Spilled Blood


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Scene Title Spilled Blood
Synopsis Despite all the excuses given, it's what people come to the Center Stage for.
Date January 8, 2011

The Center Stage

It's not quite the first fight night of the new year, but with the previous Saturday being New Years day, there were more than a few people recovering from hangovers rather than coming to fight or bet. That isn't the case tonight.

The basement area of Coco's Gym is filled tonight, not only with people waiting for their chance in the ring or bookies hoping to make a small fortune, but with people interested in the thrill of going to an underground club. It adds another layer of scent beneath the scent of blood both old and fresh, and another layer of sound woven through the smack of flesh hitting flesh and the crowd screaming encouragement or insults.

Standing near the entrance is a small ground of people from the club itself, screening people who arrive wanting to fight, ensuring that their abilities are what they claim they are. They won't deny anyone a chance to fight, but to ensure maximum excitement, talents are carefully matched. Who will forget when Luke and Harmony had a radiation face off, after all?

Bookies, both professional and amateur, are crowded around the cage that makes up the center stage, hurriedly shouting odds and taking bets before each match, and dolling out the appropriate cash or collecting it afterwards. Near the opening to the cage are several members of the club, prepared to rush in and forcibly end a fight if one opponent taps out but the other continues delivering punishment.

And situated halfway between the wall and the ring is Melissa, her arms folded over her chest, her expression cold and analytical. She's watching each fight like a scientist would observe some interesting experiment. She's in jeans and a snug tee-shirt, her hair pulled up and kept tight to her head. Perhaps she's fighting and doesn't want to give the long blond hair as a handhold for her opponent? Next to her is Perry, who arrived with her, though how she persuaded him to come to fight night is a mystery.

Right now she's watching the current fight going on. A girl fight, no less, which thrills a large portion of the male audience. One of the women has super speed, while the other seems to be able to generate force fields, making for an interesting view, even if half of the fight is little more than a blur. Until she hits one of the force fields and goes flying back to slam against the fence.

Lola has been practicing her little bit of hand-to-hand when she could, after that asshole cop that she slept with showed her a little. So really, she didn't plan on fighting. But when they asked her at the door she shrugged and gave them an old 'Wha not," in her southern drawl and walked over to get checked out. She's thin, lithe, though they'll probably make her take off her kevlar. Something about rules. She admits her ability - superhuman accuracy - and is properly signed in.

Because strength is something you are not something you have.

That is, at least the, explanation Perry had for wanting to come see the fight. Not squeamish at the sight of blood, at least not anymore, and simply fascinated by the operation of abilities in general, this is a spectacle he views not unlike Melissa, though while she is a scientist, he is a slightly avid philosopher. Thinking he's seeing something meaningful.

Dressed in a wooly green sweater, likely home knitted, he glances over at Melissa. "What- uh- what do you see when you look out there? What do you feel is going on- going on in the ring?" He seems genuinely interested in hearing her answer.

He might be mistaken for one of the fighters as his face is marred on one side by some bruising, and through the thin layer of black hair still growing in from its prior shaved state, one can see a still-healing laceration — nothing clean or clinical about it. Nick York steps into the club with an apathetic posture. It's something to do on a Friday night — leisure time something he hasn't had any of in quite some time.

Beneath slightly knit black brows, pale blue eyes dart about the club. His jaw set, muscles twitch, showing a tension that doesn't quit fulfill his feigned nonchalance.

Kailin waits on a bench, leaning forward and resting his forearms on his knees. He's got his jacket zipped up and his hood drapped over his head, looking down at the floor rather than at any of the fights. He keeps his thoughts to himself and a scowl off his face as the fights progress, trying not to give off the wrong vibe - or any vibe for that matter, until it is his turn to go in and do what he does. He wrings his hands together, flexing his joints and tendons in anticipation of getting physical.

A lovely couple has made their way in. Elle Bishop and Daniel Arcenaux have entered, arm in arm. Elle is dressed rather skimpily for the weather, wearing a pair of light, loose-fitting track pants and a low-cut tank top. Her jacket is completely absent, a habit she's gotten into since what happened back in December caused her to get a new set of powers that she's been working to develop and learn.

