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Scene Title Spiderwebs
Synopsis One meeting of many; Adam shows off his meticulously covered blackboard, and Huruma decides to try and take one of the chicks under her wing.
Date September 18, 2009

It's at night of a long day. Adam called Huruma and said he had to talk to her and that it was important. He's at the super secret hide out, so secret the player doesn't even know where it is. Right now, he's got a black board out and he's writing all over it. Huruma will recognize names of members of ELOE, names of some members of Phoenix, faction names. There's little scribbles by certain names and lines working everywhere. Apparently Adam is trying to figure the whole thing out.

"Is there an equation tha'I am missing?" Huruma's voice comes first, at Adam's back- she stands against the doorframe leading inside the room, one arm bent with its palm on her hip. "Thank goodness it is only human mathematics." Maybe she is not very good at numerical subjects. After a moment at the door, Huruma sidles inside to draw closer to Adam and the board, feeling almost as if he is there to teach her a lesson on something or other- but that is quite absurd.

"Is making a web considered important, now?"

Adam just continues to write during her comments until he reaches a point he can probably pause. Helena's got a big circle around her name. Just about anyone you can imagine he's met and he says, "We have…" he says, "A lot of soldiers. Some of whom I don't trust, some of whom don't trust us. But we have to figure out what to do with them and do to whom." he says after a moment, "And I figured that was something you should be here with me for."

Huruma looks over the various names and groups, eyes slowing down on only a few in the process. "I can do that…" She replies, rather subdued in volume but certain in her tone. "Trust is such a tricky thing. It is always different- it only depends on if you want real trust o'not. I assume tha'you do." The tall woman leans closer to read a particularly jumbled section of the bored, the look on her face neither feigning or exuding thoughtfulness- she is merely looking.

Adam nods gently, "There's an inner circle of us I trust." he says gently. "You, I, Kaylee and Ash. Sabrina and Sam I trust in a certain way, not that they are completely loyal to me and the cause because they believe in it, but for their benefit and self preservation." he taps two names 'Nicolas and Alia', "These two are new," next to their names are written technopaths, "So, it's hard to say what to think of them. I'm not sure Alia will have the heart for the long term." he underlines Grim and Brian, "I've never trusted either of them. Grim hides things and I hate the idea of him and Kaylee…you know." he makes a face, the kind of face a father might make. "And Brian…well." he shrugs, apparently Adam doesn't even know what Brian can /do/ there's a question mark next to his name. Then there's the npcs that he rattles off quickly enough. "And Isis and Jet are still untested." next to them is written body snatchers. "I have to find a way to keep them compartmentalized. And the best way, I think is by pairing them off into missions." he circles Sam and Sabrina, "I want them to dig up everything in Sabrina's head and elsewhere about the Company. I need more recon there, I've left them to their own devices for too long." referring to the Company. He takes a step back, pausing for just a moment and rests his arm on Huruma's back.

Huruma allows herself a tiny smirk when Adam makes that face- she knows that face, even though she never quite saw it in terms of herself. But she can enjoy it when it smears itself onto Adam's face, at least. She otherwise listens, lastly liftinh her chin when she begins to consider what Adam says, that he needs recon at the Company. "Looking into wha'they are doing will not be the simplest thing. Even wit'possibly possessing an active." The arm on her back- well, she is used to that, and so the sudden touch isn't as liable to send her into automatic arm-tearing.

"I know of Nicholas from some time ago. I am inclined t'give him more of a chance…" Though she does not specify how she knows of him- just that it was enough to somewhat cement him. "If you want what is in Sabrina's head, why no'use Kaylee first?"

Adam frowns a bit, "No, it's not going to be easy. But Sabrina has the information and Sam has the experience. Plus, they seem to have formed a symbiotic relationship. For now, I'm willing to nurture it. So long as I hold one, I hold the other." he says in rather clean terms. At the question of Kaylee, he shakes his head, "There's too much information there for Kaylee. She could read it, but she couldn't process it, I'm sure." he pauses for some moments, "Maybe I'm being too hard on Grim. He did fine in Seattle. But…he's hiding something. He claims not to have any sort of military background and training, but he clearly was trained somewhere."

