Sticking It To The Man And Other Topics


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Scene Title Sticking It To "The Man" and Other Topics
Synopsis Conrad, Liz, and Abby run into one another on Christmas Day and hang out a bit.
Date December 25, 2008

The Nite Owl

Christmas Day…. and the Nite Owl is open. In all actuality, Elisabeth wasn't sure it would be — it's Christmas Day! But she made her way here sort of on autopilot, and now she slides into a booth and orders a cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie. Unwinding her scarf from her neck and dropping it, her hat, her gloves, and finally her coat onto the bench next to her, she's wearing a pair of snow boots, jeans, and a white mock turtleneck beneath a tan blazer. She smiles at the waitress and murmurs gratefully, "Thanks" as the coffee appears in front of her.

As if by astute prediction, one of the patrons at the bar turns around on his stool and looks at Liz. "Hi Honey." Conrad tells her with a smirk. "Have a good Christmas? Get everything you wanted?" Frankly Con would've left coal in a lot of stockings this year if it were up to him. Maybe not Liz' though. "Why aren't you hanging out with your family?"

Elisabeth blinks and looks up, startled. And then she has to laugh softly. "Well, shit… of all the people in the city." Shaking her head, Elisabeth gestures to the other side of the table in a 'you're welcome to the seat if you want it' kind of wave. "I was spending it with my family. But it was probably the single most uncomfortable Christmas dinner I've ever had in my life," she replies mildly. "My father's got a new girlfriend." She rolls her eyes. "I'm 33 years old, and my father having a girlfriend just royally weirds me out."

"Why? Is he not allowed to enjoy a piece of ass as much as the next guy?" asks Con with a grin, knowing full well how that'll probably skeeve Liz. "Is she about his age or is she this pretty young thing who could be your sister?" See, that's the definition question right there. Without waiting for an invitation, Con gets up from the bar and comes to sit across from Elisabeth.

Elisabeth does, in fact, make the 'oh yuck!!' face. "Christ, Con… now that's an image I didn't want. She's someone his age. It's just… " She shrugs and grins. "She's the first person my dad's been remotely serious about since my mom died. That's all. It takes some getting used to. I wasn't expecting him to be all celibate and stuff, but…. eew!" She's not naive, after all, and seems mostly to be teasing about the 'eew' factor. "I just felt sort of like a third wheel once dinner was over. What about you?"

Ring ring ring goes the bells overtop the door to the Diner. Abby's stomping off skush and picking her way in. Morning spent at the apartment, then to the ruins with Teo and then back out, she's making her slow trek back to the apartment. Someone walked her out of the Ruins, not deigning or daring to go out alone till she was in the city proper. Gifts in arm for two people here that don't include conrad or Elisabeth, she's having a better Christmas day than Christmas eve.

"What do you mean about me?" asks Con with a grin. "See, you gave your dad the best Christmas present of all. Time alone with his new girlfriend. When you get back, best flip the cushions on the couch to be safe." Oh yeah. He's loving the tease. He seems about to say something else when he glances over his shoulder at the new arrival and notices it's Abby. Turns back to Liz. "She follows me around."

Elisabeth chuckles softly. "Well, at least one of us is spending time with a significant other," she comments. And then the door opens, and she smiles at the sight of Abby. "She does, huh? Must be that amazing magnetism you got going for you or something." Thoroughly tongue-in-cheek.

Obliiiiivious! Abby marches to the counter and then behidn the counter, presumably to look and see who's working tonight other than the strange waitress that she doesn't know who's working and just give a look to. Out of view of the other two she goes.

"Yeah. They're fallin' over for me." replies Con with just as much sarcasm, happily directing it at himself. "Don't be too rough on yourself. You're significant enough all by your lonesome." he says with a grin. For once Conrad's in here without a drink or dish or anything. He's just literally hanging out. Probably didn't come here to eat. "Wonder what the kid's doing?"

Elisabeth sips her coffee and raises a brow at the look Abby gave the waitress. "Looks like playing Santa," she says mildly. "Although I wonder what the waitress did to piss her off — that was an interesting look she just shot." Then she grins at Con. "What'd you think of the gift she gave you?" she asks with a laugh. Cuz she knows what Abby gave Con.

Blink. Obvlivious. "What gift?" he asks. Conrad shakes his head and explains, "Probably hasn't caught up to me yet. I haven't exactly been available lately, so I'll probably have to find it late. Wherever it is. I don't hang out in the same places most everyone else does."