She's managed to get enough control over her emotions that she feels somewhat comfortable going into public. Just in case, though, she carries a duffel bag with a few changes of clothes within.

Why she decided to come here and actually fight, she really has no clue. But right now, she's sitting somewhat close to the stage, talking and laughing with Dax. Her hair, now a bright fiery red, is tied back in a pony tail, and her eyes are green thanks to colored contacts. Elle Bishop doesn't look much like herself these days.

While it's usually easy to find a crowd to get lost in, there are precious few where one can count on others actively drawing attention to themselves. The gym counts tonight - doubly so when there are Evolved abilities thrown into the mix, as with the pair currently in the ring. No one pays much attention to Gael as he makes his way inside - except one of the screeners, as they exchange a few words. "Hell, go ahead and put me down as a wild card. In case you run out."

At some point, he's gotten hold of a razor for long enough to chop the beard back to a faint hint of stubble. It's been growing back in for at least a week, unevenly.

Shrugging, Melissa doesn't take her eyes off of the fighters. "Just a couple of fighters fighters. Using their ability. Nothing special. Why?" The speedster manages to find a break, and manages a hit on the other woman, enough to knock her out and end the fight. There's a mix of cheering and boos from the crowd, and money exchanges hands.

While the fighters exit the ring, on their own power or carried, she looks around, a brow arching slightly as she spots Nick, but she makes no attempt to slide through the crowd to reach him. She's not really here to socialize, not really. But then she spots Gael and brows lift. "Well, well. I didn't expect him to be here," she murmurs, loud enough for Perry to hear, but not really anyone else.

After she's been checked in, Lola wanders off to wait. Red hair or not - Lola knew Elle when she was a redhead anyway - Elle recognizes her own room-mate. She grins, a mischievous grin and walks over, tapping the woman on the arm. "Howdy there sugar, aincha lookin' fine?" Lola drawls to her old friend, not using a name in case, you know. She's using one that isn't hers or something. In their lives, or at least what she knew of Elle's life before the 8th, such things happen more often than one would think.

"Because- because I see something remarkable. People- struggling against each other. Expressing their abilities, actively, in conflict," Perry says, clearly quite struck by the proceedings, or at least imagining something striking, "I'm envious, really. That's who they are, out there, the action not the subject." Whatever that means.

"Who?" Perry asks, looking to try and spot whom it is Melissa is speaking of. "Is this- uh- something… of mutual interest?" Ah yes, veiled significance. The best form of communication there is.

Noting Lola's entrance, Nick's eyes narrow and he moves a little closer, as if to get a better view of the fight, though really to maneuver himself into hearing range of Lola and Elle, arms crossing as he finds a bit of wall to lean on. His eyes remain on the current fight, narrowing a little and wincing once or twice when a particularly nasty blow is taken.

He pulls out a wallet, as if considering to make a wager, turning and looking across the club for one of the bookies, maybe. Eyes cross Perry and Melissa; brows twitch but he otherwise makes no acknowledging gesture.

Kailin stands up as someone comes to sit near. He didn't want to be next to anyone right now. He moves over and stands against a wall. It doesn't take long before he slides down, sitting with his back against it. He still tries to keep to himself and to that end pulls his hood down a little further. Every now and then he glances up, not seeing anything at all that he might recognize. No one was likely to recognize him either, but maybe that was for the best. He clenches his jaw subconsciously and goes back to thinking about the fight ahead of him.

Elle giggles softly, leaning over and planting a small kiss on Dax's cheek. Then, Lola approaches, and Elle's eyes liftup to her, brows raising. "Oh, hey there." She offers a bright smile, raising a hand to fidget at her hair. Probably not a good idea to have her hair back, her face is pretty memorable, it seems. "Thanks. I'm trying…a new look, I guess." She offers a faint smile up to the woman.

Given the list of people already slated for a match, the screeners don't look too worried about checking out Gael's chops right away, just wave him through. "There's a lot of that going around, I hear," he chimes in, glancing over toward Elle as he takes his place amongst the crowd. "Is it working for you?"

"You could say that," Melissa murmurs to Perry as she watches Gael, then she leans closer to speak more quietly to Perry. "Don't wanna explain now, but he's definitely useful. I'll introduce you once he's done making his rounds."