He draws another question mark next to Grim, "I'm not sure what to make of that." he pauses, "The way I see it, our biggest threats right now are the Company, Linderman and Humanis First. Although Humanis hasn't made us a target. But it's only a matter of time." he frowns, "Our ally are the Triads and the mafia." he points to a short list, "We've got Devi's motorcycle gang on payroll as a backup. But Deckard is out of weapon's dealing, so he's out." he pauses again and lets out a bit of a frown, "Then there's Phoenix. I don't worry about them, they're just kids running around. But I have a feeling they're going to get too big for their britches and get all.." he waves his finger in the air, "Whatever they get." Now he full on leans on Huruma, apparently he's been working on this for a while. "I need more information. I don't have enough of the players on the board. I think I also need Norman to step his game up, because I need the distraction he'll cause." then he ahs and writes down 'Shard' on the board, "I think he's an adaptive." writing that next to the name. Then, in the very last corner on the board, he writes down Cardinal's name, "And he's been too quiet. Man has more ability than sense sometime, he's up to something."

"Kaylee will not learn if someone does not push her. Even if she were t'simply practice reading things off of people on th'street- or picking something out of us while we're attempting t'keep her out. I am sure tha'you know'ow t'train a telepath." Huruma knows well the benefit of training firsthand. Since even before she was Kaylee's age. "Grim has had some training- I cannot place it. But if'e says ot'erwise, it is a lie. As for Phoenix, you shoul'not worry abou'what they do. They are more likely t'help us if we say an'do nothing. Same goes for Cardinal- as we share so many common enemies, mm?" Because if they know they're helping Adam, they'll only try something else.

"I d'not foresee an immediate problem from Humanis First. We may even b'able to give them targets- such as this Norman White." Only now does Huruma begin gesturing a slender finger along the board's writing. "And Shard- th'island is rife with possibility when it comes t'bait. If they knew o'th'communities forming- Humanis may take tha'as an additional threat."

Adam frowns at the idea that Kaylee needs more training. He lets out a bit of a sigh, "Perhaps. But I feel I've been too hard on her lately…" he pauses and then glances towards Huruma, "Can you take her on that? I don't want you to go crazy." he says, "But I know you can instill discipline and the like. Perhaps I'm not the best at making sure Kaylee is disciplined." in a way, it's an idea that perhaps he's just too close to her. He purses his lips and nods, "Except I don't know how to get word to Humanis first. Hence the need for more recon." he taps Nicolas and Alia, the technopaths, "I wonder if they'd be able to find anything. I doubt Humanis has any technopaths to defend against them."

In which Huruma is the headmistress and Adam is a card-carrying member of the PTA. Huruma snorts audibly at 'I don't want you to go crazy'. A liiittle late for something like that to be used as a sentiment. "I will see what I can teach her, yesss…" The woman's words drawl off with a slight hiss of air, sounding mildly pleased. "Of course they do not. All tha'is key is making sure th'technopaths are capable of it, an tha'Humanis keeps some material on a network."

Huruma pauses, lost in thought for a span of breath. "But, I think tha'th'best way of letting them know- may be very simple. Humanis is primarily a grassroots organization- one of hate, yet still ingrown wit'th'people. They've numerous online communities. Post everything there anonymously. Watch Hell break loose. Stir, let simmer for five minutes." She has a sense of humor in there. It rears itself in bits and pieces.

Adam nods gently at the suggestion and nods. "Alright." he pauses and underlines Ash's name, "I think I'm going to give him more responsibilities. I don't think administration is really Ash's strength, but he is the perfect soldier." he pauses, "But I wonder if he might be able to root out some of the.." he turns to Huruma, "Questions I have about some of those in our organization. I trust him to do a good job and I doubt he cares if people dislike him. Perhaps he can be our own internal inquisitor." he mms, "What do you think?" he questions.

"Ash is certainly not someone used to administration." Huruma agrees, a pull at her lips while she takes time to imagine. "In order t'turn him into a proper inquisitor- he needs to at least- be educated in methodology of such. I trust his intent, but I've yet to see tha'he is as skilled with psycho-rabble. But provided tha'Ash is up t'snuff, I think he would be quite good."

Adam nods a bit, "It's true. Ash might not have the social skills required. But I'm not sure who else I would put on that. Kaylee needs more training. Sam might do. But while he's following orders until we find Bob Bishop, I don't know if he'd really dig for the information." he tsks a bit thoughtfully, "I'll have to put more thought on it." he turns and places a kiss on Huruma's arm and says, "Alright, I suppose that's enough strategizing for today. Perhaps we should retire for the evening."

"Perhaps test Ash with something." Huruma says before the topic entirely glosses over into another. The next one being less of planning. Despite the chilly exterior, she is warm like anyone else. Her eyes glance aside towards Adam at the more affectionate gesture, reaction passive. "Th'days may be getting shorter, but they seem t'feel longer." In other words, it comes as an agreement; tiredness shows for only a snippet of time.

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