Staten Island Reclamation Begins

STATEN ISLAND, New York — For the first time since the collapse of Staten Island's infrastructure in November of 2006, law-enforcement agencies are being given notice that operations may be recommencing on the island as soon as next year. With the reclamation of the Miller Air Field, United States Army Reserves and National Guard have begun laying the groundwork for what is being dubbed "Camp Hope" located at the airfield. This staging ground will serve as a temporary headquarters for local and federal law-enforcement agencies during the time of re-stabilization on the troubled island.

While details of the reclamation process are still classified, it is projected that by the fall of 2010, the entirety of Staten Island will once more be a functioning portion of New York City and all law-enforcement and public works will be restored to the island with law and order. Speculation still lingers as to how the government plans on handling the thousands of vagrants and squatters who have taken up residence in abandoned homes and facilities all across the island, and relocation facilities for the island's homeless are expected.

In a teleconference with Sarisa Kershner, operations director for FRONTLINE New York, the New York Times learned that the proposed Squad 2 of New York's FRONTLINE unit may be deployed as a peacekeeping force on Staten Island during the transition process. When asked about this statement, Mayor Bianco admitted that he "had not heard about this application of FRONTLINE" and that his office will "get back to us" once he has spoken with the respective agencies.

In a gesture of good faith, the Linderman Group has donated 100 million dollars to the revitalization effort of Staten Island and the reconstruction of public facilities that have fallen into disrepair in the three years since the bomb.

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