It's then that the announcer heads into the cage with his mic. "And now for our next fight! We have…Kailin, fighting Zoe! Fighters, get your asses in the ring, and remember, try not to kill each other!" Then he wanders out of the cage, leaving it wide open for the pair, while bookies start calling out odds.

Lola notices the nervous gesture on Elle's part. She doesn't want to be recognized. Oh well, tough shit. Lola's not exactly the 'pretend it didn't happen' sort of girl. "Aincha always? Don' know what ya'd look like natural, truth be told. Spoze Ah can' judge though. Ah still got fire-head goin' on. Ain' fallin' into the crotch-dyin' boat yet. Never plan to neither, if ya get mah meanin'. Ya just here ta watch?"

Perry watches Gael with real interest, trying to discern just what about this man is important. Or useful. "He must be- someone of note to- uh- to be here. To know about this place. This- uh- this can't be legal. I imagine any number of our- uh- detractors might want to bring misfortune to an event like this."

Moving closer to Lola, Nick bends to move his lips near her ear, one hand coming up to brush aside a strand of red hair. "If it ain't the southern belle," he says, friendly and soft. "You ever get any more fireworks from Walshie? I put in a call for you, but other work kept me away. You know how it is."

He leans back, eyes scrutinizing her, then glancing up to watch for the newly called fighters to take the ring. "I do have some debts to deliver to him. 4-1-1. You know how it is. You know where he is at all? I mean, I know he's laying low, but he'd really like to know the shit I have for him."

Kailin hops up, giving little hesitation when his name is called. He stretches more, making sure he is as limber as possible for his bout with his opponent. He tosses back his hood as he steps into the cage and goes to one side of it. His fingers wrap around the metal of the cage in a wide spread eagle gesture and he leans back, pulling together as he stretches his back and shoulders. He lets go, straightening up and turns towards the entrance to the cage to see who his opponent might be.

Elle blinks a few times as she's called to the ring, fidgeting somewhat nervously. Here's hoping she can do something against this Kailin person she's going up against. After a moment, she raises to her feet, stretching her arms out. "Nope." She answers Lola. "Here to fight. Here's hoping that I don't get my ass beat, hmm?" She grins. If her father saw her right now…he'd probably shit himself. Maybe that's part of the reason she's doing it.

Then, the tiny redhead is making her way up to the cage, slipping in and adjusting her shirt. She looks really out of place up here on the stage, almost comically so— especially compared to Kailin, who is a foot taller than her.

Once in the cage, she peers almost timidly up at Kailin, offering a small smile and a wave. "Um…hi."

With the two names given being ones that Melissa doesn't recognize, she's not making it for a bookie like some people. Instead she nudges Perry lightly and starts making her way towards Gael, glancing towards the ring now and then, but with only mild curiosity. For the moment.

Just as Elle is being pulled away, Lola is turning toward Nick. She grins, a happy and terribly mischievous grin. "Well he-llo sugar. Ain' it funny meetin' you here?" She turns, arms across her chest as she looks Nick over. "Well then! Now tell me, what sorta debts ya got fer im? Matter a fact he ain' exactly been the sweetest a fellahs, but ones that got what Ah want, Ah tend ta overlook their flaws."

Perry sticks close to Melissa, being rather out of his element here, whatever his enthusiasm fo the event. Coursing through the crowd, he speaks low by Melissa's shoulder. "You certainly seem to know and be known. I'm- uh- I'm impressed, Melissa."

"Yeah?" Nick says. "Not the sweetest thing? Tell me it ain't so," he says jokingly, eyes moving from her to the fighters taking the ring, arching a brow a little. "I can't pass this intel on to you, red, but if you could tell me where to find him, I'd be appreciative. You seen him since he made the front page? And should I put my money on your friend or the guy? You look like you might be the lucky sort. Why don't you place a bet for me, and we can split the winnings if you're right."

A $100 bill is slipped into Lola's hand.

Lola smirks and takes the bill, passing it off to the bookie. "Fer the lass up there," she suggests, looking back to Nick. "Ah dunno where he is, sugar. An fer the record, yer damned lucky. He owes me now, not the other way around. If it were, Ah'd be beatin' yer ass where ya stand. As it is, Ah don' gotta run errands like that fer him just now. But if ya kin tell me what it's about, Ah may consider mentionin' it ta him at our next date." She winks at Nick, playfully. "Strange that ya dunno where he is though. An that he wanted ya beat down. Trouble in paradise?"

