Stocking Up


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Scene Title Stocking Up
Synopsis Megan brings supplies by in preparation for the garage being a fallback position on Nov 8.
Date 19 October 2010

Jaiden's Garage, Basement

As he lets her into his basement apartment carrying the box of supplies that she's got with her, Megan glances around curiously. "You'll have to keep an eye on the expiration dates — all the ones I pulled for here have about six months on them." The redhead's off today, wearing a pair of jeans and running shoes along with a fleece jacket thrown over her T-shirt against the morning chill. "Life treating you all right lately?" she asks the man.

The basement apartment is clean and tidy, as usual, and as he leads her downstairs and into the inner sanctum, she may see interesting bags and bundles laid out on the kitchen table in neat little rows. "I sure will. Beats the heck out of my existing stash which is made up of things purchased at the local pharmacy. Luckily I haven't had anything worse than a bad headache, and that was taken care of with a fist full of tylenol. Under the usual dosage, of course." He grins and heads back to the bookcase and, when he's sure Megan is not really paying close attention, shifts the books in the appropriate pattern, disengages a lock, and swings it open to reveal the safehouse behind. "I expected this to be used a little more once joining up with the Ferry, but I guess I'm glad to not have anyone here."

There's a faint smile. "We're keeping you way, way under the radar as a fallback," Megan replies quietly. "Very few people know about you, and because we have some concerns about safehouses being raided on Nov 8, it makes far more sense to keep knowledge of your place compartmentalized until the last moment. You may be the only place some of our people can go." She carefully keeps her eyes averted for him to open the lock, and then looks back at him. She offers the box to him. "It's got what I hope is enough antibiotics, numbing agents, and painkillers to handle the basics if the riots come down the way they're supposed to."

He lifts the box and lets out a soft sigh, looking down at it, then up at Megan, a smile appearing for a brief moment or two. "One can only hope. I just know I'm staying far away from helicopters on that day, since my vision had me falling out of it. Apparently someone's starting to work on things, too, since I've heard rumors of television broadcast jammers being built."

Stepping into the room he gives a quick look around, like usual, before heading back to the back where the medicine cabinet stands. Fiddling with the lock, it swings open, the combination lock dangling from the hasp. "Should I rotate my stock, or refrigerate any of these antibiotics? I know some of 'em need to be mixed and then aren't good after six weeks or so." He starts slotting things - morphine, vancomycin, penicillin, vicodin - the man would probably be written up as a dealer if things do end up going bad.

Megan raises her brows. "I hadn't heard," she admits quietly. "In general, I don't stay in the inner workings of the group. My job is to handle the medical well-being of our passengers and that of the operators within the network where it's necessary." She steps up beside him and points. "That rack needs to be refrigerated. Everything's in injectable or pill format, so no mixing required." She peers into his stocks and even as he begins putting the new things in, several bottles are moved to alternate locations. "Those ones need to be used or discarded in the next two weeks, but those " she points to three others, " the expiration dates can be exceeded by up to four months and the drug retains efficacy."

Jaiden makes a bit of a face at the fact that seemingly good-looking things need to be discarded. He gives a shrug, though. "Ah well, they'll get donated anonymously, and they'll be used at a homeless shelter or something. The ywon't be wasted, at least."

She glances at him and smiles faintly. "People don't realize that liquid form medications are far more unstable for storage than pill form. In most cases a pill form can be held onto up to 2 years past the expiration. But injectables and liquid format medications generally should be discarded on their dates because they lose efficacy or occasionally convert to substances that are at best inert. They don't 'go bad' per se, but they do alter in chemical composition." Megan turns from his cabinet, satisfied that he's well enough stocked for what's supposedly coming in just a few weeks. "There is … a possibility that I won't be around for a while after the 8th, if those visions come true the way they were seen," she says. "If you need medical personnel, Dr. Brennan can be contacted."

"Gotta ask…." Jaiden settles down on one of the cots, looking up at Megan once the cabinet is re-closed and locked, a mental note made to get a small refrigerator to chill the things that need chilling. "What did you see? Me, I was in a helicopter above Manhattan when the riots started….something hit the chopper and I fell out." He makes a face, letting out a breath. "Sucked to be me in that vision."

