Status Quo


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Scene Title Status Quo
Synopsis Discussions on the state of the safehouse, moving out, helping out and also, parties.
Date September 21, 2010

Gun Hill: Lynette's Apartment

This apartment is somewhat decadent. Plush couches and expensive lamps defy the fact that it sits in a worn building in the middle of the Bronx. Comfort and warmth are the name of the game here, found in every bit of the landlady's apartment. Soft blues and tans dominate the decor, and it doesn't seem like she allows anything that doesn't fit the scheme to stay in sight.

The kitchen and dining room are stocked and prepared to have guests, with a nice set of dishes, glasses and silverwear sitting in a chest in the dining room, but it's clear she lives alone, if one were to spot how many of those dishes sit unused.

The one exception to the color scheme is her office. It's always locked when she's not in it, but when it's open, the walls are a shocking red, the furniture black and the accents white. She offers no explanation for the dramatic shift for this room.

Today is a busy day for Robyn Quinn, spending what of it she can squaring things away and taking care of what business she's been putting off in the morning before she heads to work, but there was one big thing she hadn't quite gotten to that she's had to put off until after work, and now it's time to get that done with. She's been putting off talking to Lynette for several days now. Weeks, actually. So, it's time to get past that.

Quinn doesn't even make her way back upstairs to her room when she arrives back from Ichihara, instead making a beeline straight to Lynette's first floor apartment. A four beat pattern of knocks heralds her arrival, waiting a moment before she speaks. "Lynette! Are you home? It's Quinn!"

"It's open," is the call from inside, where Lynette is sitting with some paperwork, a half-full martini glass and a lit cigarette in a near-by ash tray. She looks… shaky and a little worn. Like she hasn't gotten enough sleep or something. Or, you know, is late on taking her drug of choice and is feeling the withdrawal effects. Whatever!

There is some light music playing in the background, a little jazz to go with the martini. After all, it was Sinatra who said 'Without the olive, I'd starve to death'.

Quinn pushes the door open slowly, stepping in hesitantly, eyes cast around the room. She smiles once she hears the music and spots Lynette, moving in the rest of the way, door closed behind her. "Hey!" she says in an almost abrasively cheery manner. "I wanted t' talk t' you about a few things, an' I've been putting it off for a bit. You got a minute, I'd hate to interrupt."

"Interrupt away, darling. I'm just looking over some papers, making sure everything's in order." Lynette sets the papers aside in favor of picking up her cigarette with shaky fingers. "Have a seat. What's on your mind?" She picks up the martini glass, too, because apparently it is a day to soak yourself in vices.

Quinn smiles warmly at the land lord, making her way over to the chair and settling in comfortable, before digging down into her bad. "I guess you don't mind if I smoke?" she ask, motioning to Lynette's cigarette as she pulls out her own. "I wanted t' talk about, like… the recent developments around here." She pauses, quirking her lips. "You know, the whole thing with Gun Hill bein' reclassified an' all that."

"Nope, smoke away." Lynette sits back in her own seat, relaxing a bit. "Ah, yes. Have you thought about whether you're staying or going? Joseph has offered to help get people relocated, if that's what you'd like. Did you have questions about the reclassification, Quinn? I realize the notice wasn't very explanatory."

"Ah, well… I guess a little clarification would be nice," Quinn says with a nod as she flips open her lighter, a black and gold lighter adorned with a bass guitar on the side. "I wanted t' talk about it because as it was, I was… thinkin' about movin'. No offense t' you or anyone else here. I'm fine with livin' in a safe house, but one that's on high alert doesn't seem t' sit well with me."

"Understandable, of course. We can get you into another safehouse, if you'd like…" Lynette leans forward to tap her cigarette into the ash tray. "Basically, there was a leak. The leak lived here. The leak has now joined up with the people that are after some of the people who stay here. So. We're pretty such they know exactly what this place is and what it's used for. Thus, the heighten alert."

"Wow, that… sounds pretty bad," Quinn replies worriedly, with a nod. "But I guess if people are after people staying here, keepin' em where a leak was makes sense." Quinn's own cigarette is lit, the lighter set aside on the table. "Still.. dunno. I want t' help out, but I just don't entirely feel comfortable about it." She leans forward,c racking her neck. "I'd been looking at Cat's building. Or I've had the Octagon suggested t' me, which I know isn't a Ferry property. But a good few a' my friends live there."

"You can help out the Ferry in a lot of ways that won't put you in danger. No one is asking you to take up the risk." Lynette pauses to smoke a little, before she lets it out on a smoky sigh. "Go where you're comfortable, hun. You don't have to live with us in order to help out. Live where you're comfortable. And don't feel bad about it."

