Splashdown In Tokyo


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Scene Title Splashdown In Tokyo
Synopsis The Nakamura siblings are reunited in their family home to discuss recent events.
Date April 21, 2009

The Nakamura Estate, Tokyo, Japan

The Nakamura Estate, where the family lives (or has lived), tends to be a somewhat lonely home of late. Kaito was here rarely enough. When Ishi died the home lost much of the live-in warmth it had, but for those that knew her the place is in some ways like a shrine to her memory.

Outside and in the distance, a dark speck appears on the horizon in the clear sky. It quickly grows larger, having followed the roads and geography to this place. Finally the shape, a human one wearing thick furs as one might on top of a mountain or in the snow, sets down carefully in the middle of the koi pond kept in the Nakamura home's enclosed garden.

Hiro can find this place from anywhere. Like a homing pigeon. In fact VERY like a homing pigeon because he must literally fly to it. As soon as he's down he begins shedding outter garments. His face is windblasted and flushed, and his hair's loose and all over the place, making him look like some kind of wild barbarian. The Kensei Sword is the main way one would know it has to be Hiro, and that he unslings to set aside so the rest of his things can be better taken off. Too many layers for the relatively warm air at ground level.

The Nakamura Estate is certainly full of memories for Kimiko. Of course, now she has her own place - an expensive luxury apartment in one of Tokyo's most elite high rises for high powered types like herself. But there's something fulfilling about this place, even if it's less a home now and more of a shrine to her mother's memory.

As it happens, she was waiting for Hiro just as he set himself down in the middle of the koi pond (oh dear!) and rose to her feet to slide open the door between inside and out. "Little brother," she calls out, "You certainly do know how to make an entrance."

Hiro sighs. He knows how stupid it looks. "I know. What I do not know so well is how to aim my landing." He sounds grumpy. With a couple of steps he gets out of the pond, feet soaking. The boots he's wearing will not come inside with him anyway. "Flying is fun, Kimiko. Do not let anyone tell you it is fun all the time though." It's one thing to fly across the globe in a jet where you can sleep or read a book or go to the bathroom without having to land and stop and then inevitably deal with possibly insane, hostile people.

"I can't say it's something I'll ever get to experience." she says with a faint smile and a neutral tone. She's the un-special one, after all. "Come inside, get cleaned up. I'll make something for you to eat. I have news for you, and surely you have some for me as well."

"Don't be too sure. I never thought *I* would be the Flying Man." mutters Hiro, taking a moment to remove his boots and set them to the side of the door. Stepping inside, he puts on the indoor slippers waiting there and carries the Kensei Sword. "I am so glad to see you, Kimi-chan. Forgive me for being cranky. I look forward to sleeping in a place where I don't need to worry about being discovered."

"You just flew from Nepal, Hiro. Kimiko's expression is gently exasperated. "It's not as if you just got off a first class Virgin Air flight. I'd be surprised if you weren't out of sort. I'm not kidding, go freshen up while I make something for you to eat." She makes a shoo-ing gesture. "I'll see that your room is made ready as well. Go on."

"Thank you, Kimi-chan." answers Hiro, giving her a brief bow of the head as he heads to the room that, when he's here, is usually his. He takes his time changing. By the time he appears again, it's in the study wearing clean, comfortable houseclothes. That alone is heaven. The next words he has for Kimiko are, "Where is Father?"

"Where else, the office of course." Kimiko says. "I did not want to alarm him about your arrival. I assumed you'd want to present your best." It's true, she really didn't think Hiro would want to meet with Kaito while looking like some kind of wild-man. She's in the family's kitchen now, apparently having not bothered to call for the cook or the housekeeper for something as simple as miso soup and some noodles.

Having Kimiko cook does make Hiro smirk though. He walks toward the kitchen and says, "I never asked before, but are you not taking over for Father now at Yamagato?" By the time he appears there Hiro can smell the miso. "What news is there?"

Kimiko hesitates for a few moments. "Father has shifted my direction." she confesses. "He has placed me in charge of the Yamagato Fellowship, which houses the largest collection of artifacts connected to Takezo Kensei in the world, as well as significant items associated with other great heroes. I am endeavoring to bring it more to the forefront, however."

That gives Hiro pause. "What about the Kensei artifacts that Linderman possesses? He has quite a few in his archive. I have seen some of them." Some of them belonged to him at one time, after all.

