Special Assignment


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Scene Title Special Assignment
Synopsis Bob gives Bryan a special assignment.
Date September 15, 2008

Primatech Research — Bob's Office

Bob Bishop is a tidy man, and tidy men keep tidy offices no matter how hectic other aspects of their lives may be. When Bryan arrives for his scheduled appointment, the door is open just a crack — a sign that its occupant is ready and waiting to see him — and reveals an immaculately-kept desk with a familiar figure sitting behind it, sifting through paperwork to kill time while he anticipates the agent's arrival. Knowing Bob, he probably has other places to be and other people to talk to. His agitated state might not be all that surprising.

As if in step with the beat of some silent drummer, Bryan Buckley steps through the door the moment the clock, wherever it may be, strikes the exact time he was supposed to walk through that door. He's dressed in a mock turtleneck and sportcoat paired with knife-edge pressed trousers and his trademark leather shoes. "Mister Bishop," he both greets and questions as he approaches the desk, his arms at his sides. Bryan may be nervous, but he's intent not to show it. The only, if only slightly revealing trait of his anticipation and anxiety is the twitch of his lips as he comes to a rest on the other side of that tidy desk.

"Mister Buckley." Bishop's tone is amiable, if a little bit impatient. He doesn't even glace at the clock when Bryan enters his office. Either he already knows what time it is, or he knows that checking it would only distract his attention from the matter at hand — and that matter at hand is his employee. He closes the folder that he was perusing before Bryan arrived and sets it aside beneath the gold-plated Primatech Paper paperweight that adorns his desk. "What can I help you with?"

"Sir," Bryan says with an agitated sigh that threatens to break his resolve at the seams, "Unless you are requesting a restatement of my request for this meeting, I would like to point out that you /know/ how you can help me." Bryan laces his fingers in front of him and licks his lips in an effort to pull himself together. "I am concerned about the way in which one of our most recent arrivals has been processed. I am aware that I am not…in that /department,/ but it would appear that Dr. Salonga acted in gross misconduct regarding procedure."

"You don't know the true meaning of the words 'gross misconduct' until you've been assigned to a case with my daughter." A small smile cracks at the corners of Bob's mouth. "I'm aware that Dr. Salonga's actions involving Ms. Sanders were… questionable." He leans back in his seat, the leather of his office chair creaking beneath his weight as he folds his hands and rests them in his lap. "That said, I don't feel that her exposure to Adam was entirely a bad thing. We have a duty to keep the man entertained, don't we?"

"Regardless, I don't need to remind you we are lacking certain…cleansing staff that would make it possibly for Ms. Sanders to return to her previous…activities." Bryan's face tightens as he speaks, seemingly disregarding the comment about Elle. "And it isn't as though we're courting her, sir. Loose cannons are still loose cannons, even if they /are/ on our side." Bryan dips his head and releases his hands, letting them slip into his pockets. "I know your daughter, sir. She may slip up now and again, but…" and Bryan smiles, the tips of his fangs glinting slightly, "Well, I don't think I need to remind you that she is always accepting of the consequences she reaps."

"Let Thompson and I worry about Dr. Salonga." It isn't a suggestion; it's an order. A slight shift in Bob's tone and demeanor signals that this topic of conversation is now closed for discussion, but there's a contemplative look in the eyes behind his glasses that wasn't there before. Either he knows in his heart that Bryan is right, or he's beginning to rethink his current course of action. Bryan can at least be assured that, whatever the outcome, it's likely to be in his favour. "I was wondering, Mister Buckley, if you might be able to help me with something while you're here."

Bryan runs his tongue over his teeth, but nods and keeps his head bowed in response. He's a man who knows his place. He only catches that contemplative look when he lifts his eyes again at his employer's next address. Swallowing, Bryan squares his shoulders and clasps his hands behind his back - the picture of duty. "You know me, sir," Bryan agrees with a smirk. Why yes. Yes, he might.

"It's good to know that I have someone I can rely on," Bob says, his hands returning to the file beneath the paperweight. Gently, the same way he might handle something as delicate as it is breakable, he removes the paperweight and slides it across the desk to Bryan. "There's a reason Salonga doesn't usually get assigned to bag-and-tags. I want you to handle this one."

This is certainly unexpected, but it isn't as if Bryan can back down. "Sir?" he questions, his eyebrows furrowing as he reaches for the file as if it may bite him and leave a rather nasty mark. "I…well, I appreciate the gesture of flattery that this is." While Bryan considers his work more important, bag-and-taggers are the meat and potatoes of Company work, and if there is a special one that Bryan has been tapped for. /Well./ All the same, it's clear that Bryan is notably unsure about the appointment.

If Bob detects Bryan's discomfort, he decides not to point it out to him. Instead, he straightens in his seat and launches into an explanation. "Her name is Huruma," he says. "She first showed up on the Company radar a few years ago, but the agents assigned to her case had a difficult time keeping tabs on her movements. We don't know what her ability is, not yet, but we think it might be linked to the Guillame case. If you can bring her in relatively unharmed so our people can look at her, there's a handsome Company bonus in it for you."

"You know that's not why I do my work, sir," Bryan says with another, more smug smile. He takes the file off the desk and slips it under his arm. "I'll do my best to bring her in before the week is out." Bryan nods, then begins to turn away, but it is after only a few steps that he looks back over his shoulder. "Am I to be partnered, or do I get to retain the luxury of working solo?"

"That's not my call to make, but if you want to take someone — take Elle." Before Bryan can interject, Bob quickly adds, "I know it's unorthodox, and I wouldn't have suggested it if I thought it might be permanent. Just this once. Even though her ability is a mystery to us, we have Huruma classified as a Tier 3 just to be on the safe side." He pauses to let this sink in, leveling his gaze with Bryan so there's no mistake about the seriousness of the situation. "She's killed a lot of people. I don't want your name added to the list."

"I'm sure we'll do our best not to bring you a corpse." Bryan's smile widens somewhat before he nods once more. It isn't the assignment he'd hoped on walking out of his supervisor's office with, but it will do - especially if it has come about due to his apparent superior skill where those specifically trained to do this sort of thing have failed. With that, Bryan is gone, his posture proud and tall as he disappears back through that door.

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