Stealing From Big Business Is Always Fun


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Scene Title Stealing From Big Business Is Always Fun
Synopsis A visit to the bank, ends with Kaylee in a seedy motel with a stranger.
Date August 07, 2009

Upper East Side

Before the bomb, the Upper East Side offered some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, which the upper-range of residences reaching upwards of 70 million dollars. In the wake of the bomb, the economic collapse of New York drove property values down through the ground. This was only compounded by the southwestern portion of the neighborhood being in direct proximity to the blast area, causing rampant fires that destroyed dozens of blocks of residential and business areas.

The Upper East Side has the privilege of being on the border of ground zero, with a barricade of one story tall concrete blocks forming a barricade around the ruins of Midtown. Entrances into these regions are protected by Homeland Security checkpoints reinforced by national guard. It is this jagged blight visible on the horizon of the neighborhood that has been a grievous scar on an otherwise well to do region of New York.

Despite itself, perhaps, the Upper East Side has done as good for itself as can be imagined in the wake of the disaster. Much of the western portion of the neighborhood has dropped so significantly in property values that it has become residential shelters for refugees capable of affording a living. The northern-most regions of the neighborhood though are beginning to thrive again in the wake of economic stimulus thrown into the area following modest reconstruction efforts. Private and public donations to rebuild the region has resulted in a recovery to some of its former grace, but the damage done by the waves of riots and arson following the bomb may never truly be recovered from.

He doesn't look like Hugh Jackman. Nope. Not at all. In fact, what is stepping out of the bank is dressed, and looked, rather more Hugo Weaving, so a very different australian. The dressed in question refers to the Matrix, down to the earpiece mike in his ear. He is closing a briefcase. Except… just for a moment, in your mind, you hear the words, 'Hope the plastic bag holds together'

Arriving on er motorcycle, Kaylee for once isn't in the area to to go to work. No, today is payday, so she's heading into the bank. Helmet hanging loosely from her finger's, her other hand stuffed in her leather jacket, she brushes by the guy in time to accidentally catch something. This makes her stop just behind him and look back. Plastic bag? Her eyes narrow a bit more and she lets her mind skim his a bit more.

The phrase, 'Stealing from big business is always fun' drifts effortlessly through Kaylee's mind. The man himself is putting out his hand for a cab, and fails to find one. He gives a theatrical sigh, and starts walking down the street.

Okay.. Now she's really curious. Kaylee slips back out the door of the bank and moves after him. Picking up her pace a bit, she digs a couple of bills out of her pocket and hurries to catch up. "Hey.. excuse me." She calls pleasantly, she comes up along side up, holding the money up. "«You dropped this.»" Her ability comes into play as she makes him remember dropping it. "We all work so hard for our money. Would hate for someone to loose theirs."

Tony turns and gives a faint smile, nodding slowly, "Thank you, ma'am." It's the clipped, american phrasing of Agent Smith. "I deeply ap-preci-ate it." He takes the bills, and tucks them neatly into a pant pocket. Pants? A little odd, but there you go. "Honesty is most under-rated in these times, miss."

"Mmm. Yes it is." Kaylee says with a small smirk, giving him a look over. She finds the comment amusing since he's so obviously up to something. "So… you always take from the rich?" She asks coyly, swinging her helmet idly, giving him a knowing smile.

Tony pauses, and then reaches into his pocket, "I don't imagine you would…… care to clarify that statement, Miss?"
Inside jacket pocket

"Not sure what your going for there.. «But you don't want to do that.»" Kaylee still has a rather bright smile on her face. "Don't worry." She gives a wave of her hand and a wink. "I'm not a threat really, meerly curious. Since you talk about honesty and well, you don't exactly practice in it." She leans in a bit as she says the last, as if letting out a big secret and not wanting anyone else to hear. Her mind brushes his again checking for something anything. Come on big boy.. what is your secret.

Tony produces an FBI badge, "I think, Ma'am, you're showing abilities which…" And his voice lowers, "… are contrary to acts of Congress. And I invite you to step along with me. Please don't make a fuss."
His mind is saying, "Oh, God. Unregistered? Let her be unregistered, and needing a friend."

