Stop Running


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Scene Title Stop Running
Synopsis Kalyee is leaving again.
Date September 12, 2010

Ichihara Bookstore

Nestled in the heart of the main street marketplace, the Ichihara Bookstore is an old and crooked structure pressed between two newer high-rise tenement buildings. The old glass windows and creaking wooden door on the shop's front give it a rustic and old-world feel. Catering to both antique books and newer prints, the narrow aisles and tall shelves are packed full of literature. A single shelf for periodicals lies near the front counter, while signage both out front by the register and in the back of the store indicates that tarot card reading is done on-site at request for ten dollars per reading.

Behind the old and weathered wooden counter that contains the register and a small stack of reserved books, a narrow wooden staircase leads upwards to a black wooden door with peeling paint, revealing red paint in narrow strips beneath, a rope crossing in front of that door hangs with a small sign that reads, "Private".

It's been a rather surreal past couple of days, so much had happened that Kaylee Thatcher was still reeling from it. Being at the bookstore was like a breather, a moment of the world being normal again. Even there tho as she tries to wrap her head in the day to day of helping Lydia run the store, the telepath's emotions are in a chaotic state.

While she's happy and fully of warm and fuzzy from the new found relationship in the arms of Joseph Sumter, there is too many other things pressing down on young shoulders. Under all that happiness is a thread of fear and anxiety that won't loosen its grip. It tickles at the edges of sensations as the young woman works on adding a new shipment of books to the database.

This is where she can be found, a little Depeche Mode playing softly in her ears, a pair of white earbuds tucked into them. Her clothing a little more casual, since it's Sunday, with a pair of worn jeans, a slightly faded black Harley Davidson shirt, and all that long blonde hair twisted up on the back of her head.

Even without touch, Lydia can see Kaylee's elation. Her own emotions have been far more sedate. Having put the baseball card away — out of sight, out of mind — she's returned to her more stoic self. The glimmer of hope that had built over weeks has dissipated some, easily replaced by that weightiness she'd carried for so long, even while she was in the carnival. Some lives just can be lifted. Not easily, anyways.

An eyebrow is quirked at the younger blonde, while Lydia strokes Gabriel, who she's managed to coax onto her lap. Her stool makes her seem taller as she glances through the ordering binders. While the store is technically closed today, she still has inventory to deal with, and no easy way to meet its demands.

Her lips press together as she hmmms quietly before glancing around the shelves. "I feel like we need to give back somehow." Karma. She'd been given this space and resources to keep it open, there must be a way to pay it forward. "Especially when things have become so… locked down around here."

Kaylee glances up from what she's doing over to Lydia, brows tick up and a hand lifts to wind the white wires of the ear buds and pop them out. "Give back?" Kaylee asks curiously, pulling her phone out of her pocket, so that she can shut off the music. "What sort of giving back are you thinking about?"

Her mouth twitches up at one side at the prospect of something something for others. It's a weakness for the young woman, which is how she got pulled into the Ferrymen in the first place. "We.. have like a stack of older kids books in the back. Some picture books, Boxcar Kids and such that have been here forever. Could give those to the Lighthouse Kids or… homeless kids." It's a mild suggestion, less the one she wants to give. Those books would be good for the Ferry's children as well, but… that would mean revealing the network.

"Lighthouse?" Lydia considers quietly. "Yes. Let's give a bunch of the children's books away. We have been very… blessed," for lack of a better word, even if life wasn't wholly the way she wants it. "So yes. Let's donate these. Can you get them to children than need them? Or a school? Someone that could use it… and needs help."

Her lips twitch into a tight mile as she tilts her head at Kaylee. "It seems karma is being kind to you. Why the delight?" The weightiness only seems normal, but with this odd excitement it sparks Lydia's curiousity.

"Let's just say… I learned something recently," Kaylee says softly, cheeks flushing a light pink. "And got something more then I deserve, but I am happier then I have been." A shy smile is sent Lydia's way, before Kaylee turns her attention on the computer again.

"But I can certainly get those books to where they would be most needed." There is a confidence in her voice, and a thrill of excitement at the prospect of bringing the box of books to Joseph, since he was in charge of the well-being of the kids hiding from the government within the network.

"Thank you," Lydia returns quietly before gently lowering Gabriel to the counter and rising from the stool. Kaylee is shot a soft smile with the faint curve of lips, "You deserve more happiness than you think. Your past doesn't define you; you can break free from it." The words are for herself more than Kaylee, and are punctuated with a tightened smile, hiding that emotion she holds so closely where possible.

"I think you can, anyways." Her life is hardly evidence of that fact. She presses her lips together as she strolls to the front of the store to stare out the window, a nearly wistful gaze. "I'm thinking of moving.' It's a quiet statement. "Everything is changing."

