Still Alive


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Scene Title Still Alive
Synopsis Lola is just that, Kaylee realizes, when the two meet again and find they share a common desire, along with the company of a strange man, a Texan blonde, and a dog.
Date November 7, 2009

St. Joseph's Church

There is nothing entirely spectacular for Saint Joseph's. Its old Architecture somehow managed to withstand the bomb and other damage that has been done over the years. The front entrance is sadly blocked due to fallen debris, as well as other things done since The Bomb happened, as such everyone known to enter through the red doors in the back. Despite Damage to the front, it still manages to look like a quaint little stone church in the middle of broken homes and overgrown wild life. A last marker for those entering the Rookery. A Samaritan station for those within.

The inside holds a warm feeling, cracked window panes add to the chill one might feel here, but there are several rows of pews, with the Altar raised up in the center along the great back wall of the sanctuary, with the raised Pulpit off to the side and flanked by the baptismal font on the other. Old iconography still hangs here and there, as a chipped statue of Christ looks on from the western wall.

What was once the fellowship hall, as small as it was, has been turned into a small area filled with cots, so people can sleep, and east here if they want some food from the tiny kitchen. The church offices have been turned into a make shift nurses station, seeing to only minor injuries, where as the head Pastor's office remains just that, and a little more. Yes, this is where the current pastor also lives.

All in all it is a lot contained in a small space-but it stands here for its mission. To help and affect the lives of those still on Staten Island.

Churches always do tend to attract a crowd of the destitute, and really, who is more destitute than the citizens of Staten Island, what with Evolved Terrorists, rumors of Government Special Ops, and the anniversery of the day that changed everything? As such, the little group around St. Josephs, while no bigger than any other day, are the creme-de-la-creme of the destitute. The homeless, the mentally insane, and the truly lost.

But the faux-redhead stepping out of a cab is none of these. "That's all yer gettin', ya greedy bastard," the southern-woman snaps at the cabbie as she steps out, kicking the yellow door closed as the tires squeal and the man takes off. In her arms, she carries a box, cardboard and unlabeled, towards teh front door. She stands amidst the debris that has been resting there for years, blocking the main entrance. She stares. "Well what the fuck is this?"

It's weird to say that Kaylee is out walking around on Staten to get out of the Safe House, one does not simply go for a walk on Staten. That is exactly what Kaylee is doing, as she's had her fill of kids and Doyle for the day. The stone church caught eye when she was walking, making her stop and just look at it for a time. It made her think back to a recent conversation, which had her frowning thoughtfully.

Her thoughts are smashed to bit by the sound of a familiar voice, nasty words with that familiar accent. "Holy shit… she's still alive." The blond telepath murmurs to herself her brows lifting high in her surprise. She looks around for brunette, but only finds a red head, her eyes narrow a bit. "Hmmm.." Nonchalantly, Kaylee saunters her way to stand next to Lola. "Well… somehow I'm surprised to find you here Lola." There is no attempt made to hide the amusement.

The sounds of a running engine vanish with the departing taxi, but only momentarily before they are revived, if altered. From off the same street, a pickup truck pulls up to park in front of the church shortly after Kaylee arrives, ancient and surely still running only by the grace of God. The paint is faded brown, or perhaps a darkened beige, in either case impossible to determine and accompanied by scratches and bits of rust here and there. The engine almost sounds angry as it's killed; angry and promising to never start again.

The driver's door opens and out steps a man, tall, slim and middle-aged. Constantine Filatov regards Lola and Kaylee for a moment, and decides the right course of action is to ignore them, retrieving an old-fashioned doctor's bag from inside the truck and placing it on the roof. Next, he extracts from the cab a bulldog, slightly overweight and looking to somehow be even older than the truck. Unlike Constantine, the dog takes a more pointed interest in the women, ambling towards them as casually as a dog is able to amble, snorting loudly as he tries putting his nose to work. Constantine, meanwhile, occupies himself with checking the contents of his bag, ostensibly in case he forgot something.

