Spending Time With A Friend


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Scene Title Spending Time With A Friend
Synopsis Kaylee and Doyle meet up and talk about things that have happened.
Date June 04, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

Things have been rather busy… and a bit wet… down in the bowels of the Subway tunnels, keeping Grand Central from flooding has been a chore, but… so far a successful one. When Kaylee isn't doing that, she finds herself busy with a round bit of fluff named Missy. In fact, when Kaylee called Doyle to see if he was able to get free of all those kids, the puppy manages to get a nose against the phone, giving the puppeteer an ear full of snuffling.

When Doyle finally shows up, Missy is making a racket, the barks and growls of the puppy echo off the arched ceilings of the recreation area.

"Shoosh. You are going get kicked out of here.. .You don't see Alicia or Joseph's boy making as much noise!" The young telepath can be found standing, hands on her hips, lips pressed into a fine line as she glares down at the puppy, who has paper shredded all over. The slightly curled tail of the little pup sways back and forth quickly, as she lets out another bark. She's so proud of her mess. I redecorated!, that looks seems to say!

"You got a canoe down here?"

That's the question that Eric Doyle asks as he walks along down, his boots slopping against the damp floor, hands spreading a bit to either side as he grins over to the telepath and her puppy, "I mean, seriously, this is turning into Venice Reborn around here. All we need is a gondola, maybe we can get McRae to give us a song…"

Woman and dog turn about the same time, when Doyle speaks up Kaylee grins, but the puppy looks suspicious. "Hey puppetman!" The telepath moves quickly to actually throw arms around the large man's neck and hug him. "I was starting to think the kids tied you up to make you stay."

Missy looks less then thrilled about that hug, ears laying back a little, she moves to grab the cuff of Doyle's pants to tug in an attempt to try to get him away from her human.

"This is nothing… Should have seen when the melting first started." Kaylee comments lightly, up close, her eyes look ringed with dark circles, a sign she hasn't been sleeping too well. When she smiles it's not quite the same bright grin she's known for… but it could be worse. "Glad you came by though, we don't get to see each other as much since McRae tossed me out. Speaking of McRae… think he'd take me back now?" Her nose wrinkles a bit, clearly she doesn't think so.

"If I said I was leaving for good, I'm pretty sure they would," replies Doyle with a deep, throaty chuckle, stepping forward to return that embrace briefly, thick arms curling about her shoulders in a squeeze — and then there's a tug on his ankle, and he smirks down, "Hey now. I've been dog-savaged enough lately…"

He looks back over, a brow lifting, "What's up?"

"Sorry…" Kaylee murmurs, crouching down to pry teeth out of the fabric and scoop up the puppy. "She thinks I'm her's and her's alone." She moves away, puppy sprawled over her shoulder looking back at the big guy.

The question, has Kaylee's brows furrowing, teeth biting her lip. "Oh… you know… not much just needing a place to stay." She feels odd holing up in Grand Central, with some of what has happened too her. Finger scratch through the tan fur, as she turns back to Doyle to give him a sad smile. "Peter and I… had a huge fight and well… we broke up and I had been living with him."

Boots scuff on the damp floor, as she moves step over the sand bags there to protect the furniture of the recreation room, her target one of the couches. "So, kinda homeless again."

"Oh." A slight wince from Eric, although there's no real surprise there, just a resignation that clearly shows he expected this eventually. The puppeteer walks along over after her with a slow shake of his head, saying quietly, "You know as well as I do that he's bad news, Kaylee. It might— I mean, it might be for the best."

"You are not the first person to say that." Kaylee says with a touch of amusement, though it doesn't really show on her features. Brows furrow slightly. "Even he said that… but then he's never liked that I work with the Ferrymen." As she tucks a foot under her she sits on the couch, letting the puppy slide off her shoulder to sprawl out in her lap.

Glancing over at Doyle, Kaylee adds. "Me getting kidnapped by the Institute kind of was the straw that broke the camels back, I think. He threw me out after he found out and I insisted on seeing Eileen."

"As if he has any room to talk," Doyle's eyes roll, "I mean—I mean, shit, he was fucking Company. He's a Petrelli, how does he get off…" He inhales deeply, then exhales a sharp breath, thumping down to sit onto the couch beside her, shaking his head, "I'm sorry, Kaylee."

"Yeah… I know… he was also involved with Ferry and Phoenix at one point too." Kaylee's tone is bland, she leans over the bump a shoulder against his. "No need to be sorry, tho, people kept telling me he's no good for me… but I'm a pretty stubborn person." She smile fades away slowly, cause while everyone expected it, she had hoped to prove people wrong.

They can see how that worked out.

"But… it's okay." Kaylee's voice, of course, says the opposite. "Gives me more free time for the Ferrymen anyhow." She buries fingers into the fluffy neck of the puppy as she adds, "And more time for this little girl." Missy's head bends back, mouth opening as she tries to get a good angle to nip at the telepath's chin. "Plus… I plan on trying to find my siblings. I've got two out there, I'd like to know about them."

"You can try to talk to McRae. I mean, he only threw you out while you were seeing Peter…" Doyle's head tilts a bit in a questioning fashion, brows raising slightly, "…he's an understanding guy. I'm pretty sure you could at least talk to him." A faint chuckle, "Brothers'n sisters, huh?"

"Mmmm…. maybe." Kaylee grimaces a bit. "I figure it would depend. I'm… well… I found out, I'm a protected. When I went to go help Brennan give that message. They took me. Said they needed me about something dealing with my dad, Edward Ray." She sighs softly, "They said I was protected… so I wouldn't be harmed. In fact, we helped them 'protect my public image."

