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Scene Title Speculation
Synopsis Peter begins his analysis of the Level 5 breakout for the Company, and consults Claudine about the escapees.
Date October 1, 2008

Primatech Research: Level 5

The last few days have been strange ones at the Company facility, as almost six days ago the roster of Evolved agents increased by one very unexpected operative. While the details surrounding his activities within the Company haven't been widely discussed, it is evident that the newest agent is kept under more scrutiny than others, observed with more caution and concern than most. This afternoon finds Agent Petrelli down in Level 5, not in a cell, but on the outside looking in. With his arms folded and head down, he stares at the crippled Cell where Adam Munroe was once held captive, the metal door crumpled in and crushed as if it were made of aluminum. Nearby, the window to another cell remains shattered, and while the glass from Huruma's cell has been cleaned up from the floor, the jagged edges on the interior serve as a reminder of her escape.

Dressed now in a black suit with a white undershirt and narrow, black tie, Peter Petrelli looks the part of a company employee. His short hair is swept back and neatly groomed, clean shaven. It is only the scar that traces across his face that makes his otherwise ordinary features stand out from the crowd. He is focused, this day, focused on Adam's cell with a singularly intent expression, lost in his thoughts.

So she found out what was going on, and in some ways, it was an experiment, but in other ways,she didn't want to traumatize his mind so soon. Claudine heads down to level 5 in her white labcoat, right arm still in a sling before she coughs a little to announce her presence.

"Mr. Petrelli, I'd like to apologize for my deception. I didn't think your mind could handle such revelations, and it seems I got outvoted.."

Peter doesn't look from the window at first, despite the clack of Claudine's shoes on the concrete floor and the sound of her voice. He remains quiet, arms folded across his chest, with an intent expression on his face. Eventually, his eyes drift from the glass window over to the Doctor, and his expression softens lightly. "It's alright," He says in a hushed tone of voice, leaning off of the wall and walking to intercept her approach, "I understand why you did what you did. Doctor Knutson explained to me how my gift works, and I'm sure you were all worried about what might happen."

Peter slides his hands down into his pockets, shifting his focus back to the window, nodding in its direction. "Agnt Buckley told me you were here when the breakout happened." His eyes lift up to one of the security cameras, one that looks like it was melted and warped by extreme heat. "Apparently there isn't any footage of the night of the escape, and while I've looked over the files of the escapees, I was wondering if you could maybe tell me a bit about them?" Peter raises one brow, looking back to Claudine. "This one here," His hand slides out of the pocket, motioning to Adam's cell, "Adam Munroe, his file was almost empty. No background information, no psyche profile. All of the others were more detailed…" His eyes move to the broken door, "What makes him so special?"

"That's need to know basis, Mr. Petrelli." Claudine's voice is matter of factly as she runs her fingers through her hair before she relaxes a bit considering he seems to understand why she did what she did. Okay, that's good at least. She continues to approach and takes a deep breath, pursing her lips a little as she looks over towards the damage in Level 5. "If you really want to know more about Mr. Munroe, I would ask our superiors.." she says with a shrug of her shoulders before standing next to him.

"And yes, I was here when the breakout happened. I was shot by one of the terrorists, even when I was cowering on the ground. As to why people shoot and attack doctors, I have no idea. But I can tell you about them. Which one do you want to know about, other than Mr. Munroe of course.."

Peter narrows his eyes for a moment, staring at the crumpled door, "If they knew you possessed a psychic talent, that could be a reason why." Peter arches one brow, glancing back to the Doctor. "I've been given a brief explanation of the powers I might be exposed to while here, for both my own safety and yours. After all, if I wasn't abreast of Agent Buckley's powers and I happened to kiss you," Peter cracks a smile, "Well, it would be bad for all concerned parties."

