A Brave New World
Chapter One: "A Brave New World"

November 8, 2010 to ???, 2010

A riot turns the skies of New York City dark with smoke, lives are lost and the Evolved are to blame. After the latest catastrophe due to humans with special abilities, the government moves to take drastic steps to control the situation…
Date Scene Description
11/08/10 Yahtzee! The group at Gun Hill sit and discuss last minute plans, the hot styles for this year's Armageddon and how to stay calm without the use of alcohol. Also, cupcakes.
No Deceit in Death One of the Ferrymen's council members turns against the others.
The Fourth Seal? When the fourth seal breaks in Revelations, it heralds years of tribulations leading to Armaggedon. Is this the fourth seal…. or Armaggedon itself?
Running Low Two Ferrymen and a Ryans try to fight the clock and save Noah Bennet's life.
Old Goats Megan Young and Scott Harkness discuss the future of the Ferrymen with suture and needles.
In The Ashes The bodies of the dead are burned and Messiah fractures.
Showing Some Cracks As Redbird Security prepares the weather the riots, their leader's confident facade is starting to show a few cracks.
When The Dead Are Dead Seeking out a survivor of Messiah for aid in surviving the coming storm, Peter Petrelli instead discovers a haunting application of the Russian's ability…
It's Not Harm In advance of disastrous events, Tamara pays a visit to a friend and places two things in her keeping, along with reassurances that are their own ill news.
Click "There are no facts, only interpretations." - Friedrich Nietzsche
Did You Know Allen Rickham? Peter Petrelli arrives at the home of Nicole Nichols, the bringer of bad news. A hero has been lost.
Old Soldiers and Company Men Both are made of sterner stuff. Too tough to let a little thing like attempted assassination slow them down.
The Guns Turned Inwards Something of a self-fulfilling prophecy unravels on Roosevelt Island when factors that were not anticipated play into fate. It begins with a voice, and ends with death or a black hood.
And the Hell All Around, Part I In which there are several knights in shining armor amidst a riotous journey.
Carnage It's MURDER DEATH KILL when Sylar interrupts a perfectly good riot that FRONTLINE and the NYPD were going to bring under control in order to go a little happy with an armored tank. All caught on tape.
Not That Country Anymore People gathered at the makeshift field hospital to have their injuries tended to discover that the country has changed since the hour of noon.
Command Decisions Arrival on Roosevelt Island for the FRONTLINErs is … not exactly wonderful.
From Bright To Dark The visions of June 10th didn't change nearly as much for Gillian and Peter as they may have for others.
And the Hell All Around, Part II In which there are heroes, and villains, and the fine line is blurred.
Wisdom and Worldliness A fated meeting from a blackout vision brings together two individuals who really needed someone to talk to, and both leave with more than just new names.
Pyrrhic Victory The future envisioned by Colette is averted — or is it? — but at an equally terrible cost. Whether by fate or from the fallacies enabled by free will, in the end, only two walk away.
Mirror Mirror On the Wall Savior or something else? Errol tries to rescue Delia only to find out that she didn't want to go that far.
Chromatic Variations The more the future changes, the more it stays the same. Not paying enough attention to context and timing, Quinn finds herself exactly where she foresaw she'd be — with the aid her vision promised, but from there the specifics diverge, shifted just so much this way and that from the original premonition. (In music, a chromatic note is one a half-step removed from its normal scale value.)
Painting a Bad Picture Two women meet in the midst of chaos; a new friendship forms, while the meeting also signifies the beginning of the end for another relationship.
OMW A text message prompts Nicole to make her way to the borough of Queens to retrieve the only family she has left - Colette and Tasha.
All Your Rage Trapped together by unfortunate circumstances, members of FRONTLINE are pressed into close quarters with Ash.
Allies in the Alley A motley crew of riot survivors happen upon one another in an unlikely place.
Sam Eye Am Not everyone believes in ghosts, and Brian's out to prove they don't exist by calling on Cat.
Black Ice Things in Vincent's vision don't happen exactly as foretold… there's a few twists and surprises along the way.
Bowling is a Riot While hiding in the Bowling Alley, the riot survivors decide their next steps.
Not This Time Kain Zarek has a crisis of conscience that has him trying to undo all the damage that Cardinal and the Endgame have done to the Linderman Group. But there was only ever one way this was going to end…
The Only Way Out Is Through, Part I The residents of Gun Hill have known of the impending November 8th Raid since the Flashforwards. They know the way out, but things don't always happen exactly as predicted. But that doesn't mean they changed all that much either.
The Only Way Out is Through, Part II The fate of the rest of Gun Hill is revealed.
