Still Friends


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Scene Title Still Friends
Synopsis Wendy and Peyton reunite for the first time since their captivity.
Date August 27, 2009

Wendy's Apartment

Wendy finally returned Peyton's calls, telling her to come over, and so Peyton arrives on Wendy's doorstep. She has curry takeout with her — popodoms, naan, chicken korma, tikka masala, all the good stuff — and of course a bottle of wine. When Wendy opens the door, Peyton throws her arms around her friend, never mind the bag of food in one hand that bumps into Wendy's back as she flings those long limbs of hers around Wendy's neck.

Peyton's definitely a "changed woman" since their ordeal — while the jeans and t-shirt she wears are surely designer brands, she'd blend in pretty well with any typical college-age kid on the street, rather than the party scene. "I thought you were mad at me," Peyton says, her eyes a little teary when she disentangles herself from Wendy.
Everyone brings Wine. She'll have a drinking problem to go with her revived drug problem. Her own arms go around the younger woman as more an automatic response. "wasn't checking my voicemail and.. I guess, yeah, I was a little upset, but i'm getting over it" Wendy hasn't changed much, she's still dressed strangely though there's a smock over it all, still working away at her attempt of plaster. "Get in. Before my brother gets home and figures out that I changed the locks on him"

Peyton's face drops a little when Wendy admits to being mad — she'd hoped that wasn't it at all, but she understands. Sort of. "You changed the locks on your brother? Is he playing body guard or just using this as an excuse to crash at your place?" She says, ignoring the rest of it. She didn't know Wendy had a brother, for that matter. She steps back and nods to the smock. "Getting some art done?" she says. Two subject changes in less than a minute! So Wendy can choose which of the two tangents to follow, rather than discussing the elephant in the room.

"I got three of them, and yeah. Trying to do something" Wendy closes the door behind Peyton, flipping locks. She did have them changed, though not because she was wanting to piss off her brother. "Failing is more like it. Can't concentrate for the life of me. Probably need to get out and party a bit and get inspiration again"

Towards the part of the place that is the kitchen since Peyton brought food. "How are you holding up? Speedy mc speedster take care of you?"

"Fine," Peyton says, following and loading the food onto the counter so they can divvy it up onto plates. "They just took my statement and all and then had cops hanging out to watch the apartment for a bit, but I think they've pulled them since nothing's happened by now. I ran into some Homeland Services agent who brought me to go register," she says quietly, her eyes downcast as she lifts the cartons of food out of the bags. "And some other people have gotten a hold of me to try to get me to help lately. Someone kidnapped that cop you ran into, they asked me to see what I could see." She sighs and pushes a lock of hair out of her eyes. "Do you want to know the names of people in that group, Wendy? To try to avoid them, or… I don't know. I didn't want to tell you on the phone."

"The ones you're helping?" She takes everything in stride, watching, listening, absorbing. The sleeves of the smock are pushed up to her elbows as she gets out some plates. "I don't need to know who they are Peyton. It's good that you're helping, that your not afraid to use your ability. I wish more people openly used their ability"

The younger brunette gives a small nod. "I wasn't sure. If you wanted to know, for whatever reason, I'd tell you. It's… I'm trying to be brave, to help, but it's not … easy." And Peyton's never been about doing anything that didn't come easy for her, so it's a whole new experience. She doesn't mean the headaches that come with the practice, but having to see the faces of the men who were responsible for her captivity. "Anyway. We don't have to dwell on that shit. How are you? I'm sorry you're art blocked. I'd manifest again to inspire you but I think that's a once in a life time opportunity." She grins at the last, though the smile is a little shy, as if it's out of practice.

"yeah, well, that's still waiting for me to do something with it. I haven't done much of anything since we've gotten out 'cept get drunk, find a guy who can get me high with just a touch and have drinks with a movie star." Forks are produced, one handed over. "This group your helping, it the same ones that holed you up after the hospital thing pey pey?"

Peyton takes a fork and uses it to spill some of the carton's contents onto her plate. "The group I helped with that cop's kidnapping, or tried to, it's the same girl, yeah, who runs the safehouse I was in," she says quietly. "The other group I'm supposed to be helping… that's a different group, I think, though with some overlap. I was brought by that girl I met at Rapture, and then that guy Brian was all surprised to see me. They didn't want my money or anything… they're trying to fight some guy who they say is causing all sorts of problems in the city." She shakes her head. "I don't know. I just feel like I need to try to help now. I'm scared shitless, Wendy, but I will be if I don't do anything, so I may as well try to do some good, right? And it's not like I can just go back to doing E and getting drunk. I can't control my power when I'm smashed, I don't think."

