St Luke S Doctor Arrested
Date April 13, 2010
Relevant Logs Borrowed Time

MANHATTAN — Late Tuesday night the Department of Homeland Security performed a raid on the home of Doctor Thomas Benson, a doctor of oncology at St.Luke's Hospital in Manhattan. Dr.Benson was being investigated in connection to a string of unexplained murders occurring within New York City over the span of the last three months involving members of the Chinese mafia. A search of Benson's home and subsequent testing proved Benson positive for the Suresh Linkage Complex.

Further evidence found in Benson's home implicated the doctor in the murders utilizing his so far undetermined SLC-expressive ability. St.Luke's officials have refused to comment on Benson's arrest at present, and it is believed that Benson is being exported to a Department of Homeland Security holding facility outside of New York for security reasons pending trial.

DHS operations director Matthew Parkman was unavailable for comment at the time of this publication.

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