Spectators and Motorcycles


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Scene Title Spectators and Motorcycles
Synopsis Kaylee shows up at a warehouse and watches Ash do a little fight club action.
Date August 08, 2009

Some Old Run Down Warehouse

The warehouse is alive with shouts and calls, men cheering on their chosen fighter, and booing the other ones. Also loud in the warehouse is the sound of flesh hitting flesh, and flesh hitting concrete. There is a large circle of guys right in the middle of the warehouse, crates and pallets tossed all over the warehouse provide seats and separators, breaking the crowd up a bit. In the middle of the crowd is a ring that's marked out on the ground only by a huge chalk circle, though the contestants are disallowed from fighting outside of it, as is obvious by the sight of a very large African American fighter who is standing over a smaller Asian contender with his foot on the man's chest, the Asian is quite clearly unconscious.

Ash stands off to the side a bit, away from the crowd. He's shirtless as all the fighters are, and there's white tape wrapped around his fingers and knuckles. He's bouncing from foot to foot a bit, his eyes flickering around him as he waits for his turn to fight. The match in the ring is declared over and then two names are called, Ash's is one of them. He lifts his head and begins to move through the crowd towards the ring at the center.

It's often said that curiosity killed the cat…. or probably in this case Kaylee. However, the young blond doesn't seem to worried about that as she rumbles up to the old warehouse. She has seen this place in one of Ash's memories and it had taken her time to find the place. She was just too curious about it to stay away. If she's lucky, the man himself won't be there, cause if it got back to Adam…. there might be more shifts at Biddy's for this.

Sliding off the motorcycle, Kaylee ignores some wolf whistles leveled at her from other low life scum showing up. How exciting! Biting her lip, she pulls off her helmet and leaves it hanging on the bike. She slips into the warehouse, avoiding one guys grab for her ass, which she gives a 'uh uh uh' waggle of her finger too.

Making her way through the small crowd, she spots a seat near the edge of the ring. She slips into the seat, giving the rather smelly guy next to her a bright smile, until she hears Ash's name. Oh shit. Eyes scan around looking for the familiar form.. She sees him slipping through the crowd and she prays he doesn't see her.

Ash steps into the ring and stretches out a bit, an arm going up above his head, then the other before he leans forwards, letting his spine pop. The man that steps into the ring opposite him is a rather normal looking guy, athletic, but nothing really beyond that. Ash cants his head to the side slightly as he eyes his opponent. The man is immediately suspicious at the other fighter's apparent normalcy. He stops as the fight is announced and bets are taken in a hurry. Ash lets his eyes slide around the warehouse a bit, maybe looking for faces from his past.

In that scanning look is when he notices Kaylee, and a laugh escapes him, as well as a smirk and a little wave towards her, but then the fight is started with a shout from the announcer, and Ash spins back towards his opponent, bouncing from foot to foot as he sizes his opponent up.

The other man, a white collar Caucasian man moves forwards, popping his knuckles as he moves. He's dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, where as Ash is in a kick boxing outfit, loose knee length shorts and no shirt.

Spotted, Kaylee can only smile brightly at her co-worker and wiggles her fingers in hello. Her hands drop to rest on her thighs as the fight starts, fingers curling into fists as she leans forward in her chair. Her lip catches in her teeth as she watches and waits for the first punch to be thrown.

Ash dances forwards, nimble on his feet and quick, very quick. He slips in towards his opponent, throwing a feint, then another, left then right before he comes up on the man's side with a kick, driving it hard into his ribs.

The man ooofs hard as Ash delivers a punishing blow to his midsection, but he reaches down and clamps his hands around Ash's leg and lifts before turning and slinging Ash a good ten feet through the air to bounce off a support strut, pure steel.

Ash hits the concrete with a hard impact and looks up from where he's landed, dazed as he peers at the other evolved, obviously an evolved after that little display. Ash picks himself up, limping just a bit from pain in his back. He shifts back into his little dance though quickly, not giving the other man the chance to press his advantage, dancing around him.

The roar of the crowd is intense as people cheer on the seemingly normal guy who just tossed the kick boxer around, bets changing and shifting as the fight continues.

Kaylee doesn't realize she's holding her breath until Ash moves, she winces at the sounds of Ash's foot landing. Of course, she can only blink as Ash suddenly goes flying. She starts to stand, but remembers herself and settles in her seat again, jaw working. There is something about the energy in the room that seems to make Kaylee tense as she continues to watch the fight.

As Ash dances around the guy, Kaylee suddenly yells out, "Kick his ass, Ash!"

The crowd continues it's roaring, cheering on Ash or the other guy as the fight continues, the impacts of flesh on flesh as Ash pummels his opponent, deftly keeping out of the other man's grasp and reach, not wanting nto face the incredible strength of the other guy.

