Staten Project Going Strong

STATEN ISLAND — Although Staten has been referred to frequently as the Forgotten Island, it seems that one high powered and dedicated ex-superstar has the island on the forefront of his mind. After first spreading a viral video, challenging Corporate America to help Staten, and then breaking into a News Station to challenge both the people and the government of America to stand together, Vincent 'Shard' King isn't done yet.

Reportedly, Shard has continued strong in his 'Save Staten' project. An abandoned Best Western Motel has been turned into a makeshift hospital and health clinic. An abandoned furniture warehouse has been converted into what Shard calls a Youth Center, the former bad boy rapper has even set up what some are calling a refugee camp. Sources say all of Shard's funding come from his own pocket, or the fund raising rallies which are held at least twice a week on the Island.

The Evolved rapper has been unavailable for comment as of yet, even though he is reported to not turn down a single autograph, when a reporter comes near he is now, flying away.

OOC: Hooks hooks hooks, page me if you would like to volunteer in any of these. :) Also the Shipment event will be coming soon!

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