Walking towards Adam's cell, Peter lingers on it for a time, then turns and begins walking down the hall, his hard-soled shoes clacking on the cement floor. "This one, her power was emotional manipulation?" Peter's hand motions to the broken window of Huruma's cell, "How much do you know of ways to resist or counteract the manipulation she can produce?" He pauses there, by the window, turning to look back at Claudine. "It's going to be a short operation if I end up running away in terror once I try to capture her."

Claudine seems taken aback as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement, wrinkling her nose a little. "They didn't know about my telepathy. My abilities are subtle no one has to know I'm using them if I don't want them to. However, I also believe in people's rights to privacy, especially when it concerns their most private thoughts, so don't worry, I don't know if you've had wet dreams about me.." she says with a teasing little grin.

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red and shakes her head and lets out a hearty laugh. "Mr. Buckley's powers are quite interesting, but that is all assuming your powers do come back. If they do, then I will train you in the use of my powers, considering it's quite taxing. I remember when I first manifested, I thought I was going insane.." she admits ruefully before hrmming for a few moments and follows him towards Huruma's cell.

"Only those of strong will and those who have a strong sense of self can truly counteract her powers. As a telepath, I know quite a few exercises to exert my own will, but like I said, considering you will probably have my abilities, I will train you as best as I can. Only psi-talents can truly resist other psi-talents, at least, that is my understanding. If you were set on capturing Huruma, I would keep my distance as she has a limited range, much more limited than my own. I would just use more mundane means, like a gun in all honesty."

"I'm not a big fan of guns," Peter admits, and his response seems limited to the matter of business more so than Claudine's gentle teasing. "As for my powers…" Peter walks across the hall, moving back to Adam's cell as he passes through the doorway, picking up one of the metal hinges from the floor. He turns around, looking to Claudine as the piece of steel begins to shift and change in form, brightening as it's composition transmutes into gold from around where his fingers touch it. "Doctor Knutson has been pleased with my recovery. We've been doing some tests, acclimating myself to the abilities I've gained so far." Peter walks back through the doorway, dropping the piece of gold with a heavy clunk to the floor.

"So her range is limited," Peter nods slowly, chewing at the inside of his cheek as he thinks, eyes focused on the floor. "Maybe a taser, tranquilizer darts, something non-lethal. They want her captured, and I've never fired a pistol in my life." He looks back up to Claudine, intently, "I'm not going to be responsible for accidentally murdering her." There's silence for a time as Peter returns to his movements, coming to stop at the cell adjacent to Huruma's.

"Nikki Sanders," He motions to the otherwise undamaged cell, "She was the one who escaped while being transferred?" One brow raises slowly again as Peter turns to look over his shoulder at the doctor. "Dissociative identity disorder, combined with superhuman strength. The report says that the stress of the encounter caused one of her violent personalities to surface as a defensive measure?" Finally, Peter turns to look back at Claudine fully. "You were her psychiatrist, it might be necessary to have you come with me on her apprehension. It might help to see a familiar face, one that can help her."

"I was the one who brought her in. Niki Sanders is her more passive personality. Then there's Jessica, a cruel violent woman who wants nothing more than to pummel me into a bloody pulp. But, she does have DID, and her mind is weak and is quite susceptible to my own abilities, so yes, I would want to come with you.." Claudine says matter of factly, nodding in agreement before hrmming for a few moments, before going back to Huruma.

"Not all pistols need to have bullets. I was thinking tranquilizer dart myself, for Miss Huruma, but she is perhaps the most dangerous. I never read her mind, but the psychic resonance around her was..violent.." she says matter of factly, shuddering once more.

"I'd feel more comfortable having you around." Peter says in agreement, looking back to Huruma's cell as Claudine changes the topic back to her. "Mister Bishop explained to me that I would be having an ordinary agent as a partner, that it was Company policy…" He looks back to Claudine, arching one brow, "So I take it that means you have a partner already as well?"