And back out the kitchen doors come Abby. Now without presents. Her blue winter jacket still on, but gloves off and peeling off her hat to stick it in a pocket. She glances around the place, pleasently surprised at seeing Elisabeth and then Conrad. A coffee cup gahtered, coffee poured and she starts to wend her way to their table and plop her ass down without asking for permission.

"Ah," Elisabeth replies with a grin. "I'll be entertained eventually, then," she comments, sipping her coffee again. "And I was asking what the heck you're doing hanging out here with nothing better to do today," she says even as Abby reappears. "Thought I might ask you if you wanted to find something for dinner, maybe." She looks up as Abby approaches.

Conrad answers Liz almost immediately, "Love to." He looks up at Abby and scooches over in case she wants to sit next to him. "Hey kid. How's your crusade for goodness and light?"

Down beside Conrad Abby parks her winter clad rear. "It goes. Strong as ever, faith being rewarded. There's dinner at the place, if your hungry later. I cooked before I took off. Feast for many. Evening Elisabeth, how are you?" Cooooofffffeeeeeee. She'd filla thermos and down it if she could. Then fill it again. "Hows your holidays Conrad?"

"It's moving along. The march of time." replies Con lazily. "Liz just invited me out to dinner." he adds with a grin and a point at the lady across the table from him. He leans a little toward Abby and stage-whispers, "I think she likes me."

"Or maybe she's desperate?" She can play the game of teasing. Abby tries to maintain a straight face when she utters those words.

"Definitely desperate." agrees Con. He glances at Liz and then talks to Abby as if Liz wasn't even there. "Think I oughta write her a note? Or wait…you can ask her for me." This is almost as fun as giving Liz crap about her dad and his booty call.

"i'm not doing your dirty work old man. Becuase you'll just stand her up and break her heart and then she'll come knocking on my door and i'll have to fix that heart, nuh uh, no way" Abby shakes hear head emphatically, golden hair going side ot side as she does.

Elisabeth rolls her eyes at the two of them, amused. She keeps her own counsel on why she asked Conrad to dinner, but she does watch the byplay between them with a grin. "You two are ridiculous," she finally tells them mildly. "As if I'd ever set my heart on Conrad. He's just a rebound lay to get over being dumped, that's all. He's not a keeper. And what's even better, he's perfectly fine with it!" She sips her coffee, giving every appearance of being totally casual.

"There, see?" Con says to Abby, gesturing to Elisabeth. "She's the heartbreaker!" He's obviously amused too though. "And now I know who I can rely on to get my back. Somebody Other Than Abby." He gives the girl next to him a mock stare as if she can't be trusted.

God, it feels like normal, and she needs this. "I have your back, just not when it comes tos educing pretty women. Same as Elisabeth, unless she's seducing old men" taaake a big sip of her coffee now to hide the smil, abby's blue eyes dart quickly to either person.

Elisabeth snickers at Abby. "Good to know when you're NOT gonna have my back, woman. I like to know when I'm gonna be flying solo," she replies with a wink. "Seriously…. how're the boys? How was your Christmas?"

"She just called you old, Liz." observes Conrad. "We're like the same age, almost. Or two years off anyway." He lets that hang though.

"It was … different. I'll say that. Faith reaffirming.." Abby bobbles her head up and down. Conrad gets an elbow for his tattle taling. "We still on for tomorrow Elisabeth?" More coffee. Sweet blessed delicious divine coffee.

Elisabeth shrugs easily. "To her, I *am* old, Conrad. C'mon, you don't remember being younger than 20? Wasn't everyone old at that age?" She grins at Abby, though, seeming to take no umbrage. "Yeah, we're definitely still on for tomorrow. What time?

Conrad seems to think about it. "Nah. I was always very respectful of my elders and never sassed them." With that, Con proves that God at the very least is not paying attention or perhaps apathetic because of the lack of retribution lightning. "By the way, Liz, remind me later that I have something important to show you. I want some of your professional type opinions on it."

"Morning. Rather get it over and done with. I didn't go to work last night, so i'll need to put in extra hours tomorrow and tonight" Abby plots out her next day in her mind even if Conrad is blabbering away as he's usual to do. "Buying a vest Conrad?" SHe smiles broadly, even as the new waitress comes over to fill up drinks and pour more coffee.