Kaylee watches the woman, from over the top of the laptop, her head tilting ever so slightly to onside. "I've worked hard to break free from my past. It's not easy, that is for certain. I think —" She's thoughtful for a moment, before she says, "I think that… sometimes, you have to allow people to help with that. Joseph did for me." It's the honest truth, the name said with warmth to it. "It's still there and threatening to swallow me up again, but… he's been able to help me keep it back."

She's quiet for a moment, brows furrowing now at the thought of Lydia moving, it begs the question, "Where?" There is a touch of worry in that question as well. She's settling into this place, to have it all change again, so quickly… "The world is always changing. Tell me it's just moving into an apartment or something. Cuase… I mean… what kinda change would make you leave everything you just gained?"

The comment receives a tightened smile as Lydia rests a hand on the window sill as she continues to stare into the street. "Letting go in life is difficult. Letting go of the past?" The shrug is small, accompanied with quiet words, gentle words. She looks over her shoulders and shoots Kaylee that tight smile, quiet contemplation turning to rule to the day.

Her eyes close gently, the thought had crossed her mind more than once. But then she'd gained several things here, including a couple of members of her family. "Just an apartment," she repeats, that smooth quality staying in her voice. "The security here is… unsettling." While some might believe such regulation is protecting, she's not sold. Not after what DHS did to her family. "I promised Corbin I would keep the store open. I intend to do so. As long as I can."

There is no hiding the relief on Kaylee's face. "Oh… well that's okay then." A relieved huff of air escapes her, it's hard for the woman to admit sometimes, but she likes her new boss and her job. "I — ah — know my building has a few apartments open, they've been renovated cause of that bad storm this past winter.

"Gun Hill. You should check it out." Lynette puts so much into helping the Ferry's refugees, well… why not bring her some legit business too. "It's an idea anyhow…" She trails off, thoughts of the buildings owner, pulling her mood down and sharpening the anxiety in her.

"While I have you here, I.. should tell you." She starts out softly. Kaylee isn't sure how to broach the subject, so… "My… my friend is seeking my help again, he contacted me recently with some… concerns? I… need to go help him again, when he's ready."

"Gun Hill," Lydia repeats, committing the name to memory as she turns on her heel, away from the window to pad back to the counter. Her hands are laid upon the counter, palms flatten against it, spreading her fingers and stretching them across the surface. "I will. Thank you." The cool stoicism she's wearing is paired with a small smile that never reaches her eyes.

An eyebrow is raised at the mention of the friend though. Mild suspicion tugs at her mind, but, thanks to her already hidden thoughts, it's only reflected in that eyebrow. "Are you certain it's a wise idea?" She tilts her head slightly as she quietly examines her employee.

"Wise?" There is a thoughtfulness to the question, brows furrowing slightly as Kaylee looks down at the screen, tho her eyes don't see what's on it. "Probably not," she admits honestly, glancing back to Lydia with a tiny uncertain smile. "The better question would be 'is it necessary?' That I would say yes too. Sometimes what needs to be done, out weights the wisdom of the situation.

"This time I won't be alone. Joseph said he wants to go with me, to help me." Not that the telepath can blame him, since last time she went frolicking in the past she came back looking like a horror movie reject.

Lydia hmmms. "Wisdom is important. It should guide what we do." Both her eyebrows stretch across her forehead, high upon it to emphasize her point. "Good. I'm glad you're not going alone. It's important you look out for yourself, Kaylee." Quietly, she taps her chin. "You need to be careful if you're taking off again."

Her eyes narrow a little as her head tilts, "How long will you be gone? A long time? A short time?" Her lips press together into a thin line, "Where are you going?"

"I… honestly don't know. The last time, I had only planned on a day… ended up gone a week." Kaylee still feels guilty about that. Hiro's concept of time and space, seems to be skewed in some ways. "I'm hoping only a short time, especially, since I can't afford to be gone from here or school for any length of time."

"I'm going back to help a friend." 'Back,' of course, could mean anything. Maybe she's going home, in this case. The truth there is much more surreal. "I mean… I have no plans to be reckless, so I'll be careful, no worries there."

Silently, Lydia nods, there's an unusual way about the nod. It's heavy, decidedly so. Her lips tighten into a kind smile as she steps towards Kaylee to squeeze the other woman's shoulder. "You are valued here. There will always be a spot for you here even if you're gone longer than you expect." Her head nods a little, before her eyes flit to the computer, "I couldn't operate that if I wanted to so it's all on you. I'm at your mercy."

"And. I am here for you if you need me." Another flicker of a smile is followed by an admission, "I recognize I'm not always the most forthcoming, but… I value what you do here." Pause. "Remember that."

"Thanks…" Kaylee says softly, cheeks flushing a little. "I really like my job here, I feel… I dunno. A connection here?" Brows furrow, glancing at the woman near her, as if wondering if it makes sense. "It just… I dunno. Sometimes the most rewarding jobs are the ones that you find common ground with.

