Stalking 101


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Scene Title Stalking 101
Synopsis Kendall needs some stalking lessons less conspicuous hiding places.
Date January 6, 2010

Greenwich Village

It's another cold, wintery day in New York, though at least it's not snowing. Despite that, it's below freezing, so there's not as many people walking the streets as usual. This doesn't seem to stop some diehard individuals, and a prime example of such a crazy individual is Kendall, huddled in his coat as he loiters outside the Rock Cellar. He seems to be muttering to himself, taking a step or two towards the bar and then backing off a few feet again. Fortunately for him, people talking to themselves in public is more or less ignored; New Yorkers are famous for ignoring people who don't concern them specifically, and the city is FULL of weirdos.

Even if he were to go in, what are the chances that Delilah is working? It depends on the week- and this week she's certainly not in the bar today- as she is making her way out of the building just above the Rock Cellar. There's a reason it's called the cellar- there is an apartment building over it. Delilah, even if she wasn't familiar, tends to catch attention by her colorful scarf, and the dog on the end of the leash wound around her hand. It's a heavy leather thing, and the other end is attached to one of those dogs that can only really be described as Monstrous. Samson, at the shoulder, is as tall as a preschooler, and a lookover puts him easily weighing as much as Dee does. Maybe it's a miracle that he is listening to everything she tells him to do, even to the point of sitting down on the sidewalk while she digs around in her coat pockets. His short fur is amended with a dog-sweater; it's gray, with an argyle pattern on the back. Samson looks silly in whatever she puts on him, but at least this one is not nearly as embarrassing.

"I know I put it in here, you watched me do it-" Yeah. Delilah talks to her dog! Who doesn't?

That's more or less what Kendall was arguing with himself over, actually. Likely she's not there at all! Upon catching sight of her, however, Kendall quickly ducks around a corner, hoping she didn't see him. Right, he's totally not a stalker, he's just going to, uh… gaze at her from afar. He peeks around the corner.

Even Samson can't sit that long on the cold sidewalk! He stands up again, just in time to be the one to see Kendall ducking out of sight. Cropped ears perk on his head, but otherwise he just stands there against Dee's legs watching the place where the boy disappeared. Oh, wait, there he is again, I see him peeking- Whatever the dog was thinking is interrupted by a tug on his lead. It is in the same direction as the teenage boy, however, so it sort of works out.

"We have to stop at the store anyway, I can get another one." Lilah's search for an object fails, and she draws her hands from her pockets to tug along at Samson's leash. He walks when she does, taking a few steps while putting his eyes up on her.

Kendall watches her come closer for a split second, and then he looks at…. the dog. Ulp. That thing looks like it could eat him in three bites, maybe two. He steps farther down the street, then goes to loiter in a newspaper rack. Such things have been less and less popular these days, what with the internet giving people news as it happens. He grabs a magazine and uses it in the stereotypical stalker pose, holding it in front of his face as he watches her walk her dog. Did she see him?

In basis, Kendall's plan should be working. The only one of the two paying attention to his direction is Samson, and Delilah is fiddling with her scarf- but there is just one thing that he didn't count on. It makes her pause as she scans the sidewalk ahead, leaning sidelong as she and Pooch get closer. That's that Kendall kid behind there, isn't it?

"…Your Cosmo is upside down, Kendall." Her voice comes from just beyond the magazine, audibly trying to quell a laugh. Samson just smiles and wags his tail, both content and interested in what is going to happen. I saw him too! He was hiding!

Kendall flinches when she speaks to him, and lowers the magazine. "Just, uh… er, p-practicing reading upside down. N-never know when that'd come in handy." he blinks and looks at the cover, then hastily sets it down. "Er, hello, uh, fancy meeting you here…" he stammers, avoiding eye contact as he attempts to become a color other than salmon pink.

Samson watches the magazine being put back, lifting his nose to sniff at it on the rack. Delilah stares at Kendall for a moment or two, and her mouth opens a little to say something, but she simply shuts it up again. Oh, isn't he adorable? It's quite heartbreaking. The redheaded girl smiles now, seemingly decided on a course of action. Samson, meanwhile, moves in for the- sniffing of Ken's legs. "Yeah, fancy that." Experience with Magnes and various other young male entities suggests that it isn't fancy at all- and judging by the shade of pink- he was probably here for something. "I- hm. I live here." And you do not, fancy that! For once, Dee is going to try to not be too brusque with her guessing games. It may not last long.

"Well, I was… in the area. I didn't know you lived here, of course, it's not like…" Kendall's stalking her or anything? Welcoming the distraction, he drops his gaze to the dog (although he didn't have to look /too/ far down, what is it, part bear?) and warily holds out a hand. "He doesn't bite, does he?" tangent time!

"If he bit, your whole arm would probably be in his mouth by now." Patpat. Her mitten- aww, mittens- finds the top of Samson's head while he tilts his nose to Kendall's hand. "He's a good boy. I don't think I've ever had to let him attack someone- he listens to me. Somehow. I'm still surprised. Maybe I'm a good alpha." Her thumb and forefingers rub at the dog's ear, which he apparently likes, as he tilts his head away from sniffing to lean into it. "You knew I worked here though." Oops, no, she's still got that pin on him.

"Th-that doesn't mean a thing. I mean, you don't work there 24/7, right? I mean, I go to school, but once the last class ends, I leave as soon as I can." Kendall babbles, patting the nose of the dog. "So, uh, what's his name?"

"Okay, alright, if you say so— his name is Samson." and Delilah! He jerks his head up attentively when he hears his name, and would probably be knitting his eyebrows if he had them. Well, what? "I got him from a shelter just this past summer, the name sort of just took the cake." Samson eyeballs her again.

Cake? 8<

Kendall laughs nervously. "Ahaha, seems like he responds more to 'cake' than to his name." he trails off into silence, and fidgets in place. "So, er, you live here?" no, wait, that's the wrong subject! "Ah, I mean, nice day, huh?" …oh great, now he's blathering about the weather. Totally lame.

"It's a terrible day. So cold and icy." Delilah laughs a little, and Samson lets out a small snort- which is probably just about the cake, but it sounds like he agrees. "Yeah, I live in the building above the bar. Three-twelve." Which, actually, sounds like an open invitation. Not that she'd expect much out of it, this kid is as nervous as a cat on a raft.

More like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. At least cats can swim! "Er, uh, that's nice? I suppose if Samson here ever got lost I could lead him home…" right, Kendall, use the dog as an excuse to scope out her crib. "Doubtful, though…" he regards the dog thoughtfully, still not managing to look Delilah in the face. "So, uh…" well that can't be good, his mind just went completely blank on something to talk about. "…come here often?" DUH, idiot!

Delilah nearly tears up from the sheer cuteness of it- she smiles brightly and laughs a little, glancing down the sidewalk and back to Kendall. "You are just the most adorable thing ever. I want to just pinch you." At least she;s being honest. "I have to take Samson for his walk- you can tag along if you want to. It would probably be more interesting than trying to hide behind this month's Cosmo."

Kendall flinches away when she says she wants to pinch him. And did she just call him… adorable? "Er, ah… I wasn't hiding, not at all." he glances at the magazine again, then shakes his head. "I, uh… better get going. Enjoy your walk." flee.

Delilah puts her fists on her hips when Kendall skitters away, his flight reflex kicking in. After watching his back disappear, she glances down to Samson, who looks up. "I feel like I'm in a sim-game and picked the wrong option. It's not me, right?" Samson blinks quietly in response, leaving his owner hanging on her question.

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