The badge actually, gets a chuckle from Kaylee. "I do?" She sounds surprised, but it's obvious she's not. Her head tilts a bit and she arches a brow. She could make him look away and just leave.. but.. He fascinates her. So, she motions him to walk as she moves along side him. "I work not far from here.. There is a Pub, called Biddy's? I work there sometimes." She offers rather conversationally as if nothing is wrong.

Tony tucks the badge smoothly away, and steps forward, to place a hand on your arm, "I think we need to speak in more privacy. You are not, at this time, under detention, ma'am, but we need to move. Now."

"If you say so." It's obvious Kaylee knows somethings up, she lets him grab her arm and guide her along. She's confident she can get away when she needs too. "I won't go anywhere too private though." She gives him a matter of fact look and then her lips tug into a smirk.

Tony nods, thoughtfully, "Okay…. well…. we can… yeah, if we go this way… there's a bar with several rooms… one of them should be pretty quiet." And he leads you through the streets, quickly, certainly. Whoever he is, he's clearly been around the city long enough to learn his way around.

Seedy Motel Somewhere

It's a nice, quiet, public room. It's a bar you've not noticed before. But then, who can, in all of New York? He hurried you through, really quickly.

There is no argument from the blond as she is hurried along, an amused smirk on her face. "FBI, huh?" She doesn't sound very convinced. Once it's obvious they are where he wants, she drops into a seat and crosses her legs and then her arms. "So… I hear it, that you enjoy taking from big business?" She asks rather cheerfully.

Tony says dryly, "Who doesn't? If they've broken the law, they need to repay it. Don't you agree?" His head cocks slightly. The eyes are alert. Watching you. "And from who do you hear it?"

"Oh.. I agree. But the question, Mr. Robin Hood.. Do you take from the rich and give to the poor?" Kaylee breaks into a smile. Her eyes hood a bit as she considers him that smile still there. "I.. have my sources. Mostly.. you think too loud." No reason to hide it, at the moment. She nods her head to the briefcase. "How did you do it?" She asks curiously.

Tony says, quietly, "Keep out of my head." He mops his forehead, "I'm sorry. I'm finding this a little tiring. Do you mind if we…..?" And he clicks his fingers. Oh look. Not a quiet bar room. A hotel bedroom.

A very cheap looking hotel bedroom.

"Actually.. I wasn't in your head… " Kaylee starts and then the scenery changes. "Whoa. That.. That is cool." She comments with awe. She glances down at the bed that she's sitting on and gets up. She turns that smirk to him and shakes her head, she eyes search his face. "Your not like me.. So.. Illusions then? Sweet. Much more useful ability." Another glance around and she looks him over and chuckles. "This is your idea of not very private? And is that the real you?"

Tony wavers a hand, "I'm not going to show you the real me, no. Under the circumstances, right?" He stands in his turn, "It's useful. It has its moments, and you have to appreciate I don't take from anyone who doesn't, in some way, have it coming to them." He chuckles, "And I don't make a fortune for myself, if that's what you're asking."

"My father was one of those business types.. He was an ass. So. I don't have a problem with you taking from those that deserve it." Kaylee clasps her hands behind her back as she kinda slowly paces the room. "He left me a sum of money, but really. I haven't touched it. I work for my money." She turns on her heels to face him again. "And this is how you live? Or is it for my benefit?" She arches a blond brow.

Tony says, "Oh, all for yours. Just in case I needed to… you know… leave you in an FBI cell, or something." He chuckles, "Alright. So… you're a mind reader, right? Does anyone know?""

"Not too many. It's not exactly something I flash around. Casue I don't want the government coming to recruit me for something like FRONTLINE. You, however, made me curious." Kaylee chuckles and murmurs. "That tends to get me in trouble." She moves to sit on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs again. "And I'm gonna guess not too many know what you do either."

Tony shrugs, "A few. Both ways. Crime _and_… you know… the rest." He pause, "Look. You can call me Tony, yeah?" He glances to where you're sitting. "Now… we ought to leave it at least another hour before we leave… in this sort of hotel." He ponders, "If you _want_ to meet me again, I can take a number, maybe?"

"Kaylee.. " she offers brightly. "Well, I can say the same.. If you want to meet again. I work at Biddy's occasionally.. . And I have to admit.. my other employer, Adam, would find you interesting, but no worries. I won't say anything to him. He'd be a little irritated with me." She leans back propped up by her hands. "So… another hour? What do you want to talk about while we wait?"

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