Starbucks vs. Hospital Coffee


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Scene Title Starbucks VS Hospital Coffee
Synopsis Trask gets real coffee instead of hospital coffee a discussion on theology of sorts and evolution.
Date December 27, 2008

St. Luke's Hospital

It's the day after Chistmas, and Trask is still in bed. On the left side his hand and leg are still done up. There is a small Tree next to his bed, and a robe hanging over the chair. Trask is eating a turkey sandwich.

There's a knock at the door, two knocks, followed by a head of blonde hair peeking in. Not all the way to see, but enough so she can ask. "Are you decent Officer Trask?"

Trask says, "Decent enough….what are you doing here? I saw the note…thank you""

The rest of her follows, not just the hair. Abby in her winter garbed splendor and bearing hot starbucks, creamers, sugars, stir sticks. SHe stands just inside the open door, looking over at him. 'Returning a favor. Bringing hot coffee becuase I know how much the coffee here is lacking. Or are you not up for a visitor?

Trask says, "Your always welcome, though you didn't have to look in on me, just because I gave you a good tip once….""

'I think we both know, Officer Trask, that there was more than a tip" The door is closed behind her, softly with her free hand before she enters properly, more than two feet. Convenient that the moveing table is already over the bed, she settled the carrier down. "Cream or sugar?"

Trask says, "Suger…no Cream…..I heard your being…..numbered."

"Already have. Elisabeth brought me down this morning. I have a little piece of paper right now, but i'll get my card in the mail. I'm just waiting now, for the line ups at my front door. But at least no one can threaten me, or blackmail me, or take away my right to have done it and make me do it" Abby pops off the lid, ripping open some sugar packets, stirring, then snapping the lid back in place and handing it over.

Trask says, "I'm sorry…I know how hard it was for you to make that decision, and I know it was my fault you had to."

"How is it your fault?" Abby turns, dragging a seat close, nearly paralell with the bed. She kicks off her boots, using her toes to heel method before tumping down on it, gathering her coffee and putting her feet up on the lowered rails of the bed.

Trask says, "He thinks your her source, thats why he is messing with you, and we both know.." He smiles and shrugs, leaning back, not saying it."

"And we both know that he's not going to get anything out of me. It's not your fault, anymore than it's Elisabeth's fault. It's me, taking a chance and healing people I don't know. He's not the first, and he wouldn't be the last. You know that. So what's for lunch? Vitamins and chicken soup? Oranges?"

Trask says, "Left over Turkey Sandwiches my exgirlfriend brought me." He seems in a rather chipper mood."
'Ex… girlfriend" Oh, well, that's a surprise, though, it's not like Abby converses about these things with Trask. "So, other than that, How goes it? How soon till they'll let you out?"
Trask says, "another week, then 4 months of rehab"

The blonde purses her lips, a look of helplesness. "I wish.. that I could fix that. You know that right? That I'd take it all away and make you whole. But god's… gift doesn't work around you Trask. I'm sorry"
Trask says, "He must just not like me" He smiles, making the joke, "I know Abby…but at the cost it has to you…I wouldn't ask you to anyway…."

"Nobody asks me to. And it's a cost that… that i'm always willing to bear Trask. If I couldn't then i'd be asking the lord to take it away" She scoops of her coffee again, taking a deep pull from it before pulling the folded paper that is her notice of registration and passing it over. "It says i'm Evolved. I didn't even bother trying to tell them it was a divine gift"

Trask says, "Would you rather it said you were given powers by god?"

"What I believe Trask, is not what everone else believes. You know that"

Trask says, "And a paper from the government doesn't make it true…or false"

"That paper is a label, and a way to make people feel safe. They don't know that, it's just a piece of paper. That paper won't stop me from doing what I do. It won't stop anyone from doing what they do. You can, but, not a piece of paper. But that piece of paper makes me feel like… I'm lying, to myself and to god, about who it is that lets me do what I can do"

Trask says, "They say…on that piece of paper, that you do what you do, because your genes give you the power to, right? Tell me, who made you have those Genes? Who picked you to have that particular twist of genetic code? Who choose you for that?"

