Spider's Crown Stolen!

<Picture of a mansion the size of a football field>

And in today's news, in the early hours of the morning last night the famed "Spider's Crown" was stolen from the home of Richard Manfried, a wealthy software developer.

<A stock image of a glittering beauty of intricately webbing layered with many types of jewels and rich metals>

The crown was a gift from the famed developer to his wife, and was kept guarded in the family's safe, the DiamondSentry 6500, which up until now has only been successfully stolen from once.

<Video of a police officer> "The thief seems to have entered via a second story window, sneaking past two guards and a rod-iron fence, and made his way past the indoor security guards and cameras, down to the first floor, and into the den where the safe was kept. There the suspect drilled into the safe, and was either very skilled or very lucky. He or she seems to have left a calling card of sorts - the crown was replaced with a box of chocolates and a cheap plastic tiara."

The police are currently investigating the crime, but no suspects have been announced, though a stolen car was found that night a few blocks from the scene of the crime.

For more information, contact Catalina or Samantha.

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