"Perhaps I will make offers." Kimiko says after a moment's thought, "But my understanding is that Daniel Linderman does not part with that which he collects." She shrugs. "The Fellowship is quite sizable, and not just focused on Kensei. Even though he has always been very important to our family."

"If I get my powers back I would gladly steal Linderman's artifacts for the Fellowship." It's an offer Hiro has no trouble making. It'll be a thumbed nose at Linderman and will put the things of Takezo Kensei back in Japan where they more properly belong. He rubs his eyes and looks for some soup to have. "News?"

Kimiko holds the bowl out to him with a soup spoon. "I spoke to that Ms. Chesterfield you mentioned." There's a pause. "She's very nosy. She tried to get me to tell her details about what happened to you and confirm I was meeting you here in Tokyo. There was a man she asked me to have you look at a photo of, to see if he is familiar." With that, Kimiko takes her iPhone from her pocket and tabs at it with her thumb. Once she finds what she's looking for, she holds it out to show him a picture of Tyler Case.

Hiro recognizes the picture when he sees it. That much is clear from his scowl. "The one who switched my powers with Nathan Petrelli." He takes the soup and agrees simply, "Cat is very nosy, yes. But she can be trusted. If you told her more then I don't think there's any harm in it." Not that he cares if Kimiko witheld whatever she felt like either. Maybe that'd keep Cat on her toes. He spoons a mouthful of soup and sighs contentedly. First food he hasn't had to steal in a while.

Kimiko smiles faintly, glad to see him properly taken care of. She fetches some for herself. "His name is Tyler Case. That is all that I know at present. She has my number, and I am sure she would like to know if you recognize him…not that I am sure how it does any good. I don't believe it's too late in New York if you wanted to make a call."

"After I've had some sleep." he decides, not wanting to deal with all the questions he's sure Cat has just yet. Hiro sips out of the bowl once, and then gradually just downs the whole bowl. He's hungrier the more he has. "Nobody else is dead? Has anyone heard from these others? The Nathan that has my powers now is not the one who's President. This one is from the future. He's older. Looks older."

Kimiko blinks at Hiro a bit at that. "A man from the future?" she echoes uncertainly. "I'm very lost as to what the point of all these goings-on are. If they transferred your power, did they do it so that this future Nathan could come back? Except for him to do that, you'd have to have been in his time for the transference to occur, yes? How does that work exactly? Were you in the future?"

"In the Moab prison I think. In the future. I was with the others we were raiding the prison with when I lost control of my powers and…jumped. It's happened before, but not for a long time." Hiro thought those days of losing control of his powers were over, in spite of having been spiked by a power augmentor. "Petrelli, some man with the power to control me with his thoughts. Which is how they got me. There was also that one man…Rickham. The one that was elected president but didn't serve. And some bookish looking man who seemed to be in charge. And this Tyler Case person. There may be others but those are the ones I remember. They are all from the future and used my power to bring us all to this time. Where they are now, I don't know. They could be anywhere."

Kimiko frowns at this, setting her soup down and suddenly not hungry. "It sounds to me as if they should not be here at all. They need to be in the future." A thought occurs to her, causing her to lift her eyebrows and stare at Hiro. "The only reason I could imagine someone from the future coming back to the past would be so they could change it."

Hiro nods once curtly. "When I went to the past it was at first by accident, and then to learn. When I have tried to change things, it didn't work." Which is to say he has tried. "Until we find some way to get my powers back, where they go and when they go is up to them. Unless there is someone else who can travel time."

Kimiko cocks her head. "Is there?" she asks. "Surely there has to be a way to keep them from changing things. But what do you want to do?"

"I don't know." Hiro admits, sounding a little distant. "We must find them. I can only hope that Nathan Petrelli's control over my powers is as bad as mine over his. Because he might end up stuck in the past or future for years by himself or unable to use them for long periods of time. Like I did." A pause and Hiro sets down the empty bowl and looks at it. "For now, I need to sleep."

Kimiko nods. "Your bed is made. Go sleep." The tone settles somewhere between suggestion and older sister bossy-tone, but hey, what's he going to do, not-sleep to spite her?

A small smile is Hiro's reply to that. "Thank you, Kimi-chan. I bow to your wisdom." With another of those informal head-bows, he turns to go find his bed and recover.

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