Elisabeth raises a brow at the professional opinion. "All right," she answers him mildly. She waits until the waitress has refilled her coffee cup and she's doctored it up appropriately before nodding to Abby. "It didn't take long when I went, so it should be fine. Maybe an hour or so. I wanted to check up on Niki again, too. She had a rough day yesterday and today's worse, I'm sure."

"Nah I bought something much better." says Con cryptically to Abby, grinning. "Secret Society Members only. Shhhhhh. You need a decoder ring to get in." When Liz mentions Niki he gives her a baleful look. A quiet, pensive stare.

"I'll bring coffee, lots of sugar" Abby's back to bobble heading to Elisabeth. "If I have the time after, it may have taken you an hour but it may take me longer" Her hands curl around the coffee cup, fingers settling on the porclean and looking to Conrad.

Elisabeth shakes her head slightly. "I doubt it," she says quietly. "It's one of the reasons I'm going with you. You shouldn't tell them everything you can do; give them the basics, and show them healing up a cut or a broken arm maybe and leave it at that." She ignores Conrad's baleful look, though she smiles at him faintly. "I'll look forward to the super sekrit stuff," she tells him easily.

"You know this is my You Are Making A Mistake look, right? The same look I give to Hel about once a week?" Con points out, shaking his head and deciding to drop it. Nobody ever listens to Conrad. What liz says to Abby makes him look at the girl though. "You gonna go ahead and register then?"

"She's working at the bar Conrad. Niki came in looking for a job. I told Isabelle to hire her. Because if everything goe sto pot, then at least, int he blink of an eye, there will be someone who is really good as kicking ass between me and the bad person" Abby make no apologies for it, for that specific action. "And yes. A few things happened and I think I need to do it. I still don't believe i'm evolved, but, this way certains jerks can't hold it over my head. That and… someone's put forth that I won't need to worry about affording college. Money will find it's way to me. So elisabeth is coming with me tomrorow to do it"

Elisabeth grins at Conrad, unwittingly echoing Helena's sentiments. "I'm aware of the look — and I'm aware of your opinions. Don't mistake not taking your advice for not listening." She lets Abby explain the situation, adding, "I'm keeping my captain off her ass. He managed to get it into his fool head that Abby's someone she's not and that she has more information than she does. I don't know where the leap in logic came from, but this'll keep him from running her in." Conrad can sense the moment Elisabeth moves to erect the bubble of quiet around the table so other people can't listen. He can probably also tell that she's getting far better at it — practicing! "I believe my captain and I are going to have a conversation about jumping to conclusions and blackmail attempts on my friends."

"She IS the bad person. You two are both petting a cobra when it comes to her." Conrad looks between the two of them significantly. When Liz erects the silence he grins. "You ARE getting better." Looking to Abby he says, "Proud of you for that, by the way."

"Proud of me for what? and she used me Conrad. She kidnapped me, and held me like a pet all for her personal gain. And then when Ic ouldn't fix her, she kicked me out in the middle of brooklyn in the middle of the night with not even a phone. Tell me that in some convoluted way, I don't get to take advantage of the cobra that will protect me, or give me a head start to get away from Sylar"

"I'm a quick study," Elisabeth says with a grin toward Conrad. But she's serious on the topic of Niki. "I'm aware of exactly how dangerous she is, Conrad. Believe me." Jessica has left bruises around her throat twice in the past month. "But sometimes it's 'keep your enemies closer' as a matter of survival. Do I trust her? At least… the one part of her? Hell no. But the part that's Niki — the part that I got to know as a friend — I'll do my best to look out for. And Abby's perspective isn't that skewed." She sips her coffee. "Always better to have the pit viper on YOUR side when possible."

"Yeah Abby and for some dumbass reason you seem to think she won't turn on you again. I don't get you two. She's killed some homeless dude and hurt each of you separately. If I'd attacked either one of you I'd be ostracized. And deserve it. So what's so special about this bitch? Is it fun being abused by her? What?" Con's tone isn't as angry as his words, more just incredulous. He glances at Abby and says, "…and I'm proud of you for at least following through on the school thing."