"You're peyton Fucking Whitney. You can do whatever the hell you want. Everyone will still pay attention visions or no" Wendy points out. "You want to help, there's that Suresh Center. I'm doing art classes there. They can help you get your shit under control and they can use the publicity and the help"

"To be honest, publicity's the last thing I want. I'm trying to lay low, have people forget who I am," Peyton says. "That's great you're doing art lessons though. I bet you're great. Lots of men coming to take them from you?" She grins and takes a bite of chicken korma and rice. "I don't know what I could do there to help, but maybe they could help me. Anyone I should talk to in particular there?"

"Dr. SHeridan" Wendy offers up. "Bet if you visit and tell them you're newly manifest, that you'd get tons of help" This and that is picked at and consumed by Wendy, parked on a stool and drinking some of the wine. "Just.. be careful with these people pey, that want your help. I mean.. there's always strings"

"Probably. But you know, I feel like they might actually care too," Peyton says thoughtfully. "That Brian guy, he like tackled me practically with a hug and I don't think he was being insincere. I'll be careful, though." She takes a sip of wine, wrinkling her nose. She's more of a drinker of things that taste like candy and knock one on their ass quickly, rather than a wine connoisseur with a refined palate. "None of my supposed friends, you know, the celeb types, even gave me a call, you know?" she adds in a non sequitur, but maybe it explains why she's willing to work with these people.

"Everyone cares, when they want something from you. Conveniently, you're able to give them something that they want. YOu can see through other peoples eyes and you've been helping them to find that blonde bitch" Wendy points out. 'No to devalue, if this Brian really does have an interest. I'm saying, just, still, be careful. The group sounds shady. For all you know they could that Phoenix group. Ohhh we're encouraging civil disobedience, revolt against the law revolt! yadda yadda"

"I don't think it's the law they're revolting against," Peyton says and shrugs. It looks like they're going to disagree on this one. "I don't think it's so bad, though. I mean… the law isn't keeping people safe from people who hate us, is it? And a lot of people hate us, even though it's not like what either of us can do can hurt anyone. I mean, it can, but only if it was used in a bad way. We don't melt people with our eyeballs like that one girl, but we might as well, as far as some people are concerned. I know prejudice is stupid and exists no matter what, but some things have to change." She sighs and takes another sip. "I'll be careful, though."

"Better be" Tehre's a long sip of her wine before she picks up her plate. "Come on. I got some new movies, lets go vegitate and wait for John to come back and stand on this side of the door and tease him till he looses his temper"

"Is he cute?" Peyton says with a smirk and picks up her plate to follow. "Did I tell you Aaron's my roommate now? Not quite sure how that happened…" she chuckles a little at the strange turn of events. "He was still there when we got out and like, the only person who even cared I was missing, so what was I going to do, kick him out?" She jokes about it, but of course, she's glad he's been there… being in the large apartment by herself would have been too much. As it is, they fall asleep on the couch most nights, and she only sleeps a couple of hours in her own bed when she wakes close to dawn.

"Hasn't tried to off himself again has he?" Aaron. Right. Someone she hasn't heard from or about in a bit. "Yeah, I guess he's handsome" She gestures to a picture on the wall when they get into the livingroom, her and her siblings. "I'm the freaky one. The rest, they're all so GQ"

"Like you don't get your admirers. How's the actor guy? And you said some guy got you high with just a touch? Was that your power, or his working?" Peyton asks curiously, glancing at the picture and nodding. "Good looking guy. Don't worry, I know, don't mack on your friend's brothers." She flops onto the couch, kicking off her flip flops and curling up with her plate on her lap.

"Actor guy is not a dating guy. I think he's tapping other stuff, and I just like hanging around the movie set. Helps that Dad's an investor in it. But the guy in the bar, it's his ability. He can send you on an incredible high without the whole zonking out, or the inability to move or even the whole dialated eyes stuff. Not quite like refrain, but, he was looking for some and I was trying to find some. I gotta go visit Chinatown again soon and feel free to mack on John, he's a playboy, he'd enjoy it. I think he worships your ass anyways."

Peyton tilts her head. "But it'd probably still screw me up with my ability, don't you think? The guy with the power?" she asks, curiously. "I'm kinda scared to do anything — Refrain didn't make me freak out with the power, but I don't know about anything else." She laughs at her brother and shakes her head. "Your brother worships my ass?" She sticks out her tongue. "Well, he's a cutie. Is he Evo too, or is it just you in your family?"

"John.." Oh John would kill her. "John talks to animals. Well, more like, he can read their minds. The other two, nada. He really hates seaworld. He says the sea lions drive him nuts" She doens't touch about the drugs. It's just so funny, Peyton, getting off them, and Wendy, falling back into them. The irony.

"Wow. That's a crazy ability. Are otters really as nice as they seem?" she asks with a laugh, picking at a piece of naan and eating it slowly. She chews for a moment, before looking at her friend. "Thanks for having me over, Wen." Her dark eyes threaten to spill again. "I missed you."

"Yeah well, for all that it was a crappy week in coffins and shipping containers, I missed you too. Now shut up and choose a movie" Wendy punches Peyton's shoulder before grabbing some Naan for herself.

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