"Like you… every time I turn around, what you say, tends to parallel what I am thinking and feeling. It's… it's like finding a kindred spirit of sorts." Her lips pull up on one side in a sheepish sort of way. Kaylee shrugs a little. "Except, she flees before the might of technology." The last a jabbing tease, teeth flashing white in her impish grin.

It falls away tho, when Kaylee says more seriously, "Just… don't give up on what your looking for?" Some thoughts haven't escaped the telepath. "If… I can finally get what I've been longing for, I'm sure your time is coming, too."

Lydia's cheeks flush a pale crimson at the comment. "Thank you. I… appreciate you too. I've been very blessed by this place." It's a stilted way of expressing herself, but the expression remains with that tight-lipped smile.

The comment about giving up makes her face flush brighter. "When is it time to give up though? Sometimes it feels like fate or destiny keeps things as they are. But then… could a person give up anyways?" Her gaze turns towards the drawer she'd stored Edgar's card in but only for a moment before her gaze returns to Kaylee. "Fourteen years… I've loved the same man for fourteen years… and I never told him. Not once. And I haven't seen him for three." She sighs.

Eyes follow where Lydia is look, thoughtfully. "That is a long time." Kaylee can't imagine doing that herself, but honestly, if she had not acted on impulse… she'd probably still be there. She had given up once before, but then he had been still married.

"I say, Lydia," she starts after a moment, letting her gaze drift back to the older woman, "you see him and you just tell him. Don't even give yourself time to think. That or kiss him… that worked for me." Ausement colors her tone with that last.

Turning in her chair, Kaylee faces the mystical empath, "I didn't think that Joseph felt the same about me, I thought that his friendliness was because he was a man of God." Her hands spread a little, giving her a small smile. "Had I looked, according to him, I would have seen he's had feelings for me for a time." Her hands rest on her legs and run along the rough jean fabric. "You may be surprised, Lydia, if you try. It's scary, but… fourteen years? Can you afford it to go on?"

There's an odd irony as Lydia's gaze finds Kaylee's. "I…" her voice is a croaked whisper, "…I think… I almost… I think he loves me. Loved me." Her lips turn downward, curling into an odd frown. "It's been three years. I don't know… people move on." She hasn't. Obviously. Her cheeks flush a little as her smile tightens her lips again.

"Perhaps one day I'll cross paths with him again." She shrugs again, "And… I'll… consider your advice… I just have… I've done things no person should do. And not knowing — losing him again — I couldn't handle it. It would be more than I could bare."

"Believe it or not, one of my biggest hesitations with Joseph was that I have done things…" Kaylee trails off her head shaking a little bit. "I was a much different person then I am now. I abused my ability, badly and just…. I was not a good person. Joseph, is a pastor, I didn't think I was worthy of being with him." Of course, he didn't think that way obviously.

There is a soft sigh and Kaylee leans on the counter, elbow propping her up. "I think you'll see him again," Kaylee says with confidence.

"I haven't… I'm not…" Lydia begins, struggling to finish her thought. "I'm a runner." And there it is. The honest truth. "And not in the fast sense of the word. I… had a misspent youth. Some, anyways. And…" She sniffs. It's not a sniffle, but it's the closest she'll get. A part of her always wanted Amanda. But then, running was the solution, wasn't it? "Well, regardless, I ran when everything seemed to stack against me. Twice." She presses her lips together.

"I went to find him. A week ago. When I got there? I was too late. He was gone."

There is a small grimace for the woman, Kaylee gives her a pitying look. "I've tried running." There is a slow nod of her head. "It has worked in someways, but not others. The fact that you tried, says that… at least where this guy is concerned, your done running." A knowing smile stretches across her lips. "Don't tell me I'm wrong," said with a sing song quality to her voice.

Glancing at the door, Kaylee hmms softly. "I should go and get some packing done. Last time I was caught unprepared, this time… I'd like to have some things along that I didn't have last time." Mainly, she doesn't want to be unarmed the next time she sees the assassin, tho she knows she doesn't stand a chance against the woman. Glancing at the computer, she starts shutting it down. "I don't know when this guy is going to pop up and tell me it's time to go."

"Maybe," Lydia whispers, her cheeks flushing again. She nods at Kaylee, "Thank you for the chat." There's a quiet pause as Lydia seeks out the white cat again. "Good luck doing whatever it is that you're doing… but be careful. Remember that." Her smile tightens again.

"I will… or Joseph will make sure I am." Kaylee bends down to pick up her back pack so that she can stow the laptop, an odd little look crosses her features. "It… still feels surreal," she says softly, slinging the pack over her shoulder. "It'll take some time for it to sink in."

With a wave, Kaylee steps towards the door to the back room. "See you on the flip side, Lydia."

Whenever that is.

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