Kailin looks across at the fighter called Zoe. He glances around with concerns, wondering if this was for real. Then his brow sets and he narrows his eyes across the ring, remembering that people are more than what they look like these days. His concentration shoots across to the woman and his hands ball into fists as he steps forward towards the shorter female. From the looks of it, he had more to lose now than she did. No one would blame her.

Elle doesn't move. In fact, she suddenly gets a little paler, suddenly raising her hands to her arms and shivering, and generally looking distressed. "Hey, that's not fair— someone's negating me!" She suddenly protests, her hands shooting up as Kailin steps toward her. "Totally turning the odds in your favor! How dare you take away a girl's only fighting chance!" She scowls at Kailin, crossing her arms across her chest as she backs away a step.

Dax had already pulled out the sunglasses in preparation for Elle's enhanced light show, but at the protest coming from the ring, he glances first to the opponent in the ring, then the others. The promise was for evolved fights, not for normal fights by negated evolved. Still, what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn't offer his complete support? "Powers or no powers, Elle, you can still beat her ass!"

That doesn't mean Dax won't try to amp her power, but if it's negated, it may not be helpful in the least.

At that latest exchange, Gael narrows his eyes, glancing over toward Dax. He doesn't say anything out loud, but he's seen Elle in action before. Fighting fair was rarely part of the agenda. Still, it looks like none of them are quite ready to throw the actual first punch yet; he takes a look around, spotting another face he recognizes and one he doesn't, leaving it to them to open the next line of conversation.

Shooting a glance to Perry, Melissa shrugs. "Shouldn't be. Most of the people I know aren't people to brag about," she says dryly. "Happens when you know more crooks and wanted criminals than decent people." Elle's protests have her glancing back towards the cage and she smirks. "Not fair? Really? Does she even know what this place is? There's a reason why there are no rules," she says, shaking her head, glancing at Dax, then shaking her head and giving her attention to Gael.

"Hey Gael. This is Perry. Perry, Gael," she says, motioning from one to the other when she gives their names. "Perry works with me," she says, giving Gael a pointed look. Clearly he doesn't work at Tartarus with her.

As neither Elle nor Kailin are getting to the fighting, some of the crowd start to yell and jeer. "Get to the action!" "Kick his ass!" "Beat her down!" "I've got fifty on you, throw a punch!" Meanwhile, the bookies are refusing to honor new bets after this news, smirking as they mentally count their money.

"The- uh- the underworld isn't necessarily- um- less useful or even noble than the corrupt state," Perry says. Yet another crazy opinion, held by a crazy person. Though not an opinion formed without thought and overthought.

"A- uh- a pleasure, Mr. Gael," Perry says, offering his hand to shake, "I imagine we will need to- uh- speak more privately at some time but- uh- I hope we can form an equitable and- uh- mutually agreeable relationship. If Miss Pierce recommends you, I consider that vouch enough for trust."

A brow arches at Lola's information and he smirks just a bit. "He wanted you to beat me down? Shit man, I may be a kid compared to ol' Pops but I ain't a pup that someone like you could put down that easy."

His eyes dart to the shouts in the ring. He snorts a little when Elle protests about being negated before turning his eyes back to Lola. "So you're saying you're not like … loyal to him? Trouble in paradise is one way to put it. Irish tried to blow me up the other night. You mighta heard about it. But if you're not loyal to him… maybe you and me can get in on that chunk of change next to his name in the post office, yeah?"

Kailin has his plan set. He watches her movements, studying her for who she is and what she can do. The muscle usually tells the tale. When Elle says speaks Kailin opens his mouth, but can't decide on anything to come out. Finally there's a blurted, "What?" He takes a step back and glances around for a referee or a judge… something. He motions out to the woman across from him. "There's… there's no pouting in pit fighting!"

He doesn't let the crowd down. Kailin takes the extra space created by them each stepping back in order to give a good lane to charge. He uses his mass and size to cover her escape routes and aims his body at hers for a takedown.

