Volume Four: A Taste of Armageddon
Chapter One: "Phase Three: Endgame"

October 24th, 2008 to January 28th, 2009

10/24 Pestilence Death calls in a favor owed, and puts himself in the sybil's debt in turn.
11/11 The Painted Paths Two men consider an empty future; one with satisfaction, the other with doubt.
11/12 Nine Lives Odessa overhears a clandestine meeting between Kazimir and a German agent, unaware of the meeting's significance in the payload discussed.
11/18 Two If By Land The preparations begin.
11/20 Misdirection An old plan is abandoned, in favor of the new.
12/05 Welcome to Phase Three The one who actually knows what Shanti means is finally informed of Kazimir's intentions.
12/15 Code 21.25 Kazimir begins preparing his great act of misdirection as operatives from across the globe converge on Jersey City.
12/16 Pride Ethan and Odessa are called to Eagle Electric to be instructed on the conclusion of Phase Two and the beginning of Phase Three.
Escape Route In Jersey City, Drake and Rico lay booby traps around their base of operations, and reminisce about how they came to be where they are.
12/17 Stalk In the irradiated zone of Jersey City, King and Rico hunt the homeless as sport in preparation for the final phase of Kazimir's Work.
Lookout Ellinka watches the world pass by from her perch atop the Goldman Sachs tower in Jersey City, making choices and unexpectedly steering events with one curled finger.
12/18 Nemesis Odessa and Kazimir travel to the doctor's home in search of the end of the world.
12/19 Trusting the Untrustable Ethan and Sylar discuss the nature of the secrets they keep.
The Rear Window Musing over Ellinka's voyeurism, Rico learns a bit about the former spetznas trainee, and why she has become so loyal to the Work.
One If By Sea Aboard a cargo ship off the coast of New York City, members of the Vanguard begin installing the first of several devices necessary for the endgame.
After The Ball Was Over The dust settles from the Rickham assassination, and Phoenix regroups.
12/20 Licking the Wound Abby treats the President-Elect's injuries at the Phoenix HQ.
Consultation Hana and Noah Bennet contemplate how to take down the Vanguard.
Misplaced Trust After being banished from the Vanguard, Eileen seeks solace in the wrong person.
Prelude to Armageddon, Part I Kazimir's grand design is put into motion as Ellinka and Rico rig the bridges leading to Manhattan with explosives.
12/22 I Said It Was Complicated To satisfy her own curiosity, Helena confronts Edward about how he knows her, and the answer she gets is far more complicated than she may have imagined.
It's Everyone's Problem Meeting with Parkman, Helena and Hana discuss the particulars of the Vanguard, and how everyone has to get involved.
Futures Craved Odessa tells Sylar what she saw in Texas when Kazimir recovered the Shanti Virus.
Info Dump Helena, Brian and Cat catch Diego up to speed on the Vanguard situation.
Come Marching In In Jersey City, Hans and Kazimir recieve over one hundred of the Vanguard's operatives from around the world.
12/23 Roundup In Jersey City, Rico and King capture test subjects for Kazimir's final solution.
Stocking Stuffer On the Invierno, Drake and Ellinka discuss the nature of mistakes, and how to pilot a tank.
12/25 Mysterious Ways Edward is brought to Isaac's Loft.
Protection Ethan and Odessa discuss the end of all things.
The Dream Has Just Begun Eve dreams of future destruction.
12/26 Frauds, All Odessa begins to assemble her crew for Phase Three.
The Beaten Path Ethan and Sylar discuss the road to ruin.
12/28 It Would Be Easier Gillian talks with an unlikely candidate for world savior.
12/29 I Dream of Kazimir Eve relates her dream to the woman who can't forget.
12/30 Give a Man a Rope... Plans continue to progress, and loyalty is questioned.
...and He'll Hang Himself The executioner is given her orders: insufficient loyalty is to be rewarded with death.
I Dream of Skippy Eve and Jezebel discuss the possibility of a world-ending virus.
Backup Plan Jezebel carries her concerns to Hana, and receives an assignment for her trouble.
The Shape of Things to Come Only one variable remains to be confirmed before the Work can be unleashed.
01/01 The Man in the Box Peter insists Helena can stop the virus without him, and remains in his Homeland Security holding cell.
01/02 En Prise Odessa and Sylar retrieve what they need to usher in the end of everyone.
So We Fight Two members of Phoenix discuss why they do what they do, and how to fix a damaged world: one small problem at a time.
Knowledge is Power Mohinder and Sylar bargain.
Foxhole In the event that all else fails, prepare to retreat underground.
01/03 Devious Little Duckling Amato is less willing to accept Odessa's authority.
Prelude to Armageddon, Part II Most of the covert operations unit deploys to set up the final stages of Kazimir's grand design.
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