Still Fun To Tease


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Scene Title Still Fun To Tease
Synopsis Magnes gives Claire her Valentine's gift.
Date February 17, 2010

Magnes' Room

Magnes called Claire over this afternoon for two pretty simple reasons; first, because he wanted to say he was alive, and second, because he wanted to give her a gift. He has her standing in the middle of his room, having not yet spoken about the mission, and he's holding up a black jacket in front of her. "I was working on it for months, had to keep redoing it. I wanted to finish it by Valentine's Day, and, I did! It's my first jacket, so it was really hard to do, but I figured if you wore a jacket I made, you'd make more of an effort not to get yourself burned to a crisp." he laughs, offering it over to her. "Happy late Valentine's Day."

There is a touch of amusement as the ex-cheerleader take the jacket in question, the leather creaking some as her grip on it tightens. "Um… " her brows tweak upwards some, "Whoa .. Magnes. Thank you." Holding it up in front of her, Claire gives it a look over, before tilting her head to look around it, a small smile on her lips. "I mean it.. Thank you. Neat gift… So… you sew?" A brow lifts slightly in curiosity. So many memories lost.

"Hey, as long as you like it. And yeah, I started out making costumes for conventions, then Delilah got me making actual clothes. You probably have a cheerleader outfit at your place somewhere." Magnes sits back on the bed, and motions for a beanbag, knowing she's not gonna sit next to him. "Funny story about when we met. We talked about 9th Wonders a lot, and you kept asking me what I thought of Claire, and I thought you two looked alike a bit, plus you said you used to be a cheerleader. Soo… before I learned she really was you, I made you a replica of your old cheerleader outfit without even knowing, mostly just for kicks, y'know?"

"So that's where that box came from." Claire comments with a touch of amusement. There is a pause and she lowers the jacket, to study Magnes. The next thing she says is a complete lie and he knows.. but she doesn't know that… "I've heard of those.." She folds the jacket over her arm. "I don't think I look anything like her, but that does explain the outfit I found in my stuff.."

"When I said I learned she really was you, I meant that in kind of a literal way." Magnes doesn't sound offended at the lie, he just gives a bit of a lukewarm smile. "It's fine if you don't trust me with your secrets anymore, Claire, but you really should remember that you told me everything. You don't have to lie, especially since I'll probably know it is." There's just a minor hint of amusement, but he knows a few things he has to keep a secret from her, such as his knowledge of Peter and Midtown, plus her birth father. Pretend to be Haitian'd…

"No… I mean she literally doesn't look like me." Claire points at the displayed comics, working to cover her tracks… though… she has to wonder. "Never liked the artist." She gives a bit of a huff and turns towards the door, so he can't see her embarrassment. "I should just go. I'm glad your alive and all.. Heard about how it went well and you got the people out of there."

"I almost died. I had to push my ability and basically stop bullets, and some of them grazed me." Magnes pulls his shirt off, pointing to a patch on his right arm, then to both of his legs. "Though this one on my left arm, I did that myself. Cut myself so I'd seem wounded, then jumped in front of the trucks to slow them down."

He stands up again, raising a hand to place it on her shoulder. "You don't have to go if you don't want to, I'm not mad or anything. But alright, I'm just… really grateful that you're still hanging around and stuff, I like being able to see you." There's genuine affection in his tone now, and he removes his hand from her shoulder.

"Well.. I'm glad you didn't die at least." Claire offers genuinely, glancing back at him. There is a blink as she finds him suddenly shirtless, eyes going to the wounds on his arms. "Stopped bullets?" She asks curiously, head tilting some. "Wow.. that is actually a pretty cool feat." The tiny blonde sounds rather impressed.

When his hand is removed, Claire takes a step back, re-establishing personal space, her eyes on his chest, but then suddenly look elsewhere. "Um.. anyhow.. I really should go. I tend to be busy.. still applications to fill out for schools and all."

"Well, more like I deflected them, and some got by. Gave me a serious headache to stop that much force. It was two guys with SMGs. Then I had to stop them with a freakin' sword while they were reloading, because I was too weak to pull my second gun." He shakes his head at the whole thing, then rubs his forehead.

When he catches her eyes on his chest, he adds "You may be a bit tougher, but you're still fun to tease." Magnes leans in to kiss her cheek, then opens the door for her, apparently in high spirits now, and not inclined to elaborate on what he meant. "I'll see you later, Claire, and we should really discuss college when you're not busy, I'm having trouble figuring out what I wanna do. I think you figured it out easier than me."

There is a stiffening of her whole form when he kisses Claire on the cheek, "Yeah well… considering what I am, I figure genetics is the way to go." She backs out of the room, as if she turns her back on him, something else will happen. "I have forever to make breakthroughs." She glances down the stairs and turns to start down them in a hurry. "See you later, Magnes."

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