Still Red


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Scene Title Still Red
Synopsis Amadeus does something Legal and goes to register.
Date September 6, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

Later in the afternoon, Amadeus decides to take care of a bit of business he's been putting off. He doesn't think he's Evolved anymore, but now that everyone has to register, he's not about to get locked up for something silly like that. To hell with privacy and political statements.

He enters the police station in his black AC/DC shirt, opting to leave the bat bag behind. He's not one who regularly enjoys walking right into a bee's nest, but sure, why not? "Hey, I wanna register!" he calls out as he taps a hand against the front desk a few times.

"Castalides! Got another hot one for you" The burley man behind the main desk calls out. A petite african american woman, hair tamed and pinned back into a bun, looks up from the desk she's working away at on paperwork and glances towards the desk and to Amadeus when he'd called out. "Right Patricks, on it" Which means that she takes two minutes to stand up, grabbing a file folder with papers in it on her desk. "Janssen, grab me a kit would you? I got a registration" There's a grunt of acknowledgement from another officer and he's walking of to wherever they keep the tests.

Which leaves just Aude to gesture for Amadeus to come around the desk and head on back with her towards one of the interview rooms.

"Man, I'm nervous as hell in here." Amadeus admits as he follows her, looking around as if he's expecting something to suddenly jump out at him. "I just got out of jail after three years, I ain't about to go back for somethin' like not bein' registered. Lost my ability to the flu, so didn't think I'd need to until this new stuff came up."

There's an unseen roll of her eyes at the talking coming out of Amadeus's mouth. Lots of people do it, the talking when nervous and ordinarily, that's a great thing for a cop, but for Aude, it's sometimes something very annoying. One small black palm, long fingers spread, slaps against a semi open door and it swings open. The file, attached to a clipboard is offered up to him to take. "Fill it out, I'll be back in a few minutes with the test" Flatly spoken, no real enthusiasim.

Amadeus takes the clipboard, scratching his head as he stares down at it. He fills in everything as expected, leaning against the wall. "Man, I didn't know you had to write shit." he mutters to himself as he leans against the wall.

Aude can't hear him, too busy hunting down the other half of the registration tag team. That he chooses not to take a seat is his choice and eventually the petite black woman returns with the tall officer who went off in search of the evo test kits and sign out one. "Done yet?" Aude cranes her neck to see how much is written, even as Janssen is laying out the little card, the lancet and all the other paraphanelia that comes with the testing.

"What's your ability?"

Amadeus heads to take a seat when they come in with the stuff for testing, then hands over the clipboard when he's finished. "I'm not Evolved anymore, but my ability used to be, uh, cat telepathy I guess? I could hear cats, and tell them to do things, and be inside of their heads like I was possessing them or something."

"How'd you loose your ability" Aude remains away from amadeus, not getting close to the other man, a gesture for him to give his hand to Janssen. "Officer Janssen here will give you the test, you'll get a date to meet up with Homeland to demonstrate that you are lacking in your ability" Inwardly, she sneers. Evo lost his ability to a sickness. Would Walsh be interested in him? Maybe, Maybe not.

Jansessen motions for Amadeus's hand, gloved and waiting with the lancet.

Amadeus holds his hand out as he begins to explain, looking a bit bored but with an edge of nervousness. "That flu that was around, when the storm hit. By the time it was all over, I couldn't hear what cats were thinking anymore. Best fuckin' gift I got all year, fuck cats."

"Right. Sorry to hear it" Quick jab, Janssen remaining silent as he goes through the procedure of testing. Prick the finger, squeeze, three drops smeared on the three circles and wait. All three turn up red. "Whel…" Aude "Congratulations, whether it works or not, you're still evolved"

The test is signed off on by Aude and her partner, witnessed both that the test came out red. "You'll still need to meet up with Homeland, call this number" A sheet torn off and passed over to Amadeus. "Call that number, arrange an appointment, explain to them about the H5N10 and it's after effects. IS there anything else Mister Deckard?"

"Nah I'm cool. So like, I get my card when I go there? Just tryin' not to get arrested or anything."

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