Like Blood in the Water When Nick Ruskin returns from the past at an inopportune moment, two hated enemies find an opportunity to act as sharks do.
Time To Regroup Shannon escorts Nick to the pier for a safe retreat from the fires of Manhattan.
Smoke + Water Ling Chao underestimates the power of the river.
What's Your Game? A Ferry technopath, an Institute employee, and a suit of FRONTLINE Horizon armor meet in a dark alley…
Exodus, Part I One group of escapees make their way out of New York, and pick up a few stragglers and narrowly avoid a group of rioters.
Exodus, Part II When a pick up point for Ferry evacuation is already compromised, a small group of Evolved use their talents to fight their way through to freedom.
Exodus, Part III Ferrymen evacuating by boat and by helicopter encounter unexpected difficulties when an engine won't start and their retreat is impeded by the arrival of a tank.
Temporal Momentum While the future fights to assert itself, residents of Summer Meadows, elements of the Endgame conspiracy and FRONTLINE find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place in the riots. But the arrival of an unexpected piece of technology onto the scene changes both the tides of the battle and the shape of things to come.
Awakening Sometimes, everything is not enough.
Inception Amphodynamine in Eileen's veins propels her into Gabriel's subconscious.
Four Years Gone Two old friends comisserate on the passing of the Four Year anniversary of the bomb, and their plans to come.
In The Darkness Doctor Jean Martin Luis and Julie Fournier discover the future may be malleable, but it is not unavoidable. Fortunately Doctor Price rushes in to ensure the darkness is not permanent.
11/09/10 Morning After Dark Is still dark, and Caliban tells his wife to run.
Being A Soldier Sucks Recovering from the worst day ever.
Harshing The Zen Monica is just trying to do some yoga! But Mynama has to get all bent out of shape because they're in prison. Sheesh.
All The Posters and Slogans Nadia wakes up after her most unusual rescue in the company of colleagues. To an extent.
11/12/10 Ripples In The Water The girls are amazed to find the man across the hall speaks! And then they're all emo together.
In Exile On the 12th of November, three days into the aftermath of the events of the 8th, the remains of the Ferrymen council hold a meeting at the heart of Pollepel Island to address the disaster's survivors and discuss, as a whole, the tragic losses suffered by the network and what steps it intends to take next.
11/13/10 The Line Lancaster and Lazzaro figure out where they stand on either side of it.
White Queen's Shadow Liz has some suspicions, after days of thought, about what's been going on. And inertia might be getting a little help.
11/14/10 They Will Be Remembered Citizens gather to mourn their dead and pray for the lost.
Seeking Liberty Cat seeks many things — not the least is freedom.
11/15/10 A Right to Hate Following her arrest at a book store, Anna is confronted by both her parents, and members of the New York Police Department who may have an ulterior motive.
11/21/10 I'll Be Here A family-daughter reunion takes place on Pollepel Island. This one goes better than most for the Lazzaros.
It Isn't About Winning Peter demands answers from his mother following her liberation from the prison convoy on Breakneck Road.
11/22/10 In the Wake of the Riots People gather at Tartarus to remember the dead and hope for the living.
11/23/10 Little Fish Kristen and Russo head out to Staten Island on an anonymous tip.
11/27/10 Love Thy Neighbor Some people miss the point of the holiday spirit…
11/28/10 Toxicity Remanded to state care, Anna finds herself spirited away by her very own Peter Pan…
11/29/10 Rites of Passage Working herself closer in to the Irishman's confidence, Keira Fionn finds herself presented with a rite of passage… but for what, she'll wind up being surprised.
In Time For Christmas Lola Mayeux brings a shopping list to the largest arms dealer in the New York Area…
12/01/10 Solidarity Lynette arranges a meeting between a representative of what's left of Messiah and a representative of what's left of the Ferrymen to discuss what the future holds.
12/04/10 How You Doin'? Displaced families of Queens gather at the edge of what's left of Hunter's Point to receive donations of food, clean water, and other supplies necessary for basic survival.
12/05/10 Ho Ho Boom! Explosions fill the night sky, as the businessmen of the underworld set their pawns in motion, to weaken the ranks of their competitors.
12/08/10 Duty to Country or Family Marjorie receives visitors interested in her brother's whereabouts and when it seems like she might have to make a decision between one or the other, someone ultimately chooses for her.
Paint Me A Glue-By-Four Humanis First doesn't get to carry out their plan to precision when a quartet of individuals
12/09/10 Eternally Mercurial Loyalties Humanis First finds itself presented with an unexpected ally.
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