Ash's eyes flare a bit as he steps in, delivering several punches to the man's midsection, smacking his grabbing hands away so he can dance back without reprisal. He's wary of this guy now, and it shows in his actions. He shifts, skirting around the edge of the ring before he darts in with a quick motion, feinting for the man's head, then his stomach before he spins into a roundhouse kick. The kick connects, though with the man's arm as he lifts it to block the blow. It sends the man off balance, but the pain that shoots up Ash's leg is obvious on his face. And it's only a moment later that the white collar guy dives forwards and drives a fist into Ash's chest, sending the fighter tumbling head over heels backwards to land flat on his back on the concrete.

Both fighters lay there for a few moments, catching their breath, nursing their wounds before crawling back to their feet. The shouted encouragement gets a grin from Ash, flashed towards his little fan in the audience.

There is a growl of frustration from the telepath as someone steps in her way. She can hear the impact of flesh on flesh, but Gigantore is in her way. So Kaylee has to stand and then climb up a stack of pallets where she can crane her neck to see.

She gets a view just as Ash goes tumbling.. "Ow.. fuck that looked like it hurt," she gasps. Her excitement is enough she does something without thinking… Her voice, hollow like in a tin can flows through his mind. Come on Ash.. Get up and kick his ass.. I've seen what you can do. Her knuckles are white as she clutches them, her eyes are intent on the fight, I saw you tear those freaks up.. What's a puny evolve compared to that? Beat him the fuck up!

Ash growls as he picks himself up off of the floor, his eyes flaring in anger and pain. He reaches up and twists his head to either side, popping his neck before he turns and spits onto the floor, a wad of blood coming out with the spit before he drops back into his little stance. He steps in towards the man, tossing two quick light jabs before he hears Kaylee's shouting. he turns his head in alarm to tell her to be quiet only to catch a solid hit right in his jaw that sends him staggering backwards, only to drop onto his ass on the floor. He works his lower jaw as he picks himself up, the other fighter not experienced enough to realize he should press his advantage. Ash spits out another mouthful of blood onto the stone floor and rushes his opponent with fury in his eyes.

The man yelps as Ash barrels into him, a rapid series of knees and elbows crashing into his untrained body. His super strength forgotten he just tries to defend himself, trying to push Ash away to be able to bring his fists to bear, but Ash isn't having any of it. A quick knee to the gut has the man doubled over, and then a brutal hammer blow to the back of the head has the white collar super strengther dropping to the stone unconscious.

Ash staggers back, breathing heavy and wincing, his fingertips probing his ribs a bit and then his jaw. He turns and heads over towards the man with the money, taking a small wad of cash and tucking it into his shorts as he limps a bit, threading through the crowd to the woman he knows. He slumps down onto a crate right next to her and looks over a moment, then turns his head to spit yet more blood out onto the floor, his split lip leaking a bit of blood down his chin. "You… girly… gotta watch what the fuck you say.." His voice is heavy with pain.

Kaylee cheers loudly as the other guy goes down, Yes! I knew you could do it! that goes through his mind while the woman shouts out loud. "Go Ash! Woo!" As he approaches she's barely able to contain the excitement. When he slumps on the crates, she hurries to hope down the crates. She lands next him, her eyes bright with her grin. God that was exciting.. that was awesome. It would be about then he'd realize that what he thought she was shouting was only in his mind. "That… was so very cool Ash." She digs into her jacket pocket and offers to wipe at the blood on his chin with a dark blue bandanna.

Ash looks over at her as she speaks… into his mind. He blinks a few times, his head canting to the side with an arched eyebrow. "didn't… realize you could do that. Thought you were shouting that out.. Sorry.." he chuckles and lifts his chin to allow the blood to be wiped away, though the split lip keeps on leaking, letting a gentle dribble of blood run down his chin. He lifts his head, his tongue probing the lip, only to produce a hiss of pain. "I have to ask what the fuck brought you here?" He mutters as he leans back a bit, wincing at the pain that rips through his body from where he got hit by the guy in the ribs. He pulls in a slow breath, then regrets it and just settles with short shallow breaths. "How are yah?" He asks before he looks around and then grunts as he shoves up from the crates. "be right back."

A minute or so later he comes back with a backpack and and a towel, the towel is used to mop up the blood that's leaked down his chin and to wipe sweat from his body.

"Do what?" Kaylee asks kind of confused, watching him walk away. When he returns shortly she asks, "What did I shout? I don't remember shouting too much." She asks curiously, but then she waves away questions. "I saw this place in your head at one point. I got curious. I didn't think you'd be back in town yet, so I decided to sneak down and take a peek. Imagine my surprise." A lop-sided grins plays on her lips before she suddenly looks worried. Quietly, she asks while biting ones side of her lip. "Your… not going to tell Adam right?"