"Because I know she won't turn around and cut my head open like Sylar tried okay Conrad? I trust her that much. I trust you more than her, and you know, i'm a bleeding heart, and that bleeding heart gets me in so much trouble. I'm sure too, that if Jessica didn't want Niki working where I work, then she'd find some reason. you don't need to worry though, Niki doesn't think she's cut out to work there. She's looking for other jobs, this was just temporary. And no, you woudln't, not by me. I'd still drag myself around with you and visit Elisabeth and i'd still fix you up Conrad"

Correcting Abby gently, Elisabeth says, "Actually, she would just turn around and break your neck if she felt it necessary." She slants a look at Conrad. "I know exactly how dangerous and sociopathic her alter ego is, Conrad. And the only reason that I cut her some level of slack is the alternate personality. Otherwise? I'd have already run her in myself. Or died trying, most likely." She shakes her head. "Niki won't stay at Abby's bar longer than she has to. In the meantime…. she's probably safer with Niki there than anywhere else in the city right now. That guy Sylar? He's a far bigger threat, especially if Abby's on his radar. Niki'll only turn killing machine if there's a reason to — Sylar, so far as I can tell, just *is* a killing machine."

"I'm still waiting for Sylar to grow the balls to face me. I think he's hiding." grouses Conrad. He shakes his head and looks at the table. "I hear so much about this guy and he's like a boogeyman. Always hiding out in the dark and jumping out at girls, but the minute I happen by he hides again." That's what it seems like to him at least. "I don't mind telling people I told them so, but I'd rather neither one of you made me say it about this. I'm kinda used to you two." Which is his way of saying he likes em.

"he's everything they say conrad, and more" Abby shakes her head. "Hiding out in the Ruins I think. That's where I met him" Conrads 'like' confession though, makes her bump her elbow against his. "Your not bad either connie"

Elisabeth chuckles softly. "C'mon… you're 'that guy'. The one that used to crack me up every time I ran you in. No matter what scrape I got you in, you weren't even remotely embarassed! Just in a good mood. Well… except for that one time, anyway." She looks at Abby. "He cussed me up one side and down the other one of the last times I busted him, though I haven't a clue what I did to actually piss him off that time." She sips her coffee. "Even the time I ran you in with your manhood hanging loose and free, you just laughed. Why *did* you cuss at me that time, anyway, Con?"

"You mean the last time you took me in for burglary of a motor vehicle? Aw hell." Conrad manages to look a little abashed because Abby's here. So he gathers the story up quietly and then is out with it. "Because I managed to get a date with this acrobat from Cirque du Soliel that night. And you completely ruined it. I was pissed. She was one of those girls who could bend double backward and touch her butt with the top of her head. You know what I mean?" He closes his eyes with the good memory he COULD have had and sighs. "But you ruined it. Thanks for that memory, Liz!"

"Oh heavens" abby murmurs, jsut imaging Elisabeth dragging conrad in. you know, minus the naked parts dangling. It's enough to make her nearly choke on her coffee.

Elisabeth dies laughing. She can't help it. "Oh. My. God. Really?? You're welcome," she sputters between giggles. She has to put her coffee down, she's laughing so hard. "Oh, man… that sucks! I guess I'll have to make it up to you sometime or something."

"Good. Luck." challenges Con. "Unless you cart your ass up to Quebec and find her again for me and explain how it was All Your Fault." He reminisces distractedly, "…and she was one of those barely English speaking people. The charming but completely not-innocent type. No French-speaker is innocent." It's clear from his tone of voice he thinks that's a very good thing. Abby's reaction amuses him though. He jerks a thumb at her and asks Liz, "You haven't told her our history? She seems surprised."

"I know a little conrad, but we don't exactly sit around and talk about you all time" Even though, at this moment, Abby displays an uncharacteristic act of invading personal space and lays her head on his shoulder looking up with doe eyes. "We talk about other things too"

Elisabeth shrugs easily, still chuckling. "Well, then I guess you'll have to continue to go through life disappointed. Ah well. Sucks to be you." She looks completely unrepentant. "And no, I never really told anyone about our history. A couple people know I've busted you before, but eh…. it's not like I sit around talking about you." She smirks as she echoes Abby's words. "It's not like you're the most scintillating topic."

Awww. Conrad lays his head on Abby's head, puts his arm around her, and cuddles with her a little. "Whatever, kid. I know you're all about me." See! He can play that. Although knowing how un-touchy Abby can get he doesn't hold onto her when she inevitably loses her patience with it. "Liz was one of my favorites. She always tried not to laugh. Sometimes I'd get her to break down, usually once they were transporting me in the patrol car."

