Staten Island Hospital
Staten Island Hospital
Owner United States Government
Employees None
Hours of Operation Closed
Current Status Destroyed

Formerly known as Staten Island University Hospital, this facility is a two-campus, 785-bed former teaching hospital. Now the sprawling campus is patrolled by members of the Stillwater Solutions Private Military Company in accordance with their arrangements with the United States Government. The facility itself had been abandoned since the 2006 nuclear explosion on Manhattan when residents of the hospital along with staff were evacuated off of Staten Island. In 2010 the hospital was renovated and fully operational, patched back in to the local power grid and ready for use. The many buildings of the Hospital campus were understaffed with only a handful of the actual buildings on the two campuses open and operational.

Access to the hospital was restricted to government personnel and the razorwire fencing surrounding the hospital had large signs warning that tresspassers into the hospital will be potentially met with lethal force, some of which still remain. With violent crime as rampant as it is on Staten Island, warnings like this in government controlled areas are not surprising.

In the summer of 2010, terrorists belonging to the organization _messiah bombed the hospital and destroyed it, killing all of its employees. Rumors persist of fighter jets in the skies over Staten Island on that same day, but the United States Military denies any involvement in the hospital's destruction.

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