Volume Three: A Collective Fear

Chapter One: "Death's Embrace"

October 20th to November 10th, 2008

Out of nowhere, Evolved individuals appear, wreak havoc with their powers, and in short order collapse into messes both bloody and dead. The unfortunate are affected by their rampages — but it's clear the very unfortunate are the poor souls who go mad and die for no explicable reason.
10/20 Bang, Not A Whimper A Monday night in Greenwich Village yields unexpected company — along with pain, death, and confusion.
10/22 Fui Quod Sis Peter and Agent Woods reflect upon those dead and released.
10/26 Cherry Cobbler Lightning can and does strike twice. Figuratively.
11/02 Remonstrance and Requital Peter is tasked with investigating the recent rash of deaths and dissolutions.
11/03 Hey There, You Peter comes to Odessa looking for more information on the recently deceased. He doesn't get much.
11/04 One of Us, Two of Them Peter touches bases with his new… partners.
11/09 Turnabout The Vanguard are caught during a mission by an unexpected attack.
11/10 The Doctor is Out Peter finds out that Doctor Knutson has vanished from Level 5, and Elle finds herself doing more than eavesdropping when Peter notices her in the hall.
Midnight Oil A very tired Sabra Dalton is confronted by Peter about Odessa's disappearance; he is given permission to travel to India to find Doctor Mohinder Suresh.
In the end, the cases of madness cease to appear, with no answers for the rhyme or reason behind either why they started or why they stopped. It remains an unanswered question, a very glaringly loose end.
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