Stolen Bikes Stolen Lives And Stolen Hearts


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Scene Title Stolen Bikes Stolen Lives And Stolen Hearts
Synopsis The death of Myron has really affected Rebecca, and Cassidy comes along with her damn cheer to ruin it all.
Date May 30, 2009

NYPD Forensics Lab

For the past month, ever since the text messages started, Rebecca has tucked herself away in her hidey hole that's called the forensics lab. She was never entirely sure why she was drug into this mess, as she really had nothing to do with any of it. She did some lab work and that's all. So why her?

Then the news today when she came into the office. Detective Myron. Oh God. The moment she heard, she nearly burst out in tears where she stood, but managed to make it to the lab before completely breaking down. Why him? Was it related to this case? Was they going to come after her next? All signs may point to something called Phoenix, but it doesn't make sense to her.

Her glasses were tossed aside as she sits at her desk, tears streaming down her face. He was so nice to her all the time. Patting her on the back when she came through with something, and being supportive when she didn't. As she holds her head, her fingers combed through the the hair above her forehead as she rests her elbows on the desk. She hasn't done a single piece of work since arriving this morning — totally un-Becca-like.

She should probably try and find Agent Ivanov.

You get your big cases and you get your piddly little cases that are just boring and a necessary evil. So Cassidy had been stuck with one of those cases over a stolen bike of some brass along the chain of command. She had some stuff brought in that had a variety of prints near the site of the theft, and she was now here to collect the report.

She knows something is wrong, even before she sees the other woman, her gut just seems to tell her that. She never could explain it, though Detective Harrison gave her an idea why. Frowning lightly, she moves further into the lab until she see's Rebecca, and her expression softens a bit. "Ms Nakano.. " She says quietly to catch the woman's attention.

Well, crud. Awkward. It's Saturday. Who comes to the office on Saturday — except cops who really don't have set days off and Becca should have known that. Crud.

She wipes at her eyes and slips back on her glasses as she hears her name being called. Hidden behind the monitor of her computer, she ducks her head up to see who's calling. "Yes? Over here." she says, finally sitting up straight. In fact, she decides to stand and move to greet the female voice she finally recognizes as Detective O'Shea, "Sorry about that. Can I help you?" She wasn't crying, nope. No matter what her puffy red eyes, runny nose and that Kleenex in her hand might imply to a probing detective.

"I came for the forensics report on the bike theft case.." Cassidy says matter of factly, her expression concerned. She opens her mouth again to say something else, but stops her self considering. It's really not her place to butt in where she might not be wanted, but curiosity is the detectives downfall. "Everything okay?"

"I.." the woman starts. There's a pause as she has decided she's not going to cry again. Nope. Nope. She seems to fail as a tear rolls down her cheek again. "If I said I was alright, you probably wouldn't believe me." she gives a small meaningless smile as she brings the Kleenex up and dabs at her eyes. "I heard about Detective Myron this morning. He was always so nice to me. I.. I can't believe he's gone."

More tears now as Rebecca tries to keep up with them as they try to roll down her cheeks. At least sh e isn't so much blubbering right now. "Just.. he's usually pretty careful, from what I've seen. I just can't believe this happened."

The emotions rolling off the other woman are almost too much for the Detective. "I never missed the guy, but it's always horrible to loose one of the law Enforcement family." She keeps her voice soft and quiet, an arm moving to rest a comforting hand on her shoulder. "From what I've been hearing around the precinct, he sounded like a pretty good guy. I'm sorry I never got to meet him."

"He could be rather cranky to some, I've heard. But he was really nice to me." But the question in Becca's mind is 'did he die over those text messages?' She needs to find out.

The Asian lab tech gives another sniffle or two as she wipes off her cheeks again and leads the way back to her desk, taking a seat and logging into the system. "Umm. Was it the bike case? Someone important's son, if I recall." She does. Becca has a pretty damn good memory. Work would be good to get her mind off of this. She reaches up and tucks some black hair behind her ear out of the way as she types some stuff into the computer, perhaps already calling up the data needed.

"Yup.. That's the one." Nodding in agreement, Cassidy moves where she can see the screen. She glances at the woman, giving her another look of concern. "Also one of the guys here said he'd run me off some pictures for me?" Cassidy didn't have the equipment at home to print off good prints of the vandalized church so she had asked one of the guys as a favor. The case didn't even have a case number as she was doing it on the side for the moment. "I'm hoping he got those done."

O'Shea has seen what Becca can do. On at least one occasion. "You should take me out to the church sometime. I could probably tell you who did it." Rebecca comments off-handily. She goes through the menus on the screen expertly until she hits the Fingerprint screen. "Plenty of prints found at the scene, including the son's." She prints off a list of names, though there are several unknowns. They did take the boy's prints to discount his from the remainder of the prints, so it's natural that his would show up.

"Of course, with these photos of the scene — I noticed a distinct lack of debris on the ground, particularly, metal shaving from the cutting off of the bike lock. I'm almost willing to bet that this bike wasn't stolen at all." She stands and turns on the projector to get a bigger view. She walks over and points. "See, this is where he said his bike was parked, but —" she zooms in. " — no shavings. You might start checking pawn shops in the area." She turns and smiles to Cassidy, though still looking worse for wear at the moment, working on the case has at least distracted her for the moment.

