St.Joseph's Church
St.Joseph's Church
Owner None
Employees None
Current Status Abandoned
People Come Here For… Shelter

Long ago St.Joseph's Church used to be a bastion in a rough neighborhood on Staten Island. After the bomb and the exodus in the wake of the fallout cloud, the church was abandoned. For the four years following, this sturdy construction has served as the wayward home for a number of would be priests, drug smugglers, human traffickers and rebellious organizations. No one group or person has ever retained long-term ownership of this vagrant structure.

St.Joseph's Church itself is a resiliant building, having survived the exodus, the rise of the Rookery and the Great Storm of 2010 that dropped nearly twenty feet of snow on the city. The brick facade of St.Joseph's may be crumbling, its stained glass windows may be shattered and portions of the roof may have collapsed inward, but no amount of damage can truly crush the church's obvious spirit contained in every single mortared brick.

On the interior, the church looks battered by the weather. Wood is grayed from exposure to rain and snow, the pews have all long since been looted away save for two scuffed and scraped remnants. The dais at the back of the church is cluttered with debris from a collapsed portion of the roof and loose timbers spiked with rusty nails lay everywhere.

Signs of transient residency are scattered around the church, from empty beer cans to discarded pieces of ratty old furniture arranged like some makeshift living room around a smashed television. People come and go from St.Josephs, but few ever stay.

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