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Scene Title Still
Synopsis Elle and Warren have a phone conversation. They both have some unresolved feelings to work through, it seems.
Date February 19, 2011

A Phone Call…

With a few projects to try and get through the dome, Warren has a certain other project to try and actually contact Elle. He has a large heavily modified radio with satellite antennas all over the top. It's an incredibly complex machine due to his inability to really create digital technology, and he has no idea how good of a signal he'll get, but he dials her number into the machine and suddenly her phone begins to make all sorts of strange noises, and suddenly Warren begins to use it like some sort of glorified walkie talkie without her having to answer.

Looking around his car windows to make sure no one's having problems with their phones, she hears his voice from her phone, "Elle? Is that you?"

Elle is quietly preparing herself a meal. Food isn't exactly good here in the dome. Elle's making some canned chili in the easiest, safest way she knows: the pot of chili is held close to her hands, which glows with the heat of her borrowed ability. It's working, the chili bubbling in its pot. As her phone rings, she blinks a few times, before setting the pot down and moving over to the bed, picking up her phone and quickly answering the number. "Hello?" She asks this, wandering back over to her steaming chili pot and pulling out her trusty plastic spoon.

As the familiar voice sounds over the line, Elle blinks. "Warren? What…how did you get this number? Why are you calling me?" She sounds more baffled than anything else, taking a large bite of the hot chili.

Her phone continues to make strange tuning-like noises until finally Warren's voice is much clearer. "Resources and such. But right now I'm tuning into your number with this modified radio. I spoke to the future Cardinal, I don't know if you know of him yet, but I know what he wants to do with you. I don't let it happen, and… I learn that I still love you, even in the distant future, but I go down the wrong path and mess things up between us."

He can be heard moving around when he turns to sit up straight in his car, but his voice is just as clear. "I'm not going to go down that path, because now I know what it is. I'm going to get you out of that dome, you're the entire reason I'm trying to destroy it, even before I knew the future. I tried to strap a drill to a tank, but it almost killed me and Elisabeth. So tonight I'm going to use a modified megaphone and maybe destroy it with a direct sonic wave…"

There's a moment of stunned silence from Elle's end as she chews on her chili, a moment where she simply takes everything that Warren just blurted out in, absorbing it all. Then, she takes a deep breath, turning her eyes up toward the ceiling. "Yes, I know of the future Cardinal. He's the reason I'm fucking radioactive." The distaste in her voice is quite strong.

"He wants to strap me into a fucking machine and put metal in me so he can use me as a fucking battery is what he wants to do. Other electrokinetics have died for his god damn machine. Aric died, I'm sure, and he has my ability." She sneers into the phone. "He wants to do that to me."

Then, she goes quiet for a long moment, spooning more chili into her mouth. "You still love me." She sounds almost disbelieving.

"I do. I tried to move on, then I just gave up and focused on my work. I just throw all that energy from being in love with you into my inventions." Warren admits, sounding very sincere as he closes his eyes, sighing lightly. "I heard of Aric, and I know what he wants you for. I won't let it happen, Elle, I promise. I got close to the Institute, our Cardinal and Elisabeth know. From my position, I can keep you safe. I'm doing this so you can live a normal life, they can't do anything to you or capture you without me knowing."

There's more silence from Elle's end, the woman setting the plastic spoon in the bowl and drawing her legs up to her chest as she listens to what Warren has to say. What can she say, really? She still doesn't know what to think of him, even after so long. Her free hand wanders down, pulling up her shirt to reveal that tattoo still on her hip. No getting rid of it.

For now, she skips over the topic of love. It's uncomfortable enough a subject to deal with face to face, and she doesn't want to soil that topic with a phone conversation. "You're fucking naive if you think they can't do anything without you knowing." She frowns. "There's plenty you don't know. I knew about the future version of Cardinal, the one in Tyler Case's body, long before you. There's so much you don't know, Warren.

She closes her eyes. "I don't care if it's to protect me or not. As long as you're working with them…you're working with the enemy, Warren."

"Elle, I want you to remember that there is no way that I'm going to sell my soul to them, I'm going to do my best to try and change their plans. Cardinal and Elisabeth are trusting me, and, it would mean a lot to me if you did too. I promise, Elle, I'm going to put an end to all of this." Warren runs his fingers through his hair, and leans next to the speaker to say. "I love you Elle, and if you have anything to say, you should say it now. I think this radio is about to fizz out."

"I don't trust them, Warren. They want to do something that'll kill me, like it's killed so many others." Elle shakes her head slowly, closing her eyes. "What if they use you to catch me, Warren? What if you're just one of their pawns?" She sighs softly into the phone. Then, his warning prompts a beat of silence from her. She doesn't know/ what she feels for him. "I…I don't know how to respond to that right now, Warren. I…" She closes her eyes.

"Part of me still loves you too."

She sighs faintly. "But I really—" Then, the connection crackles, and fades into the sound of static. She pulls the phone away from her ear, staring at it with a frown. After a moment, she ends the fizzy call, shaking her head. "I don't know what to think any more."

"I…" Warren's frowning as well when the radio fizzles out, then leans against his wheel and smiles to himself. "I'll get you out of there, Elle…" he mutters to himself, adding, "And I won't let anyone hurt you."

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