Damn, he does know her. She pulls away after the minimum amount of time that is polite, her hands going back to her coffee to finish off the rest of it. "Sounds like you both go way back and liked to antagonize each other if you ask me"

Elisabeth shrugs easily and replies with a grin. "Well, a day I got to run him in always made my mood better, that's for sure. Nowadays… things are obviously a bit different." After all, he's training her now! "But not in the ways that matter, I guess. I still chafe his ass a good bit, I think." She grins as she sips her coffee.

"I get her better than she gets me. She used to be relatively easy to embarass. I think I've been training Liz to have a thicker skin." Con may have more to that than at first seems. He raises his shoulders in a shrug and remarks, "So I'm like the only crook in town with a cop for a friend. And one who's arrested me at that. Speaking of crooks, either of you seen Deckard lately?"

"He's out of twon" Or thats what she thinks. He'd mentioned something like that when he was at the bar. "Out of town, but that was.. a few days ago" Abby supplies the answer. "Back in a moment, getting more coffee"

Elisabeth glances between the two. "Never met him," she replies. She nods to Abby as the other blonde gets up to get more coffee. She glances at Conrad, still practicing at keeping the bubble up. "Who's Deckard?"

Conrad grins at Liz and says, "Someone worse than me, but still not a really bad guy. He's a crook and I might be his best friend because I'm one of the few people that wants to keep him alive." He nods after Abby, "Her too. But he's really damned useful to know."

She's outside of the bubble, can't hear a thing and so is oblivious to the questins of deckard. She isn't obvlisious to, though, the cost of what they are drinking and so, pulling her wallet from a pocket, she flags down the waitress, the one she's not really fond of, or vice versa to settl ethe potential bill for the three of them.

Elisabeth nods easily. "I'll keep it in mind," she says quietly. "I still haven't met too many people within the group yet anyway. Not sure it's a good idea at this point *to* know everyone… though HomeSec already has all our names if Parkman or Rickham opts to turn them over." She shrugs a little. She notes Abby's actions and drops the bubble to call, "Hey…. what're you up to? Heading out?"

"Those two aren't gonna turn us over to anything so long as our noses are clean." Conrad says, using less specific terms since the bubble got dropped, and he can sense it. He looks over toward Abby to watch her.

"Paying for your drinks" And tha transaction is done, wallet put back away. It wasn't much in the first place. Back with her topped up cup of coffee abby stands at the end of the table, looking to the both of them. "I have other places to be though, I need to head to work in like, the next five minutes. I've been… really bad about shifts, taking advantage os isabelle and I don't need her other employee's complaining about me coming in late or calling in sick"

Nodding to Abby, Liz replies, "I'll get you on the next round." She's perfectly content to share coffe-buying duties with Abby, but the words are also a warning — Abby's been bringing coffee a lot! "See you in the morning, Abby." She smiles a bit.

"Later Abs." Conrad says to Abby, remarking for Liz, "I didn't order shit. Hope they didn't charge for anything and blame me for it." He checks his watch and says, "Well. I have…" looks up, "…nothing to do today. Unless you wanna see the thing I mentioned. Or do dinner."

"Later. Take care, both of you. My place tomorrow Liz. Wish me luck Conrad. If you don't.. see me afterwards.. just umm.. let the others know?" Because likely she might need ot get her ass out of trouble, break her out of somewhere, something. "See you both again" She snatches up her bag and swallow the rest of her coffee, before the cup is put on the table and wiht a little wave, starts to make her way to the door.

Elisabeth nods to Abby and smiles. "See you then. You'll be fine, I promise." She watches the younger blonde go and says softly, "She's about as scared to death as I was." Then she shrugs and looks at him. "How about both?" she asks. "Assuming we can find someplace besides here that's open at this hour on Christmas. That's not a bar. Whatcha got up your sleeve?"

Erecting silence again, this time himself, Conrad grins and says, "I bought the title to a dispensary on Staten Island. Need to fix it up. It's gonna be Phoenix' new headquarters. I'd like you to give it a look and help me outfit it with a camera and surveillance system. Interested?"

Elisabeth looks startled. Both that he's asking her help and what it's for. "Uhm…. yeah, actually. I am."

//Old Dispensary

On the outside, this sprawling multi-level complex has not seen use in many years, its walls covered in greenery and stone exterior and glass windows showing evidence of disrepair. Surrounded by a chain link fence, a drive leads from the street to a large dock, and around the back one can expect to find more sprawling greenery that eventually leads to a concrete drop off into the Atlantic Ocean.