Cassidy looks impressed taking the lists of names and looking it over, before leaning to look at the picture. "Oh.. nice catch, Ms Nakano… very nice." She straightens and taps the paper on the palm of her hand, thoughtfully. "Kid probably pawned it to get money for a video game or what not." She shakes her head slowly. "Though if the pattern holds… Probably did it to buy drugs. I swear. I'm never having kids. Seems like cop kids are always getting into drugs or stealing."

Glancing at the woman next to her Cassidy, her head tilts a bit as she considers something she said. "I might actually have you do that. You are the next best thing to Big Brother cameras and I didn't find too many business owners that installed cameras that look that far out of their stores." She's nodding now. "That just might work out. This isn't a filed case. The pastor isn't wanting to file a report, but one of his followers asked me to take a look into it as a favor. And I do owe her."

Rebecca reaches for her purse and her migraine meds. She hasn't had a vision, but all this crying has given her quite the headache. She drops two of the pills into her mouth and swallows them down before she prints out the rest of her findings. "It should help at least at some point. Either one of those finger prints matches the one who stole the bike, or the bike wasn't stoke and you'll find it pawned off somewhere."

Matters of the heart — not so much Becca's field of play, but she does notice that Detective O'Shea is a bit more chipper than she's seen her most days around the precinct. "You actually seem pretty happy today." It's not really a question, but more of an offer to listen. It would be nice to hear that something good has happened to someone today.

"That obvious?" The detective asks with a lop-sided grin, glancing up from the paperwork. She didn't think she acted much different, but… can't hide it I guess. "Well, I guess you can say I am.." She chuckles with a small shrug of her shoulders and says sounding a touch embarrassed. "I met a guy. He came by last night with Wendy's and a movie. And we had a nice date."

Behind rimmed glasses, Becca arches a brow and grins. "Well, that's great! I mean, yeah it totally shows that something's going on with you. I dare say you're practically glowing." Ookay, maybe Becca's teasing just a little bit there. She even blushes a little bit. Some girls have all the luck it seems. Not that she actually goes out of her way to meet guys or anything. "Well, from what you've told me he seems really sweet."

If you ignore the fact he's a psycho, a killer and a few other freaky thing. "Yeah, he is. Kinda a surprise when I first met him he was a bit.. " Scary. Weird. Naked. " …intimidating. But now that I got to know him, he's like a totally different person.." Course the being blown up by a grenade probably helped. Cassidy waves away all those thoughts and grins. "It was only the second date, so we'll see how it goes." She rests the papers on the desk and leans on the edge as she continues. "First date though.. He set up this whole romantic dinner.. So there is hope for him."

"Well, if he has a brother.." Rebecca starts. Not that she knows what she's asking. Honestly, she's more in love with her work then she thinks she could ever be with a man. Of course, that sort of thinking is easy when you've never had a date before. The nerdy Asian girl look usually only attracts the weirdos anyway. "I'm just kidding. I figure if someone's going to meet me, they better just plan on walking in here to do so." she blushes at the thought and ducks her head down as she looks back at her computer. She obviously doesn't talk about guys much.

How about walk into your apartment and shower, Cassidy clears her throat and gives a bit of a sheepish smile. "Well, they tend to pop up where you least expect them. Never know." She spreads her hands slowly and shrugs. "I haven't dated in absolutely years. And this one just kinda showed up." A pat on the other's shoulder a friendly gesture. "Should drag you out sometime, maybe when Liz and I decide to hit the bar. Girls night or something. Can't live in here all the time.. Lord knows I've been living at my desk for way too long."

She. Can't. Live. Here. All. The. Time? That thought has actually crossed her mind. Bring a cot in here and sleep. Oh, dear. A night out with the girls. That might not be so bad. Maybe. She. Could. Try. She jumps at the pat on her shoulder and as it was unexpected and a small 'meep' comes from her throat. "I.. Sorry about that. Startled." Just a little bit. "Um.. sure if you want, I could probably come along some time." Rebecca. Drunk. Should be an interested time for the ages anyhow.

"Good!" Cassidy says firmly as if she wouldn't have taken a 'no' anyhow, scooping up her papers. She reaches in her inner trench coat pocket and pulls out a business card. "I'll make sure you know when we plan this little expedition. It'll be the first time I've actually gone out like that. So you won't be alone in that fact." She drops the card on the desk. "And I'll be contacting you about the church thing. I think your ability will help with this some.. Even if we can just get one face, might be enough."

Watching Cassidy walks out in such a chipper mood, it's almost as if the happiness leaves the room with her. Thought of Myron come to the forefront again, but she fights back the tears as she fingers the card, then tucks it into her wallet. She stands and walks over, avoiding the mirror for now and runs the tap, pouring herself a glass and drinking down several gulps before making a face at the tartness of the tap. She needs bottled water. She turns around and leans against the sink as she determines she'll help with the church, and she'll figure out what happen to Myron. One way or another.

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