"I know. AN' I didn't do much here either, I just feel like it was the ebst way for me t' help, you know? So… I feel a little bad, Plus there's people who want me t' stay." Quinn sighs, leaning back as she takes a long drag of her cigarette. "Still thinkin' about it, though, so we'll see. I just… wanted t' let you know, get your thoughts. That kinda thing."

"My opinion, Quinn? It's dangerous. You're young, you've got dreams and a life ahead of you… you don't need to give it all up for the cause. I don't know for sure that- No, I take it back. I saw them here, so I'm pretty damn sure they're coming. And I do not want to see them get you or any of the others. So. Keep yourself safe, if you can." Lynette seems a little extra tired as she speaks, a little more worn than usual, but that seems to be what the martini is for, which she takes a drink of.

Quinn reaches back, scratching her head. "Colette said that t' me once, too. She made it sound like she didn't think I was fit for the Ferry because I still had places t' go." The Irishwoman sighs, slinking down a bit into her seat. "But I like t' help people. Particularly evolved folks, so I'm going t' keep at it however I can." Quinn reaches over, ashing her cigarette in the trey. "I'm glad you're not upset or anythin'. Just because it's dangerous doesn't mean I don't feel bad about cuttin' in runnin'." She shrugs, grinning a bit.

"That's not it at all. You can help, you can be part of the Ferry. But this? This is a little above and beyond the call. It isn't how it normally goes. There's plenty to do that doesn't involve this much risk." Lynette smiles a little, wryly and crookedly as she goes on. "Of course, I'm not upset. And don't look at is as cutting and running, look at it as… restructuring."

"Well, that's good t' here," Quinn replies, letting out an exhale of relief. "I just hope I can find some other way t' help before too long. I'll have t' ask around for anything." She grin, her posture becoming a bit more comfortable as she takes another long drag. "It'll suck t' leave. I have too many friends here. You, Toby, Sable, Colette, Tasha, Tamara… among others. But so it goes, I guess…"

"I'm sure there's something for you to do. Depends on where you'd like to go, of course. The Lighthouse seems to always need extra hands." Lynette chuckles a little at those last words, though. "It's not like you'll never see any of us again. We're all still around."

"I keep meaning t' go by the Lighthouse an' see Doyle an' the kids. I miss 'em, it sucks not having 'em around. I was thinking of offering music lessons. 'bout the only thing I could teach, so…" Quinn laughs, shrugging. "I know, but it's not the same as livin' with you guys." Quinn laughs, shaking her head. "But yeah, I'm sure I'll still be around. Alot.' A pause. "Though, before I leave, I do have one other thing t' talk with you about."

"I'm sure music lessons would be appreciated, hun. I know those kids would love something to do. And would probably love to see you again." Lynette tilts her head at those last words, her eyebrows lifting. "What's that, darling?"

"I hope so. They're too adorable t' forget about, so I hope they want t' see me again. Particularly Mala. She is just the cutest little thing ever." Quinn giggles, shaking her head. Lynette's question has her reaching back down into her bag, and after a moment she produces a large puzzle peice, laying down a side with the world "golden" scribed across it down on the table. "I meant t' get back to you on this a lot sooner, but I've been busy."

When the puzzle piece is presented, Lynette blinks and sits up some to look over at it. "Oh, goodness, I'd forgotten about the puzzle pieces. 'Golden', huh? Alright, well. Toby and I have a little collection going, if you want to add… we saw an add in the paper about someone who's looking for them, too, might team up there and see what we can pool together."

"I know Ygraine got one, an' Delilah too," Quinn notes as she slides her puzzle piece over to Lynette. "I've got a picture of both sides a' it on my phone, so I don't mind givin' it to you guys. Do we have any idea what it's all about? It seems weird that a bunch of us Ferry folk are gettin' 'em in the post. Though, an ad in the paper…" Quinn leans back, looking thoughtful. "I saw somethin' on Craigslist too, when I was millin' about the internet last night."

"Yeah, it looks like they're going a little all over the place. But what we've been able to gather… is that some guy took the time to put all this together. I'm assuming it's some sort of activist. I guess if we ever get all the pieces together, maybe we'll find out what he's trying to tell us. Seemed harmless, though." Lynette picks up the piece, setting her drink aside for the occasion. "I admit, he's gotten people's curiosity piqued."

"Tell me about it," Quinn remarks with a chuckle and a shake of her head. "Ygraine an' I both really want t' figure out what's goin' on with it. I'm curious, but a little worried, too. Somethin' on Craigslist could be good or bad, since these seem t' be going t' Ferry people so far. Do you know anyone else who's gotten 'em?"

