Still A Stinking Fed


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Scene Title Still a Stinking Fed.
Synopsis Felix is still trying to screw Deckard over.
Date April 3, 2019

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl still survives. Years and years and it's still there. The uniform's gone through a few changes though they're still blue. Abigail has long since stopped working there but she still goes there. Tom's gone, passed away from a heart attack but Natasha's 10 years older, more lines but still serving the food. Abby's gotten off shift at the hospital and is on her way home. But first, it's a stop to the Nite Owl. A solitary meal out for the blonde. Winter jacket, a blue wool peacoat folded across a stool, white cotton sleeved shirt underneath some nurse scrubs decorated with teddy bears and a nametag that proudly proclaim she's Abby. Coffee in front of her, bowl of chili and some french fries.

Fel's been coming here, on and off, for thirty years now. And Lee's out of town, and Fel loathes cooking for himself. So he's shoving the door open with a hand, returning the greetings from the servers with a grin. He's grayer, gaunter, and has cultivated a neat goatee, of all things. But still more or less the same. "'Abigail," he says, with real pleasure. "Long time no see."

"Agent Ivanov" When he calls out her name. She's hearty, hale, still young looking. "Indeed. I haven't been called in the last year. What are you doing wrong?" The only reason she got called was to fix holes in the man. "Or I should say, what are you doing right? Pull up a seat" There's that warm smile as she pulls her jacket away to hang up on the other side.

"Spending too much time at a desk, is what," he says, rather sourly. "Not a lot of injuries there, saved middle aged spread and papercuts. Maybe carpal tunnel if I type too much." He gives her a looking over. "You seem well," he adds, with an inclination of his head.

"The children keep me busy" There's a gimme gimme motions from her after she wipes her hands off, remove any trace of grease. "Come on, give me your hand. Haven't touched you in well over a year. God only knows what little things are bothering you. Let me check" She's like the best yearly physical ever. "Desks are safer. Worst is a splinter under your nail" Abby still smiles widely to the FBI agent. "How are you?"

Felix chuckles at the idea of her with kids. But he does yield his hand. Nothing wrong with him but age, save for old damage in his lungs, the last vestige of that old smoking habit. "I'm good," he says, quietly. "I've got a house out in the suburbs, couple of dogs, work is going well…."

"Not married yet?" Her hand closes around his and instantaneusly she's pinpointing the things not right with the fed. That wrist, fix that, soothe the nerves and muscles, expend some energy to clear up the lungs, this and that. She's an instant rejuvinator this one. "Dogs. Felix the fed with dogs" Natasha moves around, coming for orders and and drinks to be filled.

"I….." Fel hesitates, actually blushing, despite himself. "Yes, I have a Rottweiler and a Borzoi," he says, simply. "I'm not married yet, no."

"Girlfriend? Please tell me your not married to your shiney badge Agent Ivanov" A few minutes more and she lets go of Felix's hand, going back ot her spoon and dipping it in the bowl of beans and meat. "a significant someone?"

Felix concedes, finally, "Someone, yes," even as he picks up his menu. Really, he knows it by rote, but you never know.

Aka, drop it. She can do that. SO instead of peppering him with more questions, she digs into her purse, plucking some pictures from her wallet. One of her with her children and Johan, another of jsut joseph and flint deckard. She slides them over. "Natalie and Joseph"

"Cute," he says, with a grin. Even managing to keep the grin in place when he recognizes Deckard. Hard to forget your murderer, really. "How old are they?

"Joseph is 5 now and Natalie is going to be 3 soon. He's the spitting image of his father" He looks nothing like Flint deckard so that's something. "So who do you run into these days? it's been.. it's been a long time since I last saw you"

Felix notes, drily, "Gabriel Gray, of all people. He's reformed and become a cop, you see," Does Felix believe this change of heart? Oh, no. "Teodoro Laudani, now and then," he adds, a wry twist to his lips. "Elisabeth Harrison works under me."

"Gabriel comes over for dinner. I work with his wife at the hospital" The pictures are shuffled away, placed back in their respective places in her wallet. "Teo? Has he come back and I don't know about it yet?" He's in deep shit if he did. Very deep shit. Elisabeth. "That's right. She does't talk much about work. Just dump our boys back and forth when we need it" Abby pulls her coffee cup closer, lifting it up so she can take a sip. "Agent Ivanov do you ever…" It's been crossing her mind now and then. "Do you ever think.. about before everything?"

"He appears, now and then," Fel says, quietly. "Think about it how? And before what, exactly? Before the Vanguard? Before the bomb?" The waitress scoots by, and Fel absentedly orders the soup and a sandwich.

"Before they handed out the medals. Before.. before everything became quiet" Abby answers. "Before.. Before everything became okay" ABby looks over. "Do you miss it?"

Felix notes, as the waitress sets the sugar before him, "I miss being a field agent, yes, actually. I've come to the pinnacle of my career ambition, and honestly, I overreached myself. I missed being able to roam freely. I'm no one's hero, no one's poster child, no matter the whitewash job they've done on Phoenix and its relatives."

That makes two of them, who don't feel they ever deserved what was handed to them. "I miss it. I miss.." Her coffee cup goes down. "I miss the adrenaline and the panic, and the exhaustion"

Felix pours sugar into his coffee cup, spooning it in carefully. "I do, too. It was an adventure. Now it's just administration," he says, tone as bitter as the coffee.

