Staten Island Jane Doe Identified
Date January 26, 2010
Relevant Logs From Such Great Heights, Part I

STATEN ISLAND, New York — The Richmond County coroner's office made notice today that the body of a 23 year old white female found mutilated on Staten Island earlier this week by National Guard members near Swinburne Island was positively identified today as Gillian Childs. Childs, who went missing in 2008 shortly following the disappearance of her sister Jennifer, had been wanted for questioning related to potential eye-witness events relating to the 2008 Reaper serial killings that rocked Manhattan.

Initial reports from the coroner's office indicates that Childs' death was likely caused after significant physical trauma, and the method of death has been considered a copycat killing of the notorious serial killer Sylar, matching much of the infamous Midtown Man's MO, with enough departures to make NYPD and FBI investigators consider this to be the work of a new killer inspired by Sylar's infamous killing spree that spanned the United States.

The Childs family could not be reached for comment at the time this news went public.

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