"Personally? No. But people in the paper, on line, they're all talking about it. It wasn't just us." Lynette stands to stride over and slide that piece into a drawer, before she turns to look at Quinn again. "I wouldn't be too worried, dear. Some people just feel the need to be heard."

"What a weird way t' do it, though," Quinn says with a sigh, a final deep, long drag finishing off her cigarette, it placed into the ashtray. "I mean, the odds of all those puzzle pieces ending up t'gether? You don't need t' be good at math t' know it's not going t' happen."

"Perhaps not. But people are talking about it, aren't they? And paying for ads in the paper and so forth. Who knows, maybe someone will figure it out." Lynette comes to sit back down again, picking up her drink. "I think this city lives in a state of curious paranoia. We believe it's going to be bad, but we have to see it. You know what I mean?"

"Seems like it these days," Quinn replies with a quiet laugh. "I'm usually pretty good at livin' outside it, though. Can't say I blame anyone, even if think a lotta the reasons are silly. But then, I try t' be a beacon a' light." A pause, and a fuller laugh. "Which I guess is a little ironic, but that's how it goes, isn't it?"

"Indeed," Lynette says with a wry grin at those words. "You are that. Whether you like it or not, I suppose." Finishing off her drink, she spins the glass between her fingers a bit. "We'll always need someone like that. So keep it up."

Quinn waves a hand dismissively, shaking her head. "I don't plan t' stop. Particularly not now, no." She sighs, pushing her seat back a little. "Only other thing I wanted t' talk about was t' let you know you're invited t' my birthday. Not sure when I'm havin' the party, or where. It'll be next week, though."

"Your birthday? Well, my goodness. Of course, I'll be there. Just let me know when and where, darling." Lynette smiles gently, even a bit warmly, if still tired over all. "Is there anything in particular you'd like? Gifts, I mean. I'm terrible at guessing."

Quinn laughs - or is it closer to a scoff? - at that. "I didn't tell you t' get a present. Don't worry about that, I'm not a present kinda person. Just come an' enjoy the party, I think that'll be good enough t' me. I'm thinkin' of throwin' a Halloween party too, when the time comes. Should be a good time."

"Well, too bad for you, because I am a present person and you're just forcing me to figure something out myself. And I'll make a terribly disappointed face if you return it." She's teasing. Maybe. Lynette brings her cigarette to her lips then, and nods. "Ah yes, it's that time of year, isn't it?"

Quinn sighs, laughing at Lynette. "Well, if you're going t' insist, you're not the first. You know, music stuff is the safest bet. Anythin' cool I could decorate a place with, cause I totally suck at that, you know?" And then she nods. "Totally! I'm tinkin' of rentin' the Rock Cellar an' throwin' a really bitchin' party! Costuems required, a conest, maybe some prizes an' shit? An' music, a' course."

"Alright, I'll try for something that won't embarrass you to have laying around." Lynette smiles crookedly as she goes on, though, and seems generally amused. "Costumes, hmm? I can't say I've ever been very good at that… but I'll see what I can come up with."

Quinn smiles wide, giving a nod. "Whatever works. I wouldn't mind somethin' risqué t' put up, it'd give the place flavour. An' hey, it can be anythin'! Just buy somethin' form teh sotre if you want. Or don't dress up, it won't be a requirement! But all teh ebst Halloween outfits involve costumes. Dunno what I'll wear, though. It's a bit outside my normal tastes, but I was thinkin' of talkin' t' Sable - we could dress as Joan Jett an' Lita Ford. Or somethin'."

Lynette chuckles at that, shaking her head a little, "I'm sure Sable would love it. But count me in. We could all use some fun, anyway. It's never good, things being so serious all the time."

"Amen t' that." Quinn replies with a chuckle, before glancing off at the door. "I know I need light heartedness in my life. I can only assume everyone else does. Even teh droopier of us. Especially the droopier of us. Feel free t' tell whoever you want, as long as you think they're good. There'll probably be a lotta Ferry people, so… yeah."

"Well, I suppose I'll have to tell Toby. He'd be so upset if there was a costume party without him," Lynette says with a smirk as she rises to her feet. That shakiness seems to have gotten worse, for all her friendly demeanor, she can't hide that. "I'm sorry to cut things short, hun, but I feel like I'll fall right over if I don't eat something." Yeees. Eating. >.>

Quinn quirks an eyebrow at Lynette and nods, smiling. "No worries. I'll let you know when I get things set up a bit more concretely! Enjoy dinner, I'll grab you later." Hoping up from her seat, Quinn grabs her bag and begins to make for the door, only pausing once she reaches it, hesitantly turning back towards Lynette. "Even if I move, Lynette, that offter t' talk's still up. Just gimmie a call." And with that, she's out the door.

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