Staten Island Finds New Life

STATEN ISLAND — Now several months in, the Staten Island Reclamation project is finding new life despite the inclement weather hammering much of New York. Crews of National Guardsmen stationed at the newly renovated Miller Field have been working around the clock to continue establishing a security perimeter around what is currently known as Government Reclamation Site 17, but will soon be presented to the people of Staten Island as the Oakwood Outer District.

Plans are in place for Mayor Sylvia Lockheart to take a tour of the Oakwood Outer District as soon as April to survey the progress of renovations to the residences and the status of repairs to both the Staten Island University Hospital and to break ground on the Staten Island Collage, which will be situated as the northern-most point of the Outer District's reclaimed zone.

According to the city's reclamation plans, Staten Island's outer district will be the first step in humanitarian aid to the beleaguered residents of what so many have called "New York's Forgotten Borough." Plans are already under way for the appointment of private security companies to assist the National Guard and NYPD in the outer district's eventual expansion in the hopes that by early 2011 a large majority of Staten Island will be functional once more and ready for new residency.

Several community action groups and charitable organizations have begun working in cooperation with the Maxwell Development Corporation and the Linderman Group to help with the reconstruction efforts, though it is expected this year's violent and unexpected winter weather will be slowing down their progress.

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