron. Once Bai-Chan nabs the sandwich, he tilts his head at the shiv. "Oh, xie xie." He says in appreciation, going to take the offered gift. Releasing Kameron's hand, he places the stick in one hand and lays the boys shoes down on the ground. The blanket won't be laid on the ground, he doesn't want it to get more dirty than it already is.

Onlooking though, Joe looks a little jealous that Brian gets the glass-stick rather than himself. Watching Bai-Chan, the older boy looks a little disappointed in his recent decision.
Aww, poor Joe. Kameron would be amused by this, but instead she focuses on getting Prince to behave and — lord help them all of Toby barrels around the corner and nocks poor Bai-chan over. Or Brian. Or Joe. Or .. or..well who knows what! Head tilted to the side, she kneels down a little, slowly as she doesn't want to make any sudden movements around a possibly skittish kid. Who knows how long he's been on his own. "Prince, here," she taps two fingers to her side, reaching out until she can feel smooth collie fur through her fingers. Hooking her fingers around the dog's collar, she focuses her attention on the group again, listening -hard-. With the dog a bit further away, Bai-chan maybe will be at more ease. Though he didn't seem to be having any problems with accepting food, which is promising.

Bai-Chan watches the woman with the dog out the corner of his eye, otherwise distracted with crunching into the subway with one hand. The other hand? It's still wrapped very loosely around the weapon, arm slack— but no amount of gentle tugging is gonna slide it from his grip. An instant later, he casts a sly look up at Brian, and giggles around his mouthful of sandwich. Something in Mandarin is spoken, but muffled, deftly, the weapon is taken back, the boy dancing away a step in victory— before he becomes serious, stuffing the sandwich between his teeth so he can crouch down and retrieve his shoes.

"He's Evolved." Brian mutters as he allows Bai-Chan to retake the shiv. "Sticky little fingers." He bites down on his lower lip for a moment. Going into a crouch to face the boy eye to eye. "Niiide miiingzhi shi shenmamaa?" It's pronounced poorly, and slowly. But at least it's pronounced, enough at least for Bai-Chan to understand. Hopefully. He then points to himself. "Bri-an." Then to Joe. "Joe-Joe." Then finally back to Kameron. "Ka-moron." A little grin is added at the end of that one.

"He is?" Kameron settles back against her heels, leaning her chin against her dog's head, a number of absolutely inaccurate mental images coming to mind with the phrase 'sticky fingers'. Pickpocketing isn't an Evolved ability, thus she now has the mental image of the poor by being a human glueball. Poor thing. There's a slight wrinkling of her brow at the foreign language, but she doesn't react to the names at first. Brian. Fine. Joejoe. Sure. Ka — "Did you just call me a moron?" She's probably not serious.

Bai-Chan's brow furrows as Brian addresses him, then looks a little surprised, perhaps, when he understands him. At the introductions, he looks between those that are given names, seeing nothing wrong in someone called Ka-moron besides it being unusual. Thoughtful pause, before Bai-Chan simply sits down on the ground and goes about putting on his shoes. His feet are dirty as hell and rough, and likely quite cold. Then, he points at his own chest. "Baaai-Chaaan," he says to Brian, mimicking his tone of voice - less to mock and more to communicate effectively. He repeats in a more regular tone, "Bai-Chan."

"Yes, Yes I did." Brian says succinctly, smiling a little bit over at Kameron. Though since she can't see the smile, he brings one hand up to give her shoulder a little squeeze. There, that's a smile. "And I hope he calls you that for the rest of his life." Then his attention is back to Bai-Chan. He gives a little smile as the boy greets himself.

"Bai-Chan." Brian repeats, with a broad smile. His hand slolwy climbs up, open to greet the boy. "Nice to meet you Bai-Chan."

Registering the light squeeze as Brian's way of showing he's teasing, Kameron shakes her head with a chuckle. "You're awful." She said it before too, when he held his hand up and away to make her use several attempts at shaking his hand. So evil. "Well, I suppose there are worse things I can be called." Ka-moron is plain weird; hopefully Bai-chan picks up on the shortened version of her name, since she'd rather not be called 'Moron' for the rest of anyone's life! "Bai-chan.." Kameron muses after a second, attempting the pronounciation for herself, turning her head in the direction the boys voice came, "Nice to meet you." Oh the fun of language barriers! Well - if nothing else, a smile is universal, right?

Bai-Chan peers up at the woman, fiercely curious for a moment, although if he guesses her apparent blindness, he doesn't draw attention to the fact. A glance back at JoeJoe, then up at the adults. "Nihao xiansen. Nihao ayi," Bai-Chan says, at a polite mumble to both adults, pocketing his shiv to clasp a fist in one hand, and bowing, just a fraction, as he's been taught to. Friends, maybe. No one's said the P word yet, after all. Licking his lips in thought, Bai-Chan moves to take his blanket back, tugging at it and taking a step towards the lighthouse. He'd like his home back, and he supposes… he can let them stay there too.

The blanket is easily relinquished to the boy. Another shoulder squeeze giving to Ka-Moron. Giving the blanket over, Brian smiles as they go ahead and shake hands. Going to straighten, he eyes the lighthouse. Then motions to it, to the boy. Then clasps his hands together and put them by his head, tilting it. The universal sign for sleep. Then he gives a questioning look to the boy.

Joe smiles confidently at Bai-Chan, before finally deciding it's time to go inside. The boy trots ahead of Bai-Chan and makes his way back for the door.

P word? Pie? Pears? Panda?

..Oh well.

Hearing the lighter footsteps of the small boy, Kameron waits a moment, as if that would determine which way he was going. And it does, to a point. Strange.. When Brian had first mentioned the other boy, she'd had images of a feral Tarzan or Mowgli from those books she'd read. In Braille of course. It's a bit of a relief that they won't have to deal with trying to coax a boy down from the roof while he flung banana peels down at them or something. On the other hand, were he to know Brian's plans for the place, it may not go over as smoothly. Depending on how territorial Bai-Chan feels towards the lighthouse.

As for her new nickname of Ka-moron - it's probaby goin to stick isnt it? "Hey Brian? What time is it?" Kameron asks suddenly, straightening from her crouch and signaling Prince to move to her other side.

Similarly, Bai-Chan tilts his head as Brian does. Sleep? What kid likes to sleep?! Bai-Chan does, actually. He doesn't quite answer Brian, but nods in a way that, like, you know. He'll take this into consideration, thank you for your questions and comments. Flinging the blanket over one scrawny shoulder, Bai-Chan goes to follow JoeJoe into building at a slight jog

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