"The Hangar was being raided in mine," Megan says calmly. "U.S. soldiers coming in the front. Scott and Grace and I were … waiting for them." Having tea or coffee of all things. "Whether I agree with the law or not, we won't raise arms against fellow soldiers." No matter what the rest of the Ferry is willing to do. The redhead's reply is matter of fact.

"Nonviolent is what attracted me to the Ferry. Willing to fight if it's the only solution. Otherwise, no." Jaiden kicks the leg of his cot, looking down at the clean-swept floor for a few moments as he ruminates on something. "What bugs me the most is that I don't know if the fall kills me, or if I survive. It's part of the reason I'm kind of….going all out, as it were, doing things I wouldn't normally do, or being with people I wouldn't think of being with. It might be my last chance." He shrugs slightly. "I don't want to die, but if it's my destiny, dammit, I'm gonna live it up before I do."

Megan laughs softly, shoving her hands in her pockets. "Guess that's why I went back to ER nursing too," she admits. "I like the adrenaline of every day."

"Trust me, I'm staying the hell away from a helicopter, though. Maybe find somewhere I can be of use with my ability…or just staying quiet and hidden to keep whoever gets sent here safe." He lifts his arms to indicate his tiny little safe house. "I just hope there's enough room for whoever you're sending here. Any ideas how many might come here?"

"Not a clue," Megan admits. "Not sure about any — it's going to come down to need, that's all. And I'm not generally the one who shuffles people. That's Alistair's job mostly." She grins a bit. "We tend to run as a group of loosely related cells as opposed to a large organization. It's a little…. structureless," she admits.

"We got boats, but no timetable, passenger list, or any idea of when we're leaving. Awesome." Jaiden chuckles. "Still it works, so I can't complain too terribly much."

Megan shrugs. "It is what it is, Aussie," she says with a grin. "How's the garage going?"

"Well, aside from jaunts through the past to save a friend from being killed in a freak ice-rink accident, it's going swimmingly." Jaiden gives one of those disarming grins of his, to indicate that he might be kidding or might not be, and it's up to you to decide whether or not to believe him. "Aside from the occasional tricky repair, it's keeping itself happy. I can't complain."

Megan's brows lift again. "Time traveling? Seriously?" It'd be the first the nurse has apparently heard of such things. "Seems to me that if someone had that power, they might be awfully tempted to meddle a lot. Sounds like a bad idea."

"Seriously." Jaiden is not joking, his voice cool and even. "Some people are, which is why I went back to prevent that. Not by my doing or choice, but…" He shrugs. "It had to be done otherwise now would not be now…it would be some other Now. You see Back to the Future II? Like that. Except with super powers."

Megan listens, but it's clear that wrapping her head around this is … not as simple. She says quietly, "I'm glad whatever it was got sorted out," she tells the man. "I'm not sure I like knowing people are mucking about in history. Lots and lots of movies show exactly how bad that is. Back to the Future is just one example."

"Trust me, I liked it even less. It was nice seeing Times Square before the bomb, though. And aside from Britney Spears being the newest pop sensation, I wouldn't mind hanging out there a bit mre, but the whole screwing up time thing kind of puts a kibosh on that.

Megan laughs. "God… I think I'd claw my eyes out," she informs him. "I was so glad when she stopped being on the radio and shit!" Shaking her head, the woman once more looks around and says, "You seem secure enough, Mortlock. Let me know if you go through your stock and notice anything you need more of. There are a few doctors I can tap for donation scrips for homeless folks and such who'll help out, and the Ferry's got other sources."

"As soon as I know I need anyhing, you'll be the first to know. I've got your cell after all, so if anything comes in need, you'll be getting a ring from an aussie with his hat in his hands." Jaiden gets to his feet and heads out of the storeroom after everything is locked, waiting for her to join him in the apartment proper.

Megan walks out with him and smiles. "No need for hats in hands," she tells him. "I'm happy to help out. Glad you trust me to do it." She walks toward the main door and says, "If you're ever bored, you're welcome to use the number for hanging out, as well. The ER shifts can be nuts, but I usually have time for friends in the evenings." She smiles at him.

"You got it, Megan. There's supposed to be a Rocky Horror Karaoke going on in the next few days. I got tapped to be Rocky, I think." Jaiden grins ruefully, closing the door behind him, the bookcase molding to the wall, locking with a final-sounding 'clunk' that ensures blowtorches will be required to enter if possible.

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