Passing through the chainlink fence and into the dispensary will reveal that the aged and crumbling outside is a facade. The loading dock is kept clear for the most part of everything save vehicles and supplies, though a section has been quartered off and transformed into an open workshop. The dispensary itself has been transformed into something akin to a makeshift dormitory, complete with common areas, a sizable kitchen and eating area, with various rooms converted into bedrooms for the residence. One room has even been set up as a makeshift clinic, amply stocked with supplies.

The back lawn and garden of the dispensary is surprisingly well tended, green and lush during the right months. Vegetables have been planted in accordance to season closer to the building, though someone has indulgently planted a plots of flowers - notably sunflowers - here and there. Further out, the ground drops a little and makes it to a concrete edge from which opens out into deeper water of the Atlantic.//

The drive out to Staten Island is a picture of delapidated urban landscape. It seems everything out here is closed down or abandoned. And Con gives Liz all the directions to get here. When they pull up to the old dispensary, it actually matches the sprawl rather well in looking overgrown with vegetation and a little neglected. Conrad has Liz keep the car idling long enough for him to get out and open a gate so she can drive it in and to the drive that goes right by the main entrance. That way she's not parked on the street. By the time he comes walking up behind her car he explains, "I don't have to tell you the cops don't come out here often. Something goes missing out here, people shrug. Didn't want your ride getting swiped."

He starts going through a keychain that comes out of his pocket, preparing to unlock the front door.

As they drive up to the building, Elisabeth looks around critically through the windshield. "Geez, Con…. you take me to the nicest places." Shaking her head, studying the layout of the property, the fence line, and the lines of sight from the driveway, she admits, "You've got a good eye, though. It's not nearly as difficult to make this place secure as the library. Assuming they don't have the freakin' basement tunnels that go weird places, of course." Old buildings in New York City tend to have odd entryways. She gets out of the car and continues to study the layout as she waits for him to unlock the doors.

"Not a lot of basement tunnel going on here. But there is a basement. I was kinda hoping we could get creative with that in the future if we get any Evos who can tunnel or whatever." Con's had plans. The main double door opens and it sticks as he has to force it open. "A lot of the crap here needs work. Most of the doors have rusty hinges. The ventilation's shot and I think it all needs new wiring. And the size of this place means that's a lot of wiring." He looks over his shoulder to Liz then and says, "But you gotta admit it's pretty. When it's warmer the vines grow green all over the place and it looks awesome." Then he's going inside.

Elisabeth chuckles. "Who'da thought you'd have a romantic side?" she comments in a rueful tone. "It's a beautiful structure… though the ivy is hell on the bricks. Could destabilize the building, actually." She looks around the inside as they enter, scanning to see what it is about the place that drew him. "I take it Helena sent you looking for someplace not as conspicuous as the library?"

Conrad shakes his head and turns to face Elisabeth. "No. I did this one myself. I found the place and brought the plan to Helena. If she had her way we'd all stay in the library until someone actually came to kick us out. I'd rather plan ahead. She knows about this place but hasn't been by to see it yet. Just you, me, and this biker girl named Elvis have been here so far. I'm living here now, actually. Moved out of my old squat. So…that also makes you the second person after Elvis to know where I sleep at night." He grins at that. "Anyway yeah, the bricks. The vines are just ivy so they don't seem to be doing much harm, at least not so far. I'm inclined to leave em. C'mon, lemme show you around."

He starts down a hallway that runs perpendicular to the entry vestibule, with rooms off to each side. Most of those rooms are empty or else have junk in them. Old chairs and tables here and there. Some bits of paper or refuse and even some broken glass in a couple of cases where a window's had to be replaced with a board to keep the weather out.

"Okay," Liz replies to the information that Helena wasn't originally in on it. She doesn't ask where he got the cash — she's not sure she wants to know. "Let's see the rest of it." As she wanders through the hall and peeks into rooms with him, Elisabeth can see the potential that drew him. "You're right," she says, though. "It's a complete train wreck. You're going to need someone good with electrical work to get in here and rewire everything. The structure looks okay enough… but we'll need a dumpster to haul all this stuff away."

And so the tour continued.

December 25th: Hospital Christmas
December 25th: Merry Happy Christmas
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