Ash looks over at the young woman sitting there as her worry doesn't seem to be about where she's at and the people around her. It's about Adam and what he'll say. "I dunno… what's it worth to yah?" he asks, but then his face falls a bit and he sighs. His surface emotions and thoughts revolve around Isis, and a phone message from her about her being in trouble, but also Ash's decision to have nothing to do with her anymore due to … something, a promise? He sighs and looks out into the ring, looking like he's contemplating another fight. There's a lot of pain in his surface feelings and thoughts. "No, I'm not going to tell Adam. Honestly I came out here to lose myself for a bit."

Of course, Kaylee doesn't feel threatened where she is, she can take care of herself. Look at what she did to those guards. Her relief is plain on her face and Kaylee moves to sit on the crates next to him. She's sitting up a bit higher then him, this let's her feet hang so that they can swing a bit, hands resting on each side of her. She glances out at the ring when he does the roar of the crowd starting up again as another fight starts. "Lose yourself?" She asks turning back to him, her head tilting, "Come on, Mr. Badass.. Talk to Kaylee.. tell her what's on your mind." She offers him a small smile.

Ash turns his eyes over to the woman as she speaks, joking with him a little bit. He shakes his head with a light, but forced chuckle, then turns his eyes back on the fight, watching the two men in the ring go at each other, tearing each other apart. Ash sighs some and his shoulders give a slow shrugging motion. "I'm done with Isis. She's left me in the dark twice now when she's been in trouble, and she promised not to do it again. Well, she did it again. I'm not going to stick around to ruin my fucking life by worrying myself sick every time she disappears which seems to be a constant thing with her." he looks over to Kaylee to gauge her reaction before his broad shoulders shrug and he pulls a t-shirt out of his bag and over his upper body, then looks over as he levers himself up off of the crates "Lets get the hell out of here?"

Hopping off the crate, Kaylee wipes at her brow as if relieved. "I was worried that I was gonna have to probe your brain for the info." She wiggles fingers at him all mystical like with a grin, but then she falls into a more serious look. "I am sorry it didn't work out with your girl though. I could tell how much you cared…. And it sucks hardcore she left you in the dark though." She sighs. "Yeah, let's get you out of here.. I don't think you could go another round anyhow. You took some major beating." A small smile tugs at the corner of her lip. "Besides, wouldn't do to have to incapacitated when we're getting closer to go time." She curls one hand and gives one shoulder light punch. "Need someone there to watch out for my ass.. Sabrina ain't gonna do it." She flashes a toothy grin at him and a wink.

Ash shakes his head with a sigh, lifting his hand to run his fingers back through his short, and damp hair with a very heavy sigh. He looks over to Kaylee. "She's the one thing I've ever cared about besides myself." He says it simply, but the admission holds a lot of weight coming from him. He moves along towards the big bay doors out of the warehouse, a weary look on his face. "Yeah, it is getting close…" He squints a bit and his eyes close as he walks along. "What's been going on since I've been gone? And no, Sabrina's not going to protect you." The punch hits steel like muscle, but it doesn't budge him.
Ash continues to walk along, his tread a bit heavy as he moves.

"You'll find someone else. I promise you there. I mean.. look at my running luck with men." Kaylee comments lightly, hands pushed into her jacket pockets as she trudges alongside her co-worker. "I haven't let any of them drag me down yet." She bumps her shoulder against him and smirks. "It'll be okay… anyhow.. Stuff that's happened?" There is a non-committal shrug of her shoulders as she thinks on it. "Adam hired a new guy. Named Brian. Pretty nice. I — think he likes me." She smiles rather smug like. "He showed up at the end of one of my shifts and we went and rode motorcycles together and had Chinese in Central Park."

Kaylee realizes what she's saying and she winces. "Sorry Ash. I shouldn't talk about things like that… anyhow. Adam doesn't trust him yet, said he's not going on the field trip…. So I dunno. You know how Adam is about me and guys." She rolls her eyes a bit and sighs. "Beyond that.. I gave a guy his memories back…I ran into him earlier today and bought him a beer. Trying to be nice and all… " She goes quiet for a moment and then adds as an after thought. "I also met a guy who does illusions. Pretty good really. And I know Adam's got Sabrina booking tickets.. So it's got to be soon that we're leaving. "

Ash can't help the look that crosses his features at the mention of the nice time that Kaylee had in central park with this guy and Chinese food, but he keeps it to himself, or would if she wasn't all mystical jedi voodoo girl. He looks over and shakes his head. "No… not like you should avoid talking about shit cause it might hurt my feelings." Not willing to inconvenience the girl. "I just have to keep in mind not to fucking care about other people and just keep track of my own shit and deal with my own shit." He shrugs slowly, then the mention of giving a man his memories back, his head turns slowly. "What man?" he asks, his voice gone… oddly cold as he asks it. He steps outside of the warehouse and turns to look back at his co worker and cohort in crime, a pained look on his face at the moment, the man trying to quiet down his own emotions. "Sorry… just… not in the greatest of moods right now, hence why I'm here."

