Special Sunday Report

The morning news goes through the usual stories, although Channel 4 breaks a new story just below the lead.

"And we have some unusual footage in from a cell phone camera recorder. Yesterday a Humanis First protest in Midtown almost got out of hand and - here's the worst part - threatened violence on Evolved people and government officials." She news anchor sits back, waiting for the piece to run. It does, a few seconds later.

The photo is grainy and shaky. The image shows a crowd of about 10 protesters and about 8 or 10 bystanders. Among them are the recognizable forms of Tracy Strauss (Or Niki. Or Jessica. Depending on who you are) and Chuck Pepper. The speaker is Candy Allard, for those that know her.

Candy shakes her head as she stands there and says, "Evolved persons are not U.S. Citizens, they are not even human. There are people out there who can kills us by /thinking/ about it. These are the kinds of people you want to give military training and access to. People who should be locked up at best, killed to protect the majority at the worst. You are condemning the average American citizen with this bill!" She looks around at the crowd that is forming as she continues to give her oratory, "People of America, I urge you to realize that the leaders in Washington are ready to stab you in the back in the worst way possible. Mark my words, soon there will be a powerful few in charge of the many. A few that no American hand had in electing. Do not let this Jezebel fool you into thinking that it can be solved by going to the people who proposed this bill! No, my fellow Americans, it is time to show all of America that Washington cannot do as it pleases, that America will not stand idle as it gives more power to those that would do anything they pleased with it. It is an atrocity that must be dealt with in the swiftest and loudest way possible. This vile woman is a supporter of those who would bring about the destruction of everything that every American stands for, send a message to those who think like her, show them that the American people will never tolerate anything that puts our nation in peril. A nation that is founded on fairness. Is it fair for us to be pushed to the back, for these? non-evolved? non-human? non-citizen things?! Its just the military now, tomorrow it could be politics. How long do you think an honest American politicians would last when their competition can read their minds?!"

The video cuts out, and back to the news anchor. "Official statements following this incident have urged people to contact their Congressional leaders and representatives concerning the FRONTLINE Act, and have condoned any calls to violence. FRONTLINE will be coming up for vote in Congress at the end of the month. Should it pass, FRONTLINE will create a taskforce of Evolved, trained in military matters as well as their own abilities. Now after this, a dancing dog on Youtube! Stay tuned."

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