THe blonde tilts her head, looking at her coffee then over to Felix. "Then… get out from behind the desk Agent Ivanov" It's that simple.

"I'd have to quit the Bureau entirely," Fel says, as he measures out the cream. "At best, I could get shuffled to another office, go down to Quantico and teach. I've thought about it, but I love New York. And I won't leave Lee."

But I won't leave Lee. She's heard that before. It's enough to make blue eyes blink, peer over at him from beneath long blonde eyelashes. "Felix Ivanov… are you… Leland…" Surprise, though wait, if he kept in contact with Teo well then maybe not so much a surprise.

Felix says, tone utterly flat, "I live with Leland Daubrey, yes," He cuts his gaze at her, as if awaiting further reaction. Or perhaps revulsion.

There's a smack to his shoulder. 'Felix Ivanov, I did NOT live with Teodoro Laudani and Alexander Knight and not know they were funny between the sheets. It didn't occur to me to ask if you had a.. boyfriend" SHe's religious, but she's not THAT religious or Intolerant. look at who she has over for dinner. Murders and theives. "He still grumpy about .. people with gifts?"

That has him laughing. "Not so much. Turns out he has one, himself. He's still angry about it. Poor late bloomer," he says, with that old impish grin. "He had to leave New York for a couple years to deal with it - I ended up tracking him all over the Virgin Islands until he calmed down."

"I never pegged you for funny between the sheets" She cna't quite bring herself to say the G word or whatever PC term it is these days. "So wait, are the dogs yorus or the dogs his?"

"Really?" Fel looks amused, still. "One of each. The wolfhound is mine, the Rottie is his. Hell, I never tagged Lee that way, myself. Otherwise it'd not've taken me twenty years to seduce him," he says, simply.

Okay, choke on the coffee. She's still that blonde. The Nun behind the bar, only instead of jeans and tank top, she's wearing those darn teddy bears and white nurse sneakers. "Oh lordy Agent Ivanov" Seduce. "So where is your Leland? He back in the virgin islands. Maybe that's what you should go do. Go grab him and go there. I hear it's beautiful"

Seduce by sheer persistence. Well, they say that the FBI always gets its man. "He's back in the NYPD. The Islands are paradise, but boring as all hell for a New Yorker. Once he had his ability under control, he came back. AT the moment, he's out of town on a conference."

"What did he ended up being gifted with? What does Mr. Speedy have to contend with day after day in a living partner hmm?" Abby keeps an eye on the time, a mental note of how much time she has left.
"He's a telepath. A very strong one," Fel notes, voice half muffled by his mug.

"Oh lord" She heard him, Abby heard him. Only telepath shes really dealt with was Parkman, and even then, she hasn't really seen that man. "Well…" There has to be some silver lining to that. "He knows if your upset? You'll never have to worry about.. you know… well he can't say that he's not a mindreader when your in a fight and he doens't know what you want. Because obviously… he is"

Felix snorts, and puts down the coffee. "I can't lie to him. It's often very frustrating. It gets me a lot of sex, though," Oh, that must be a big plus.

Yeahhh, she doens't want to imagine that. She's seen leland before. It's a strange thing to contemplate. That was a long time ago though. "You shoudl bring Leland over for dinner. If you can stomach being in the same room as Flint Deckard" The money for her meal is slid to just under the bowl, pinned there as she reaches for her jacket.

"And woe to my sister, who murdered me," Fel quotes, absentedly. "I…..forgive me, but that may be a while."
"You forgive?" Sooomeone hasn't been told ALL of flints skeletons. The quote reference isn't caught either, though it may just be the time of the night.

Felix eyes her, patiently. "Flint Deckard tried to kill me, more than once. At one time, he succeeded," he says, bluntly.

Yeah. Yeah. She knew he might have tried, Deckard wasn't exactly squeaky clean or even for that matters, dingy. But succeeded in killing him. She moues her lips outwards, clearly ruminating on this surprise he's sprung on her just before she's about to head home to her children.

He's catty enough to hope that it leads to one humdinger of a fight in that marriage, much as he likes Abby. "Shot me on Staten, spine then heart," he says, utterly matter of fact.

Not that Abby and Deckard are married. "When?" She shouldn't have asked. She really shouldn't have asked. Because now she'll have to ask Deckard and she either fucks up her own relationship or… "What are you hoping, Agent Ivanov, that i'll do, after you tell me all this?"

"That you'll -know-," he says, simply, gaze opaque, as he looks at her. "Years ago." He pushes his coffee mug towards the back of the counter, for a refill. "I got better," he adds, utterly deadpan.

"You had Mu-Qian to make you better" Oh she remebers healing Felix after something happened to him. Now, now she has a pretty good idea. "For what it's worth, Agent Ivanov, i'm sorry" Her scarf is wound around her neck, jacket open in preperation for the early spring air.

"Thank you," he says, gently. "But it was never your fault."

"No, but I can still be sorry. If you ever need me, call on elisabeth. She knows how to get ahold of me, but I should go. If I hurry I can tuck Joseph in" and have a chat with Deckard. What will come of it, she doesn't know. One hand comes out, offered to the federal agent to shake. "God bless Felix"

Felix does take her hand in his, shakes it firmly. "You, too," he says, simply.

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