Standard Procedure


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Scene Title Standard Procedure
Synopsis As he promised, Grim turns himself into the Company after Adam's Gang gets back into town so to report in and hopefully clear his name.
Date September 11, 2009

Homeland Holding Facility

The call came into the base, late in the evening. Rogue Agent Seth Grimalken called in to say he'd be turning himself at an appointed time. Of course, he had to call in to the main switch board… Which meant that by time Carrie made it to the Homeland Holding Facility people were mobilized. They were preparing for the worse, Grim was considered dangerous.

Dressed in her biker boots, dark jeans and white button up shirt, she stepped quickly down the halls, which were a flurry of activity. She didn't look happy about all these people, but there was nothing she could do about. Stepping into the holding area, her dark eyes glance at the cells, and she moves to one of the empty ones and opens it, he did after all says he'd walk right into the cell himself. A small smile quirks the corner of her lip only briefly, before she turns to a man in a lab coat. "I will give him the neutralizer." She states firmly holding her hand out for the syringe holding the liquid. "It'll be easier coming from me." Glancing at the others, her hand curls around it. They all looked edgy. "Calm fellas. Last thing I need you doing is filling my former partner with holes." That said she moves out, posse in tow to meet the man at the door to the facility. With hope he won't pull any of his tricks, she thinks to herself. They were jumpy enough.

So ten minutes later, there Carrie stood, a little away from the men, syringe tucked in one hand "Where are you?" Carrie says under her breath in a sing song voice.

He was very true to his word although he was ten minutes late. Hardly his fault though what with mid-town traffic. A yellow cab pulls up in front of the building and Grim steps out of the cab, walking to the driver's window and paying the man before patting the roof the of cab. Turning around, he looks at the small crowd gathered and looks about a bit and hesitantly starts forward, his eyes on his old partner. "Castillo." he says as he gets close enough, addressing his old partner and walks right past her, intending to brush through the crowd gathered to enter the building like he has so many times before.

"Grim." Carrie returns a bit breathless, behind her is the sound of weapons coming up at ready, the sound rather loud in the area. When he starts to brush past her, she reaches out grab his arm to stop him. "I can't let you go in there, yet." She lifts the hand with the syringe, turning her palm up to show him. "Your to be neutralized till they can make sure your telling the truth."

Behind, her the armed men spread out, a pair of them inch forward, their weapons aimed at his chest. The black haired woman lets go of his arm so that she can put a hand up to make them stop.

As his arm is caught, Grim stops and jerks his head to the side to look at his old partner, his brows lowering in a deep frown as he listens to her explain. "Neutralized?" he asks, obviously having not expected that and then flashes his gaze back to those with guns trying to flank him and he starts to back up towards the street. "Back 'em off, Carrie." he growls, his expression darkening, hands clenching in to fists. "And you stay the hell away from me with that needle." his whole manner goes from confident and calm to erratic and alert very quickly.

"Don't do this, Grim." Carrie says carefully and calmly, taking a step towards him. "Your the one who disappeared on the Company and didn't call in until I tracked you down at the airport." Her jaw clenches as she holds back her emotions, it hurts like hell to see him backing away from her like that. "I could have just stuck you as you passed.. But I have too much respect for you. And I believe you are still loyal." She motions to the men around them. "They don't… it's standard procedure for rogues until they can determine their status."

Grim stops on the edge of the curb, his heels half an inch over it and his fists ball up all the more firmly. Closing his eyes though, he takes in a deep breath and lets it out, relaxing allowing the tension to drain from him. Opening his eyes, jaw clenched slightly, he nods to Carrie. "Fine. Go ahead and give it to me, but you will not like what you see…" he says, raising his brows.

That gets a frown and Carrie glances behind her. "I…" She glances back at him with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Grim." She closes the distance between them, until she's looking up at him. "It was this or the hard way and the hard way may get you put in Level 5." Her voice trails off a bit studying him, her expression softening as well as her voice. "And I want my….. partner back, eventually." She looks down then and pulls the cap off the syringe. "I'm sorry…" She offers holding out her hand for his arm, the needle held at ready so that one he gives his arm she can do it quickly.

Holding his arm out as she gestures for it and places his elbow in her palm, making a fist, he leans forward to talk softly in her ear. "Don't look at my face or you will never be able to look at me the same way." he says and then leans back. "You realize, of course, that I am going to hold this against you for a while." he informs lightly and looks beyond her, smirking at the men with the guns, Carrie effectively acting as a shield for him.

"I already hold this against you for making me have to do this in the first place." Carrie's voice is rough, it is apparent why when she glances up at him, tears in her eyes. The needle slips into this arm.. "And if this is all an illusion.. I will not be able to forgive you. My trust will only stretch so far." She pushes the plunger slowly and then pulls it out.. "Don't fight them…" She quickly turns her back on Grim, so that she can't see, and starts walking away.. "He's all yours.." She states quietly as she passes the agents trained on him.

The two that were inching forward, move quickly to restrain him, yanking his arms behind his back to cuff him. Their being rougher then they should, but then until he's proven innocent, he's a rogue.

The drug works quickly enough, his eyelids flickering rapidly, eyes rolling upward and there is a ripple in the air as the only illusion he has in place is dispelled. His torso below the shoulders is exactly as he usually appears, however his face is a criss-cross of scars and scar tissue, his appearance surely enough to make most wince or avert their gaze. Grim regains his senses as the two men rush him and he manages to get in sucker punches on both of them and gives a short, sharp laugh before they take him down, surely getting in a few punches of their own. As they drag him up to his feet once more, he spits a little blood out on to the sidewalk. "Pansies. Minute ago you were quaking in your booties…" he shakes his head as they lean him towards the doors of the building.

A clipboard in hand, Carrie signs a few things, but even as he passes her…. She doesn't look. Maybe she really doesn't want to look, or maybe she feels guilty about whats going to happen. She talks to the guy in the lap coat, handing over the recapped syringe. "Tell the telepaths to be ready and to expect a mental battle. He's a feisty one." She looks at the ground and calls out. "Grim.. Please behave."

Carrie scrubs a hand over her face and then looks skyward as if asking the higher power silently for help.

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