Volume Two: Divisions

Chapter One: "Something Old, Everything New"

September 9th to October 29th, 2008

Faced with a need to go underground and reconsolidate, PARIAH takes the opportunity to consider their actions… and their future. The first steps down this road yield a new home, new allies, a new method, and a new name — but the same goals and the same participants, albeit some on different sides of the newly drawn lines.
09/19 Escape, Evade, Regroup Two members of PARIAH make it out of the Company facility and into the keeping of the Ferrymen.
09/21 Imagine While in Homeland Security's keeping, Claire is introduced to a very unwelcome future.
You're Very Analytical Helena briefs Cat on the outcome of the raid.
09/22 Deconstruction Reprimands and recriminations flow freely as PARIAH looks back over the events of the raid.
09/23 This We Know... Helena meets Bennet and Wireless in person for an exchange of information.
Mud While on stakeout at the Petrelli Mansion, Helena makes a not-entirely-welcome acquaintance.
Into the Dark Daniel and Helena return to the tenement to collect pictures of Peter's mural and other items of interest.
Grounded Claire is released into her grandmother's custody.
09/24 Pizza and Plotting Helena gets in to touch bases with Claire.
Back to the Stage Many conversations and many subjects of an evening, including some concerning PARIAH.
09/25 Fists of Determination Helena looks for Claude's help.
Messages and Farewells Eve takes a leave of absence from PARIAH
Our Blessed Lady of Neverending Ammo Helena makes a new and useful friend.
I Have a Job for You A meeting brings forth plans and reconnaissance.
09/27 I'd Do It Different More discussions, this time on subjects relating to the Company.
09/28 First Day of School
A Shiny Record of Truth-Telling and Other Such Honest Behavior
I'm In
09/29 No One Expects The Russian Inquisition
Mind the Sunflowers
09/30 Red Heels and Rose Petals
Desperately Seeking Adam
10/01 Like A Party Game?
10/02 Unmistakable Identity
Keeping the Faith
10/03 I Know What I Saw
10/05 Brainwashed is as Brainwashed Does
10/06 Damaged Goods
A Sylar on the Roof
10/07 Evil Preppy Young Republican
10/08 Horn Rimmed Glasses Magic Eight Ball
10/10 Accelerant
Keep You Away?
It Is What It Is
10/13 Natural History Meets Evolution
10/14 The Best Suggestion
Simon and Sissy-Poo
Unlikely Housemates
10/15 And Jesus Brought A Soapbox
10/16 The Way to Dusty Death
We're Going To Give Them Miracles
So Little Time
10/17 Reality Check-In
10/18 Fiat Lux
10/19 Mind The Gap
10/20 Lunchtime In Little Italy
There Are Better Ways To Get Into A Girl's Pants
Side Jobs
Christmas Comes Early
10/21 You Should Have Told Me
10/22 Where The Wild Things Are
The Midas Touch
10/23 Join PARIAH, See The World
Trust The Midas Touch
10/24 Mallory and McLovin
Nothing to Say
Black Holes And Revelations
10/25 Changes are Coming
Reach Out and Touch Someone
Girl Talk
Casual Solace
10/26 Our Right To Resist
Rooftop Rendezvous
What Do You Do With A Drunken Alex
10/27 We'll Be Seeing You
Take No Prisoners
10/28 Hindsight Is 20/20
Creepy McCreepster
10/29 Dayhawks
From The Ashes
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