"Considering the Institute is something probably government, McRae might not like it." Kaylee admits, with a look of regret. "But yeah… Don't know if it's two brothers… two sisters or one of each, but they are out there."

"Oh." Eric's lips purse a bit, his brow furrowing, "Yeah, that could be… an issue." He brings a hand up to rub against his forehead, "Christ, Kaylee, what've you gotten yourself into?"

Hands come up and her head shakes slowly. "This time it wasn't my doing. This is all cause I'm the daughter of a certain man they have. They knew me on sight, I didn't give them a name or anything. I haven't ever really been around my father." Hand lower slowly. "They didn't pull anything from my head though, Eileen helped me find out, cause the last thing I need is for them to take Ferry secrets from me."

"Trust me… I'm not happy about this." Kaylee glances over her shoulder as she adds, "But it's also why I don't want to stay here too much longer." Eyes flick over to Doyle, before her head slowly turns back. "I'm loyal to the Ferrymen. Hell… I told Peter I wasn't going to give it up, which broke us up. This is who I am… blood relations or not." She smiles a bit.

"I'm willing to bet that the whole 'protected' part is because of Peter, though," Eric points out, thrusting one thick finger through the air at her, his brow furrowing a little, "So what did they want you for…."

He shakes his head, then, smiling wanly and raising both palms, "You know what? I don't want to know. I'm happy just— just doing my thing, you know? You should be too."

Wrinkling her nose a bit, at Peter being the reason and Kaylee sighs softly. "Maybe… I dunno." She make a rather final looking sweep of her hands. "But that… is over and done." There is a finality to her words, but of course, there will always bee something tickling in the back of her mind.

"And… I will be… happy that is…" Kaylee says with a small nod. "I'm signed up for college this summer, I'm going to look for a job and find a place to live." She gives a small shrug. "I've always been happy in my dealings with the Ferry. Best decision I've ever made."

Reaching over, Kaylee gives his shoulder a weak push with her fingers, mouth breaking out into a smile. "And hey… I'm very happy you've found a place. Those Lighthouse kids really like you. I felt really bad when you got mixed up in all this with me. "

"It wasn't your fault," Eric rolls his eyes at that, lifting a hand to push hers off his shoulder with a smirk, "That was all Jericho… and, well, I don't really blame him, I guess." He glances out across the room, then back to Kaylee, brow furrowed a little, "Have you, uh. Heard anything about Odessa lately?"

"Odessa?" Kaylee looks thoughtful and nods slowly. "I think I heard she's moving into Gun Hill." Her gaze focuses on him, grinning. "So… if your looking for her, might find her there. I should stop by there, I know I've heard it muttered around here they are looking for people to help fix it up."

The puppy in her lap has finally fallen into a bit of a fitful puppy sleep, happily cradled in her human's arms, of course, she won't always be able to do that. Kaylee scratches at the scruff gently, as she turns thoughtful. "You two have history?" She asks coyly, a bit of a tease in her tone. "You ask me about her just about every time I see you."

"Yeah." A wan smile just-touches Doyle's lips, a hand raising to rub against his temple, "'History'… that works. We've got history, all right…" His hand drops back down to his knee, and then he reaches out to carefully stroke the puppy's back, watching her rather than Kaylee, "…we've been around a few times. So you think she's going the Ferry?"

"I.. am not sure? At least helping, I think. I believe Eileen mentioned her starting a clinic there in Gun Hill maybe?" Kaylee's brows furrow as she thinks back, head tilting a little to one side. "We need doctors that will just turn a blind eye.

"With Dr Brennan wanting nothing to do with the Ferry — not that I necessarily blame him — it kind of took away a resource." Kaylee shrugs one shoulder and grins over at the puppeteer. "He and I never quite saw eye to eye, but he was alright guy."

"I'll have to stop by," Eric muses, slanting a glance out to the door as he pulls his hand back from the puppy, resting it in his lap in a loose fold with the other, "See how she's doing now that she's recovering from that whole… knife to the stomach incident."

A look back to her, his brow furrowing, "I don't know. He was an alright guy. A little close-minded, I guess."

"I… don't think 'a little' covers it." Kaylee states matter of factly, her smile tugging to one side, "He has way too much faith in the government. Him and Peter both." She admits blandly with a soft sigh, her mood taking a down turn.

Suddenly, Kaylee shakes shakes her head. "Anyhow…" She sits up a little straighter and gives Doyle a smile, resting a hand on his arm. "Why don't I toss Missy here at Joseph… and we can go get… I dunno a pizza… or Chinese or something. My treat and you can tell me about everything going on at the Lighthouse. Those kids are so much bigger every time I see them."

"There's a whole bunch of teenagers there now too, I can tell you who's fucking who and who's having drama about who if you like," Doyle suggests in amused tones, brows lifting a bit at her, "The whole nine gossip yards. Pizza sounds good."

Kaylee actually laughs, giving him an odd look, "You serious? Oh… god." Eyes roll with amusement. The sound startles the puppy out of her sleep and she gives Kaylee a dirty look. "That has to be driving you crazy. Lighthouse Soaps?"

As Kaylee wraps arms around the dog, preparing to stand she studies Eric for a moment. "You've definitely been changing, big guy. I think that place is good for you." Pushing to her feet, she adjusts her grip on the dog. "Okay… let me get her to the babysitter…

"…then Pizza it is."

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