Green eyes wide, the redheaded woman backs up as he begins to charge, a terrified look on her face. Then, Elle does…something unexpected. It's going to hurt like hell, but she is…quite suddenly running at him as he aims a takedown at her. As she's just about to run into him…her fist flies out toward that sensitive area right between his legs.

All the while, she's screaming and acting rather…girly about the fact that she's trying to essentially punch him in the crotch while he's tackling her.

Gael returns the handshake absently, still keeping one eye on the fight now that it's begin in earnest. "Just Gael, please. Nice to meet you." Not too wordy yet, at least until he gets a handle on why exactly Perry is. Is he nervous about something, or is that just his natural state?

Again Melissa glances to the cage, looking like she can't quite believe what she's seeing. Or hearing, maybe. Who knows? Shaking her head again she looks back to Gael. "You and Perry should chat sometime. With fewer people around. I think you two would have a lot to say to each other."

"I consider this just- uh- an introduction," Perry says, dipping his head in polite acknowledgement, "there's- uh- no rush either. My- uh- social calender is being kept clear for a while." Laying low, even if he may be living it up, outside the city winter.

"Me, playing you?” Nick asks. “The guy strapped a bomb to my chest. I have no love for him. And I don't think you do either — if he's just your JC Penney, I can find you plenty of places that'll probably treat you better. Upgrade you to a Nordstrom's or a Bloomingdale's, yeah? And if you go in with me and let me know when and where you're meeting him? That's eighty thousand to spend in a shopping spree, am I right? Lemme give you a number, and you can think about it, yeah?"

He reaches into his back pocket for a card, a hand written phone number on the back in a tidy black hand. "Just don't try and play both sides, kid, 'cause you don't wanna make enemies with me."

Kailin's pelvic bone smarts but that's about it. It isn't the first time someone's resorted to going for the groin at the sudden loss of their powers. The cup absorbs most of the energy. Kailin maneuvers around Elle to get her in a tight hold. The way this girl is flailing, there's probably not a lot of ground technique to her fighting style. He won't have to punch her pretty little face to end this, in fact he can probably get out of the ring if she just taps out. But she's quite the flailer. He just flexes his back once he's got her in the right position. If she doesn't tap, going to sleep should do the trick…

Simple girl like me?" Lola asks, taking the card between her fingers. "Ah wouldn' dream of it. We'll talk, sugar, never you fear. We'll talk on it." She slips the card away with a flirtatious wink. "Now, are ya gonna buy me a drink, or are we just gonna sit here an talk business all night long?" Because, you know. He's cute.

Yes, indeed, Elle is a flailer. She also has fingernails, which are quite appropriately being driven right toward Kailin's eyes. "You asshole!" She shouts this out, kicking and flailing and slapping, but the biggest goal is to claw at his face. "I bet you think you're a really big man, beating up a helpless girl! You fucking coward, I'd like to see you do this when you're not negating me!" She is certainly shouting all the way down, as well, even as he is doing…whatever it is he's doing.

When the assault to Kailin's groin fails, Dax rises to his feet, shouting. "Get him, Elle! Go for his neck!"

Kailin works his way behind her to position her arms held up over her head now. He moves to get one of her arms across her neck while his arm, which is holding hers, presses down on the other side of her neck. His legs let hers flail about since she's not trying to get any leverage with them. If she doesn't want it, he's certainly not going to give it to her. When Elle goes for his eyes he just closes his eyes and leans his head forward, putting his forehead against the back of her neck where her hands won't reach more than the top of his head. "Shh… Just let it happen…" He doesn't need to see anything anyway, not now. It was over, even if she didn't know it yet. It was pretty textbook, especially against an untrained opponent. This was who Kailin was. He just holds on until this ride ends.

"I'm sure you're" Gael pauses, wincing as Elle goes for the low blow. Not unexpected, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. "sure you're right," he finishes, "should be interesting." He continues to watch out of the corner of his eye as he talks— you never know, it might end up sparking a full-on bar brawl.

"More interesting than this fight anyway. I mean, automatically going for the low blow?" Melissa shakes her head. "She must've been counting way too much on her ability. They're getting in a couple of…well, they're getting in some hits anyway," she murmurs, watching the fight now more than socializing.