Kaylee waves away his apology and grins, it's obvious that his mood isn't bringing her down at all, "Pfft. Seriously, it's alright. Your allowed to be pissy after all thats happened." She arches a brow at him at the cold of his tone, her own look amused. "Oh.. That one guy… Um… Your girl was tricked into helping him? Diogenes?" There is a lop sided smirk. "He showed up at Biddy's one day and he and Adam had a talk and I gave him back his memories and apologized for being a bitch." She says it like it's no big deal.

Ash swallows slowly at that, a slow nod given to the mention of Diogenes. "If you see him again I'd tell him not to come around Biddy's anymore. I told him myself if I see his fucking face I'm going to beat it unrecognizable." And the threat, is one hundred percent serious. He means every single word of that statement. He walks along, moving out onto the street and looking around a bit, hoping to see a taxi. "You drive here?" He asks curiously? Maybe hoping to bum a ride of he can. "And no, I'm not allowed to be pissy. Cause my stupid fucking ass should have kept to myself like I always have and kept my shit to mmyself. I shouldn't have let myself care, that simple." He stops and looks up into the sky with a long sigh escaping him. "You're impossible to bring down aren't you? You've got me fucking doing nothing but moping and self pitying and you're still boyount(sp) as a fucking balloon."

Moving over to lean on her Harley Sportster she gives him a lop sided grin. "I did." She pats the tank of her bike, it's considered a girly bike, but its her's. His comment on her mood, gets a toothy grin. "I've learned that life's pretty damn shitty and I'm not gonna let it put me down." Her shoulders lift in a shrug and she gives him an apologetic smile. "Just who I am, Mr. BadAss."

Ash snorts at being called Mr. Badass again. His head shakes and he turns his eyes to look at you. "You mentioned seeing this place in my head. I'm guessing you saw more. If you did, then you know it has nothing to do with being a bad ass, and just doing what the fuck I have to do to survive." He offers a half hearted smile. "But I kinda like the nickname." He reaches out a hand and ruffles Kaylee's hair, like one might a younger brother or sister and then lets his hand fall back to his side. "Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything to Adam." He offers before stepping back to let her get on her motorcycle if she so wishes. "And now, it's about time for me to go drink myself into a stupor."

Kaylee bats at the ruffling hand with a chuckle, "Hey hey.. watch the hair." She teases, even though it was a mess before he did that. She combs fingers through her hair as if trying to put it in some sort of order after that assault. "Thank you for not telling Adam. It's bad enough he's got me working all these shifts cause of my Staten trip. He might even add more where I can't do anything fun." She grins impishly. "Though if he finds out about Brian, he might anyhow." She grabs her helmet off her handlebars, and prepares to slip it on. She pauses giving him a serious look her smile slipping away making her look more her age, then a teenage. There is even a touch of concern there. "Just.. don't over do it too much, Ash. You'll land yourself in the hospital. I've done that, I was in a coma for a hand full of days cause of it. Now I can't touch alcohol or drugs. Anything mind opening or altering can break me mentally. I'd hate the same thing to happen to you too."

Ash stands there, listening to her as she talks about Adam and his punishments for her at Biddy's. "You're an adult, and yet you let him punish you?" He asks skeptically, a single eyebrow lofting up his forehead, a slight sigh escaping him before he just slumps against someone's car, using it is a body rest. "Yeah, I know. Right now, I wouldn't really give a fuck if I did end up in the hospital though, other than the money it would cost me." He rolls his shoulders backwards, eyeing the young mind breaker with a curiosity. "Take care of yourself kid." he offers before pushing off of the car and moving towards the street, beginning to walk towards a more active street, hoping to find himself a taxi.

"He does it cause he cares.. Can't say that about a lot of guys." Is Kaylee's simple answer, slipping her helmet on. Pushing the visor up she yells after him. "We need you to give a fuck, Ash. We need you there. Like I said. I need someone to protect my ass." It's all said in good natured tones, but when he's out of range the smile falls away again and the concern returns. "I can take care of myself.." She murmurs to herself.. but at your capable of caring for yourself right now?"

The helmet comes off again and Kaylee fishes out her cellphone. She flips it open and dials up the pub. "Hey.. Mack.. yeah Kaylee. Hey, keep an eye on Ash?…. yeah." She glances at the figure some distance from her. "If he come in. Just.. make sure he doesn't over do it. K? Yeah. Call me if he needs help getting out of there." A small sad smile touches her lips. "Yeah.. Thanks. Yeah, I'll be in tomorrow."

Snapping the phone closed and the blond pulls the helmet back on. With a kick of her foot, the Harley rumbles to life and she heads home for the night.

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