Staten Island isn't a place for most people to wander, which is why it's probably a good thing that Meredith isn't wandering. She knows exactly where she's heading and it seems like she isn't the only one with that intent - judging from the racket she hears from the front of St. Joseph's. Wrapped up in a warm coat and scarf, the blonde has her hands stuffed into her pockets and slows down as she comes close to the building. She doesn't know the other women, but she does feel like she should speak up, as her intent is to get inside and a foulmouthed young woman isn't about to stop her.

"Pardon me, but you realize that you're in the way." The arrival of Constantine is heard behind her, but she doesn't glance downward at the dog until she hears it snuffling and snorting. Not realizing that the dog isn't one of theirs, she assumes it to be Lola's as it is sniffing at her feet. "Also, you should keep a leash on your dog. It may get run over."

Lola can't turn and look over her shoulder, but she does turn to look at Kaylee none the less. She frowns. "Ya oughta be surprised. Ah don' hang out in this shithole case Ah kin avoid it. An the name's Mary Lou now, an doncha forget it if ya feel like mentionin' it ta that English Daddy a yers. In fact, don' mention it at all. Don' mention me at all. Far as yer concerned, Ah'm dead." The 'dead' woman turns around to face the church again, hiding any thoughts about seeing Kaylee here behind herself. Perhaps it's because there's a dog at her feet. "Huh. Well ain' you…somethin'. Ain' mine sugar, not that Ah know of." She seems…oddly intrigued by this animal's presence.

Turning slightly to spare a glance to the car and the man getting out of it, a brow hitching up slight. The dog gets a small smile as it approaches, no fear from this one at a strange animal. "Hello there, pooch." Kaylee offers in a friendly tone, leaning over a bit to offer a hand for sniffing.

Meredith gets her own glance as well, when the young blonde straightens. Then Kaylee leans over to Lola and chuckles. "Mary Lou? Well.. that's at least better then Ethal." She wrinkles her nose a bit, before letting the smile slide off her face, her voice soft in the woman's ear. "And he's not my dad… and he doesn't know where I am. I'd like to keep it that way." Her eyes slide back to Meredith and the grin returns, "Dog came from that guy over there." Her head is jerked in the direction of Constantine.

"And I should like him to go with me when I leave, as well." It's not an overt warning for anyone. Unless, of course, they try to take Constantine's dog. "Pardon me for saying so, but it doesn't seem to me that you ladies are the sort to spend much time around this place." The slightest edge of caution is carried on the man's voice, whether because he has little concern or is simply concealing most of it. This is Staten Island; suspicion keeps you alive on Staten Island. "What brings you here this evening?"

Twisting slightly to take in Constantine by the truck and then tilting her chin downward to study the dog, Meredith raises an eyebrow. "I thought pets were supposed to look like their owners." Not that the bulldog really looks like any of the people here, but she can't help but make a smart quip as she's annoyed at being blocked from where she wants to go. Her own accent is Southern, more Texan than Lola's own New Orlean's lilt. Taking a hand out of her pocket and placing it on her hip, she calls back out after him, "Didn't realize I needed a reason to come get some Churchin'." Still sounding annoyed, her eyes glide back over toward Lola and Kaylee. "If I could get in to get myself saved, that is."

It is Kaylee's soft words that garner a mischevious glint in Lola's dark eyes. "That so, sug? You an me's in the same boat, from the sound of things." As the words leave her lips, they are soon approached by Constantine and Meredith, so the subject, by Lola, is dropped for now. "Don' look at us, sugar," Lola drawls in Meredith's general direction. "Leastways, not me. Ah didn' put the damn rocks on the door. Me, Ah'm just a delivery girl. An Ah got stitches in mah belly, so the sooner Ah kin put down this box, the better. These ain' feathers, ya know."

The question from the man gets an amused chuckle from Kaylee, she spreads her hands before her and shrugs her shoulders. "Out for an evening stroll." Her mouth tugs into a lop sided smile, knowing full well how odd that sounds. To appease the older woman, Kaylee takes a long step to the side, tucking hands into her leather jacket. Blue eyes shift up the church again and she frowns a bit. "Saved, huh? Is that even possible?" Could she be saved? Especialyl from some of the thoughts on her mind lately.