"Since I've graduated medical school, I've been serving more as a Company doctor, and my residency at AECOM is sort of important. I do not have an assigned partner..only ad hoc partners when I am called in to bring more..mentally unstable patients like Miss Sanders." Claudine replies with a shrug of her shoulders, not sounding at all bitter. She wants to focus on her studies afterall.

A thoughtful sound in the back of Peter's throat is his only response, and his focus shifts down to the end of the hall over Claudine's shoulder. "The group who performed the breakout, I've been told they're a political extremist group in direct confrontation with the registration act?" Peter arches a brow, walking past Claudine with his hands in his pockets, his tone of voice markedly analytical. "Mister Bishop had briefed me that they are not to be engaged directly, that if I encounter them I should call for backup and withdraw…" There's a disconcerted shift in his tone as he comes to a stop behind her. "What's your assessment of them?"

Claudine stands next to Peter as she hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose before crossing her arms across her chest. "PARIAH is the name of the terrorist group, and they're just like the name of the organization. Outcasts. They reject registration act and know little about what they're doing considering they're the ones who came here and released dangerous evolved. Those captives were here for a reason, they are not capable of living in society, and hence needed to be here." she says, sighing a little before running her fingers through her hair. "They're like children, lost in their own self righteousness and thus dont think about the consequences of their actions."

"PARIAH?" Peter narrows his eyes, head canting to the side as he regards Claudine for a moment, "That's a little pretentious, don't you think?" A crooked smirk crosses Peter's lips as he shakes his head, breathing a heavy sigh through his nose as his eyes upturn to the melted security camera again. "It sounds like they belong here too," His tone of voice softens slightly, "Sometimes people lash out when they're afraid, do things that don't really make sense in the end, things they regret…" Starting to walk again, Peter begins wandering down the corridors, "More often than not, they come to their senses once their actions are put into perspective." He halts, looking over his shoulder at Claudine again. "I think we should round them up, the ones who did this… Before they do something like this again."

"Perhaps that's what they want. If anything, they will become martyrs and any supporters they have will only rally. I do not want to give them that satisfaction. A smear campaign would be more appropriate.." Claudine says, knowing a bit about spin doctoring as a wry grin curls onto herlips before following him once more. ""so, you're not my patient anymore, but I do want you to know that I also serve as a counselor to all agents, so if you ever want to talk, let me know."

"It's not like they're famous," Peter says with an arched brow, "If they just vanish quietly, who would know the better?" There's something of a speculative look in Peter's eyes, watching Claudine carefully. "Then again, you're just a doctor and I'm…" Peter laughs, "Just a nurse. Probably best if we left the speculation up to the people in charge, right?" Clearing his throat, Peter turns around and rolls his shoulders as he heads towards the elevators. "Speaking of which, I think I have an appointment with Mister Bishop I need to honor." Shifting his focus to Claudine, regarding her with a wry, side-long stare Peter cracks a smile. "Maybe we could talk over coffee sometime, then."

"That would probably be good. Mr. Bishop is all about punctuality. But coffee sounds good..are you asking me out, or does that come from just wanting to get to know colleagues?" Yes, she knows he's checked her out a couple of times and she giggles impishly before easing on up to head towards the elevator too.

Peter's smile doesn't fade as he presses the up arrow, calling the elevator, "We'll leave that up to speculation, for now." He says with a playful tone of voice, "It'll make finding out all the more interesting." The elevator chimes as if to punctuate Peter's sentence, doors sliding open to reveal the faux-mahogany walls of the personnel elevator. "Going up?" He asks with one brow raised, stepping inside.

"I might as well, though I hope you don't mind that I'm going up fewer floors. I don't have a meeting with the bossman afterall.." Claudine replies with a soft chuckle under her breath before shaking her head. She steps into the elevator after him and presses the button for the lobby, not really feeling like taking the stairs this time.

"I don't mind at all…" Peter's smile grows a bit, holding the door open until Claudine moves in, and then steps back as the doors close, leaving silence in the halls of Level 5.

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