Elle grits her teeth, her nails digging at any skin she can find purchase on. At the very least, she wants to leave him with a scar from the time he beat up Elle Bishop. Or 'Zoe.' "You asshole— you'd better hope that you don't get caught without your stupid negation!" She snarls this, struggling against Kailin. It's not that she doesn't want leverage. She's just…not so good with physical altercations, after growing up dependant on guns and her ability. Stupid negators.

Then, she uses his hold on her to her advantage. It's a last ditch effort as she feels the effects of the sleeper hold, sure. But it's an effort. She raises her feet off of the ground, curling up in his hold. Then, she brings both of those shoes down toward his toes.

Alas, that's the last bit of fight she has, though, as Kailin's military training wins out over her desperate attempts at actual physical fighting. She makes a choked sound, then she goes slack, out cold for the time being.

Dax sinks back down into his seat as Elle goes limp, reaching for a small flask tucked into his hip pocket, taking a quick swig of whatever is inside and shivering slightly as the alcohol hits his system. 'Zoe' going unconcious is not something he really wanted to see, but there it is. If he's a negator, Dax could probably take him in a fight.

This conversation can't carry on out here, and there is violence going on. Perry turns his eyes back to the fighters, hands clasping behind his back, lapsing into silence. Thinking, anticipating, at least while he can. While he's here.

"Well fuck," Nick says, watching Elle go down before nodding to Lola. "Except I think you'll be buying, that just might have been my last bit of the green. Didn't expect the little girl not to have any game." He shakes his head, tossing one more look toward the ring before tpping his head toward the door.

"There's a good little pub down the street a bit. She'll be fine — will wake up in a few moments. Nothin' to worry over." With that compassionate remark, he heads for the door.

Lola smirks a bit. "She bounces back," Lola promises Nick, moving to stand and walk with him out of the door to find this pub. "Ah imagine Ah don' mind buyin' at any rate. Shit, ain' like Ah ain' tossed aroudn enough money when yer ass was in the room anyway. Ya must think Ah'm loaded or somethin at this point."

Kailin holds the choke for a few more seconds, making sure of it with a last flex of his muscles. Then he lets go with a gentle release. He rolls her onto her side and lays her down gently, as though he had some concern for her. Kailin holds her powers at bay as he does so, however, cautious not careless with this woman. He puts a hand to the scratches on his head and backs away from the woman as he heads towards the exit, ready to be out of the ring. He doesn't really want to be around when she wakes up.

When Elle passes out, the announcer for the evening enters the ring, shaking his head. "And the winner of this fight is…Kailin! By KO!" And the bookies go nuts. Surprise negation always makes for some interesting bets, and more than one are collecting money from those who decided to put theirs on Elle, pre-negation. Stupid negators indeed.

Melissa shakes her head and turns back to the two near her. "Well that was exciting. Was barely worth showing up for. Kinda wish she hadn't gotten negated. Might've gotten a real good show." When did she get so bloodthirsty?

As Elle is dragged from the ring, Dax is there, peering up at Kailin standing there in the ring. It kind of reminds him of that scene from X-men part 1 with wolverine in the fighting pit, but this time it's not someone he's rooting for. "I'll take her." he tells the nameless thug, looping one of Elle's arms over his neck and lifting her slightly to help her out of the ring. Unconscious means he carries her.

Kailin looks up to Dax then pushes open the door to the cage, stepping out without a word. It wasn't flashy, but it got the job done. And that was the purpose, wasn't it. He wasn't there to be an entertainer. He was there for practice. He got it in more ways than one. Kailin flips up the hood on his jacket and goes back to keeping to himself. He walks over to a wall and rests against it as he catches his breath. He pulls his hood down a little bit more and turns his attention to the crowd. They hadn't seen anything spectacular and like usual he was pretty forgettable. He was okay with that.

Once the ring is cleared out, the announcer moves in to announce another fight, one of dozens that will be held tonight. But as it's getting close to curfew, some of the people are already starting to clear out. As much fun as watching underground fights are, especially evolved underground fights, it's not worth it to risk being caught out after curfew. But it won't be the last time people show up to see blood spilled. It likely won't even be the last time that people who were here tonight show up to see it spilled.

Or to spill it.

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