The redhead's complaint doesn't go unnoticed and Kaylee leans over to try and relieve Lola of her burden. "Well.. let me help you out, girlie. Wouldn't want you to pop a stitch."

Although his path would have taken him past the three women without incident,
Constantine finds himself pausing when the content of their conversation takes a certain turn. 'Mad doctor' or not, his is still, after everything a doctor. "I couldn't help overhearing, since I'm right here," he says, turning his head to look in Lola's direction - that seems to be the right direction - "But did I hear correctly? Stitches, have you? If you don't mind sharing, may I ask from what?"

"You're the one in front of the rocks, though, ain't ya?" Meredith tilts her head a little and then crosses her arms. She's the elder woman here and she can pull off the disapproving look better than either of the others, which is what she does presently. "In the Lord we are all saved," she replies convincingly. Whether she believes it or not is a personal matter. "If you don't believe it, then what brings ya to a Church?"

Lola is more than happy to let Kaylee bear the box's heavy burdens. "There ya go, sugar." She says, nodding her head. "Ah ain' one a yer god folks, an even if Ah were Ah'd not come out ta Staten Island ta get on mah knees an do mah wailin. If I wanna see girls do that Ah can just watch a straight porno." She runs a hand over her abdomen, the release of the tenseness there causing some discomfort. Which reminds her ot answer the man's question as well. "From a bullet, darlin, through an through. Other two shot's 've healed by now, at least. That's somethin'."

Kaylee just gives Lola a nod as she gets a good grip on the box, holding it close while she eyes Constantine suspiciously, her eyes narrow slightly, but then she turns her attention to Meredith again. Lola is motioned at with an elbow. "I saw her standing there, I was just walking." Kaylee sounds as innocent as she can about the fact, no matter if only moments earlier she was starting at the church in thought.

There is a suddenly laugh from Kaylee at Lola's words. "Oh god… Mary Lou…. I forgot how surprising you can be." She rolls her eyes skyward and chuckles. "How are you still alive?" She asked the question without hesitation.
Constantine begins his reply with a knowing nod at Lola's words. "Bullets are, unpleasant, to say the least. I can't say that having sutures as a result of them is much preferable. In any case, if you're tired of having thread in your side, I'll take care of your wound right now. If not, then I'll be on my way. There are doubtlessly some of the island who will spontaneously recover from illness, but most won't, and I'm certain their outlooks will improve when I walk through the door."

Innocent? Meredith doesn't believe in innocent people around her any more. Instead of replying to the other blonde woman, she keeps her mouth shut and eyes Constantine and his offer. In her experience, people don't do anything for nothing and she's curious about this doctor's angle in this case. She has no real stake in the exchange, however, it's always good to make a contact with a doctor that may be able to help out down the road.

Now Lola's been looking for a healer for quite some time. Cardinal kept promising one, but noooooo, it never seems to coem through. While she mulls over what the man's said, she turns and sticks her tongue out at Kaylee. "Believe it or not, none a this shit was mah fault. Now what's this 'bout you bein' some kinda doctor or traiters, darlin?" She walks over toward Constantine, leaving Kaylee, quite literally, holding the box. "Odds are more'n not yer some sorta abortion chop shop doctor, round these parts. Ah ain' pregnant."

There is just as much suspicion about the offer in Kaylee as probably the older blonde. "Seriously… not sure I'd take those kind of offers from just anyone off the street, L…. Mary Lou." There is that first tug of worry in the telepath's gut, the urge to try and read the man's mind is strong, but she still stays out of it. "It might not be your fault, but you girl are a trouble maker by design." She remembers.

"That's quite a jump we're making, bullets to babies," Constantine replies to Lola somewhat flatly, "I'd be insulted it not for the fact that you don't know any better. Rest assured, the only 'chop' in my shop happens if you try to skip out on a large bill, or if you kick my dog, in which cases I'll help myself to one of your kidneys. But this? This is trivial. No knife, no anesthetic, no surgery required. Just a few moments, and your memory of being shot and perhaps a small scar will be the only evidence that it even happened. But of course, if you'd rather tough it out…."

