Statement By Homeland Security Transcript

Transcript of a public statement made on October 22, 2008 by Homeland Security General Counsel Matt Parkman at roughly 9:00 PM.

"Thank you all for coming out so late.

"This evening I was made aware of a certain Evolved individual's ability to change his appearance to mimic someone else's. What makes this worse is that this particular individual is not limited to this alone, but has several other abilities, is known to be a former member of the terrorist organization PARIAH, and retains contacts within that organization.

"I, on behalf of Homeland Security, urge you to speak with your friends, family members, and work associates to establish forms of recognition that could not be easily found out in order to keep yourself and your families safe from this new threat to our nation. When this individual was last seen, he expressed a desire to go to Tokyo, Japan. Rest assured that he will be pursued there by both American and Japanese forces, but we strongly suggest that you do not delay in taking these protective measures.

"Again, I thank you for your time. Have a safe evening."

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