Staten Island Bombers Revealed

NEW YORK CITY — After months of investigation by the Department of Homeland Security, an announcement today reveals that the alleged concrete-block bombing of several private residences on Staten Island earlier this year was the work of the private airline company Chicago Air, based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. Chicago Air, which had laid claim to the Miller Air Field on Staten Island, had been operating out of that location unlawfully for months prior to the attack. Chicago Air was in the news prior to the concrete-block bombings when one of their aircraft was shot down by Humanis First over Nova Scotia.

Chicago Air owner Peter Kobrin is believed to have been the mastermind behind the attack, which left an untold number of the "forgotten island's" residents dead or injured. Authorities working in tandem with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security obtained flight recorder information from the aircraft stationed at Miller Air Field after an anonymous tip led them to the location.

It is believed that Kobrin was planning a hostile takeover of the island in lieu of government activity in the area since it was evacuated after the tragic November 2006 explosion in Midtown Manhattan. Employees of Chicago Air present at Miller Air Field were apprehended by DHS agents Monday morning, and warrants for the arrests of others associated of other Chicago Air employees for questioning in the incident have been filed.

This move comes on the eve of preparations by the United States Armed Forces in cooperation with the FRONTLINE Initiative and the FBI to begin "Operation Reclamation," a planned humanitarian effort designed to proactively recover Staten Island from the criminal element that has seized it and begin restoring law and order to the region.

Focus on Staten Island has been increasingly vocal as of late, since controversial rapper Vincent King — also known as Shard — spoke out about the humanitarian crisis on Staten Island.

FRONTLINE Unit-01 is expected to move in cooperation with state and federal officials as well as the coast guard for Operation Reclamation by the end of October.

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