Standard Fare


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Scene Title Standard Fare
Synopsis Mika and Jaiden speak after their run-in with Amadeus.
Date August 18, 2010

Randon Hotel Room

Once they're upstairs, Mika sighs softly, stepping off the elevator. "Maaah! Where do youth learn to behave like that these days?" She scowls as she leads the way to the hotel room, running a hand through her silky black hair. "Can't believe that little brat." She shakes her head, before turning a soft smile up to the tall man. "Thanks for running to the store, by the way…I really do appreciate all of the generosity."

Jaiden follows behind with the cart, chuckling. "It is one of the perils of a cheap hotel, after all - the lot lizards sometimes take up residence." He fumbles with the key and slides it into the slot on the door. With a click, the door unlocks and Jaiden pushes it open. "Ladies first." he says with a grin, following her into a sparsely furnished, but clean, room, closing the door behind them and pushing the bolt in alongside to make sure the door is solidly shut. The bags are toted and laid on the bed. "Some of the things you asked for were hard to find, but I think I managed to get most of the things you wanted. And you're welcome. WE help because you're in trouble. It's not just because you're cute - it helps, but it's not just because you're cute. " He winks.

The girl flops down on the bed the moment they're within, spreading her arms out and heaving a sigh. "I do miss the politeness of Japan. If people were venemous or hateful, it was usually behind other's backs." She tucks her arms behind her head, smiling to Jaiden as he sets the bags on the bed. Then, she sits up, going through the bags. The groceries are quickly placed in the small fridge.

The clothes are sorted through, with sets for each age she tends to frequent. The main thing, a set of PJs, is quickly snatched up. As he compliments her and calls her cute not once, but twice in the same sentence, she offers a smile complete with a wrinkled nose and a slight blush. With a small giggle, she makes her way into the bathroom, closing the door behind herself. "Thanks for the compliment?" This is called through the door.

"You're welcome." Jaiden calls through the closed bathroom door as he makes himself busy, cleaning up, hanging the clothes that need to be hung up, putting the clothes for separate ages in separate drawers - younger on the bottom, older on top since older folks have a problem bending sometimes. The cast iron skillet is pulled from it's spot in the cabinet and placed on the stove, Jaiden starting some butter melting and some water boiling for rice in another pan.

When she comes out of the bathroom, she's wearing the slightly baggy PJ pants and its matching tank top, and she leans against the door frame to watch him with a thoughtful expression on her face. "So, if I may be so presumptuous as to ask…what is your relationship to Miss Elisabeth?" Her brows raise slightly, a hand running through her hair, followed by a little stretch.

"Relationship?" Jaiden asks, unwrapping some fresh scallops from their brown paper package, putting them in the pan to start to sizzle. "A friend at least. We've only just met a few weeks ago, so really nothing to speak of just yet." He smiles and tilts his head, adding a cup of rice to the boiling water. "May I ask why you wish to know?" He does pause, looking her over with an approving grin. The tank-top does little to hide her curves.

The woman watches the scallops sizzling, a small smile on her face as she moves over to the bed (Luckily it's set up like a studio apartment!) and flops onto her back, smiling over at him. "Well…I was wondering why she's got you looking after me, someone who is on the run from a terrorist organization. And if there were anything more than that. You know, standard fare." She shrugs, rolling onto her belly so she can watch him cook.

"Ah, now those are questions you'll need to ask her. Why she picked me…no clue. I"m the new guy at Redbird, I guess, and she wanted me to have an easy one to start with. As of now, no, there's nothing going on between us other than professional courtesy." He looks over as she flops down, her tank top going up to reveal her belly just a bit, smiling and shaking his head. "I'm not that interesting, Mika."

The girl laughs softly, kicking her legs up behind her, resting her chin on her arms. "Mah, you're more interesting than you think. What really interests me is why fate keeps throwing us together somehow. First you change my tire, then you're around when I'm taking out would-be grocery store robbers, then you're there when I'm on the run from a terrorist cell." She rolls onto her side, then, stretching out.
Jaiden turns the scallops with a pair of tongs, watching her as she rolls on the bed, then turning to face her, leaning against the counter. While she was in the bathroom he took off his shoes, his feet bare. "I don't know? Luck, maybe? The kami wanted to see if sparks flew when we got into the same room?"

The woman smiles softly, shrugging as she rolls back onto her back. "Perhaps that is the case. You could be a past lover reincarnated, or we could have known each other in another life. Or maybe you're right, and the Kami are throwing us together to see if sparks fly." She tilts her head to one side, peering up at him thoughtfully.

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