There's a quick raise of Meredith's eyebrows when Lola mentions pregnancy and chop shops. A trouble maker would be right in her mind. Staying behind with Kaylee when Lola moves forward to confront Constantine about medical matters, she looks over her shoulder again at the church. "Is she always like this?" she asks with now only one eyebrow still quirked and not bothering to lower her voice all that much. "I can't believe she's still alive with only a few gunshot wounds."

"Ya know, everyone's all surprised Ah ain' dead yet, but the only times Ah ever get shot is when it ain' mah fault an Ah ain' even said nothin'," Lola turns to face the man now, crossing her arms a bit and looking over him. "Ya a healer? Mah Maman was a healer, touched a boy once an he came back from the dead. So'z if yer a healer, we might got some business ta do. Ya ain', an ya probably oughta know I kin shave yer eyebrow with a proper rifle up to a mile away. So."

"As long as I've known her?" Kaylee frames the question that the answer is a positive without even saying it. She glances at Meredith out of the corner of her eye with amusement as she echo's Kaylee's thoughts in a way. The box is gripped tighter as she watches Lola, but hey…. she tried to warn her. Instead she gives the older blonde her attention, "You come to this church often?" She asks curiously, her eyes glancing to the building in question.

Is Constantine a healer? No in the sense that most people would understand. But that fact doesn't stop him from replying flatly, "We might have some business to do." His brand of healing is close enough for anyone to care, and no less magical than the real thing. "And because this shouldn't take much more than a minute, and because you were, nice enough to my dog, I'll even do it free of charge."

Shaking her head just once in amazement, the elder blonde can't really get over the attitude on Lola. "If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…" she trails off for a moment and doesn't exactly trust the exchange that's going on between the two strangers, but it's not really her concern if the brunette wants to get chopped up by a random doctor. Instead, she gives a short laugh and eyes the church behind her. "On Staten Island? Honey, you've gotta be jokin'. It's nice enough, though, ain't it?" Despite the debris and the ruin.

A dismissive wave is given to the other two for the moment - they'll be delt with. "Naw, sugar, ya ain' doin' nothin' fer free. There'll be some sorta business." She reaches in her pocket, takes out a napkin and scribbles a number. "An Ah ain' bout ta be looked at middle a nowhere Staten wifout nobody here behind me in case yer some sorta creepy old grabby-hands man." She looks, now, to Meredith and Kaylee. "Ya'lld be surprised where healers pop up. Ya'll got shot three times, ya'd be lookin' fer a little help too. So don' sit back an judge me like ya'll know what's best. Yer both here too, ya know." Just not shot.

Giving a toothy grin, Kaylee eyes Meredith, "Staten isn't all that bad when you know how to handle it." Of course, Kaylee just tends to send people of malicious intent scurrying off on sudden errands. "And… it is kind of nice.. maybe it's the peace that it's suppose to bring and the fact it still stands despite it all." Her words trail off as Lola turns their way, smirking at the former brunette.

"Mary Sue…. I might not have been shot, but I did my own dying for little over a month." There is nothing but amusement at Lola's berating them, a tooth revealing smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. Her eyes flicker to the 'doctor' and that brow arches a touch, her words however at for Lola. "And I'm here cause the place I'm staying is on the island, I'm not looking for healing. I'd go to the mainland.. or ask the people helping me out if I did."

To focus the center of attention, at least partially, back on himself, Constantine clears his throat, "I am in a bit of a rush," he says, "If you'd prefer a more professional environment, I'd be happy to scribble directions to my clinic on that napkin. It's not far from here, so finding it should be easy enough. If theres anyone else you know in need of medical treatment, please send them over. Ever since that mess with the cage fighting, business has been in a slump. A rather long one, at that."