"If it's some blueprint from god, that lets me do this, then it's.. a blueprint from god that lets me do this. He chose me, but that doesn't stop the fact that I can still do what I do, and not until god has been given his due and gratitude Ser… Trask. Why does it have to be a genetic code, some little thing on my DNA? Why can't it be god. Why must it be defined and labeled? Why can't it be my faith?"

Trask says, "Can't it be both?"

"It's hard, to imagine that it might be both. I've met another person, who's.. of the same thought as you. That it's both. That those blessed with a different genetic code, is god touched." She holds the coffee close to her, for a moment, resting her top front teeth along the top.

Trask says, "Why so hard? You know according to Evololutionary Theory, the Universe was created by a giant explosion, Followed by a Cloud of Gas, then the Formation of Planets, and then the Ignition of Stars. According to the Bible God Made Light, then an Expanse, then the Waters of the Earth, then the Lights in the sky. Tell me, why can't both be true, why can't God say Let There Be Light, and the Big Bang was Created?"

"And why can't I believe, how I believe? What's wrong with that Trask? Why am I not allowed to believe this be a divine gift with no earthly explanation other than I've been singled out by god, with a purpose?" She speaks it quietly, no anger or upset in her voice.

Trask says, "Does having an earthly explanation make it less of a divine gift? I'm not saying your wrong…they still havn't developed a test proving that it is genetic."

"I don't know" She thunmps her head back against the pleather of the hospital chair. 'I don't know. Whatever it is, whatever anyone else believes it to be, I know what it is to me, and that piece of paper is just a label"
Trask says, "It is, and not one to stress over, you know the truth."

"Sometimes. Other times.. I don't. Think i've given up on knowing the truth" She turns her head towards trask, one hand freeing up from the cup, offering her palm up for him to take.
Trask smiles, and takes it in his, holding her hand tightly.

Can't blame her for trying, trying to slip healing in. The small prayer escapes her lips as it's wont to do when she heals. But true to trasks power, there's nothing. His gift in full power. So instead, she just squeezes it. "Your still Officer Trask, big tipper, to me. Your also Sergie, the russian, who brings soup and oranges and vitamins to the rogue healer"

Trask bites his lip and nods slowly, "Less then a dozen people know that."

"I'll make sure, that it never comes from my lips" She squezes his hand tightly. "So. How's it feel to get shot?" and since the door is closed, her voice drops to a whisper. 'Know what else? I did something, that I'm pretty sure, no one else has ever done. I touched the president Elects heart. How strange and… powerful, is that?"

Trask says, "Physically held it in your hands?" Trask looks concerned.

"Fingers, I had to touch it, to fix what you know who did. He's fine. He's more than fine. Blood loss, I couldn't help with that. Mr. Parkman is fine as well"

Trask says, "Good….enough people died back there, I…wish I could have done more."
Abby nods. "I should go. I have a healing date, with a friend. Gotta fix his lungs and his liver. A promise I made. You be okay?" She looks over at him, watching, studying his injuries.

Trask nods, "I'll be fit as a fiddle in 6 months or so

"IN other words, your gonna be chafing at the bit and dying to get back out in the field" She truly does look upset now. But she squeezes his hand. "I'll stop by with coffee real soon. Can't ignore my best tipper. When your up, and mobile, Old Lucy's is where I work now. Drinks are on me okay?"

Trask chuckles and nods, "Deal….go out there…have fun"

One last squeeze and down she brings her feet, sitting up proper. The paper is tucked away, boots pulled back on. "For the record. Captain William Harvard" She leans over, looking up at Norton. "Is a right proper bastard who likes to intimidate and seems like a cocky bastard. And I think I really have used up all my bad word quota's for the year" The last boot thunk's home and she stands up, leans over and plants a chaste and tremendously platonic kiss on Trasks cheek. "Get better. I'll pray for you"

Trask smiles, "That he is, he's also Liz's boss unfortunately."

'I know. Oh boy do I know. Still makes him an ass for what he did. I gotta go. Long trip back to the apartment. I'll see you around. Rest Officer Trask" She picks up her back then, moving the chair back to it's proper place before heading for the door.

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