"Don't look at me, I don't know either of ya." And Meredith's not about to jump into a stranger's truck with two other strangers because someone got shot awhile ago. She's here for other reasons, anyway, and isn't about to run off and desert her duties. "Hell, I'll go to Brooklyn for peace of mind." It's easier to get to, in any event. With the doctor clearing his throat and bringing the blonde's blue eyes back onto him, she decides to take advantage of the situation to ask a question. "Well, what brings /you/ here, doctor that makes you in such a hurry?"

It's getting colder, and Lola, in her own right, needs to get inside. She takes the directions from the man. "Ah'll be in touch, sugar," she promises, moving to step back and head for Kaylee. She reaches to take the box. "Thank ya kindly, darlin, though Ah'd appreciate if ya remembered that it's Mary Lou now. Not Mary Sue." She chuckles, shaking her head, turning to try and find a way into the church to drop off her bundle.

Kaylee can't help but chuckle at Meredith's comment and quickly murmurs a "Sorry." to the older blonde. "Trust me.. I'm not about to get into a truck with strangers either." She assures the woman and glances over her shoulder the way she came from. "I'm sure my hiding buddy and all those kids are done with whatever they've been doing. I can probably go back." There is a soft sigh and she glances up again, only to be drawn to Lola giving his a rather impish smile. "Oh.. Mary Lou…. right." She comments, not looking at all sorry for the slip up.

"Try to get a few less hole in ya." Kaylee calls after the southern woman, before glancing at Constantine her eyes narrowing slightly in thought. "Good question." She comments to lightly Meredith.

"The light is fading," Constantine says plainly of his reasons for being in a hurry, "And I should like to know who inside I am treating and what for, and for that, I need light. On top of that, it's getting cold, and I should like to eat my supper soon. As would my friend. Ladies." With a nod of farewell, the doctor once again turns, heading towards the doors that will admit him entry into the church, "Ranger." On the command, the bulldog, who had been quietly laying down during the conversation, pushes himself to his feet with a small amount of difficulty, and toddles after his master. Something about dogs tends to cheer most people up, so perhaps it's no wonder a doctor would have one in tow, even one so old as this one.

"No need to apologize." While Meredith may not find her own statements funny, she's known people who don't know how to take her comments as anything else. "And don't let me keep ya." Though Kaylee may like Staten Island, that doesn't mean that Meredith wants to stay on this island any longer than she wants to. "Alright, no need to get snippy," the blonde tells the doctor, even if he wasn't getting snippy - he was just responding to her plainly. Keeping out of the dog's way, she watches the pair of them until they've disappeared inside. As that's where she herself is heading, she'll wait a bit until she moves that way. It'll give them some time to stay separated.

Watching the man disappear into the church she purses her lips together. "Well…." Kaylee starts, glancing at the older blonde. "He went into the church to treat people." Both brows slips up closer to her hairline. "He didn't burst into flame, guess he can't be all bad." A hand comes out of her jacket to comb fingers through her hair and lets her blue eyes wander up the side of the church.

"You asked what we were doing?" Kaylee asks softly after a quiet moment, "Wondering how to make a pastor have confidence in himself and his faith… when I don't have faith myself." Her lips tug into a small smile, something much more real. "You have a good evening. It's my turn on kitchen cleaning duty back at where I'm staying, I don't want anyone to have to do the work for me." She wants to keep on the good side of her Ferrymen hosts since right now it's the only home she knows.

At the mention of anyone bursting into flame, Meredith gives Kaylee a look. Of course the girl doesn't know anything about her own ability, but it still catches her a bit unaware. "I was. And who's he?" But, before she can really say anything else, the younger blonde has moved on to head home. Though it's likely that Kaylee doesn't hear her, she adds, "Later, then." Maybe the two will find each other later - they're both involved with the Ferrymen and somehow, even in a city as large as New York, it's a small world. Watching her leave, she waits a few more moments outside in the cold by herself before she follows in Constantine's footsteps and moves for the proper door.

Final Note: The box left by Lola contains very high-end winter coats and clothes, most still with security tags. A note is left with it, for 'God Man'. The note contains a single phrase: 'Screw You'.

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